Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Review

When Band Baaja Baraat released during the same time last year, no one really expected the film to do well. But what it did was transform Ranveer Singh into a star over-night, firmly established Anushka Sharma as one of the top heroines and turned director Maneesh Sharma into one of the most promising directors in Bollywood.

First attempts are always easier, mainly because they don’t carry any expectations. With Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, the same team returns, but with tremendous expectations. The task is to better Band Baaja Baraat. Anything less and we as the audience might return home disappointed.

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl suffers from exactly the same problem. It’s good and keeps you entertained throughout. Just that, it probably fails to match their previous effort. Comparisons are unfair when it’s not even a sequel. Hence, we went to watch this with a clear mind and our review will have no comparisons with Band Baaja Baraat.

Story: The film is about a con-man Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh) – who roams around in several disguises and has conned about 30 women. He doesn’t cheat them for sex nor does he do it for money – he does it purely because he loves charming women and conning them gives him some kind of satisfaction. Three such girls – Dimple, Saira and Raina – who were conned by him for Rs 1 crore, hatch a plan to take revenge and recover their money.

They hire Ishika Desai (Anushka Chopra), a smart sales-girl, and send her on a mission to con Ricky Bahl. How they do it, forms the rest of the tale.

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Review

The film starts of well and like mentioned before, it remained entertaining throughout. There are portions in the second half where the story beings to stagnate a bit but director Maneesh Sharma proves yet again that he’s a good story-teller. The problem though, lies in the script. It tends to be predictable and certain sequences at times are a little hard to digest.

(possible spoilers ahead) Being as smart as he is portrayed to be, Ricky gets easily conned by Ishika. How did he suddenly turn stupid/blind? Also, for a man who has never really cared about anyone’s feelings, he suddenly falls in love with Anushka’s character. The whole falling-in-love sequence and her reciprocating, isn’t very convincing. (spoilers end here)

One other problem was the number of songs – Ladies vs Ricky Bahl has atleast two unnecessary songs, that considerably slowed down the pace.

Two performances stand out in the film. One, Ranveer Singh is his charming self and holds the entire film together. He’s there from start-to-finish and delivers an outstanding performance. He may not be one of the best looking actors, but his energy and screen-presence is incredible. And the second, Parineeti Chopra, who delivers a performance that was as sweet as Kareena Kapoor’s in Jab We Met! She looks pretty and her comic timing is brilliant. Looking forward to seeing more of her on the big-screen. Anushka Sharma was good, but only appears 45 minutes into the film. Dipannita Sharma and Aditi Sharma do well too.

Overall, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is a fun one-time watch. Certainly better than many of the average films that go on to be blockbusters. At the box-office, the film was off to a slow start on Friday, but should pick up on word-of-mouth.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars – Do watch it

Other notes: Meher Malik (the belly dancer of Just Dance) who was also one of Hrithik Roshan’s favorite dancers, makes a small appearance in one of the songs. It’s a blink and you’ll miss appearance, would have loved to see a little more of her.



  • I don’t think that it wl be as good as BBB.. but I’d love to watch it and see how the movie is.. wl do today and wl come back with my review.

  • Indince: Dont u think this movie suffers the FIDA syndrome, where everything is already shown in promos and trailers and the only unknown thing is the climax, which was pathetic on fida.

    Giving everything in trailer and then depending heavily on screenplay and performance is never a safe bet to play.

    thats my opinion, what u have to say ?


  • Sahil, to a certain extent yes. The trailer gives away most of it. But frankly, there wasn’t much of a storyline either. We just found the film entertaining. Like mentioned, way better than quite a few blockbusters.

  • Indicine Team.. i get your point…. when you mean blockbusters am sure your referring to Bodyguard Ready Ra One. i think we indians have some problem. when its a film with a star we dont expect a story and in smaller films we look for a story.. If all you want to see is your star then why not watch advertisements or tv shows?

  • Dear Indicine, im watching Ladies vs Ricky Bahl in a few hours but im kind of worried about the content because my whole family is going to watch the film but I dont want to walk into something with a lot of inappropriate content with my parents. I was wondering if there is any double meaning dialogues, too much skin show (ex. bikini’s, etc.) or too many kissing scenes in it. If there is, can you tell me about how much of it there is, because if its anything like Bodyguard, Ready, Yamla Pagla Deewana, No Problem or Ra.One, it would be okay, but if its something like Rascals, Double Dhamaal, Badmaash Company, The Dirty Picture or Murder 2, I dont think I will watch it with my family and will instead go with my friends to watch it. Can you please reply fast. Thank You! :D

  • Dear Indicine, I watched the film and I loved it! I liked it so much that i’m going to go watch it again next weekend and once again on before Christmas! It is definitley better than most of the films released this year and by my standards, it deserves to be a blockbuster! I would rate the film a 4.5/5! I would also reccomend this film to everybody! I think it’s one of the best films ever made in the history of Bollywood!

  • watched it yesterday at theatre.. not a bad film, but not as good as BBB.. that’s what I expected before watching and yeah..’s above average film.. won’t be a hit or a flop.. everything is good except the script because there isn’t much to offer.. if anyone is looking for a good story so this movie is not for them.. it’s just to kill yr time with, if u r bored, but Ranveer’s look has developed and he’s more handsome now with a great body! he’s definetly the superstar of future but if he makes some difficult hard roles like some action films.

  • i like dis film so much n i like anushka sharma s acting an ranveer singh dance so much n am big fan of Anushka Sharma I luv u ANushka!!!!!!

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