Labon Ka Karobaar: First song from Befikre

It’s the 9th of a new month and instead of a poster featuring the lead couple kissing, we have the first song promo from the film.

Throughout the song, random people are seen kissing on the streets of Paris.

“A kiss is a journey. A kiss lifts you up. A kiss knows no boundaries. A kiss is ageless. A kiss brings colour. A kiss is an escape. A kiss is a joyride. A kiss is a break. A kiss is an adventure…..”


Labon Ka Karobaar Song Poster from Befikre

Labon Ka Karobaar Song Poster from Befikre



    screen shot lelo.
    He is nothing without SLB and Deepika

    Bbb πŸ‘‰ hit
    Ladies vs Ricky behl πŸ‘‰ Super flop
    lootera πŸ‘‰ Flop
    Gunday πŸ‘‰Hit
    DDD πŸ‘‰Average
    Kill dil πŸ‘‰ Disaster
    BM πŸ‘‰ Super Hit bcz of all fan base support him against Srk
    Raat LEELA πŸ‘‰bcoz of deepika

    2 flop 1 disaster 1 Avg 3 hits 1 superhit
    Lol and people says he is future LOL BC 6 saal ho gaye ek bhi Blockbuster nhi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Overacting ka Baap Ranveer ching

  • Befikre is going to be a very liberal film, which makes fun of how shy we Indians are in expressing love.
    We are so backward, we are scared of kissing in public, while in countries like France and other European countries kissing in public is very common, and there is no shyness.

  • Waw… this took me in past.. missing my ex.
    Kiss actually tells u about chemistry …u cn feel it..
    Im sure my indicine friends r gona call tgis crap and cheap.
    Bt guys there r bhatt movies with kisses n some story (hollywood copy) theres wats app jokes turned movie scripts lk cheap grand masti etc. So if adi chopra put tgiss kissing theme with some purpose wats the problm.
    Lets wait fr movie before passing judgement. Its just kiss they r nt calling main to tanduri murgi hu yaar gatkale saiyya alcohol se… or showing nudity.

  • they should have released teaser,song is not that much good waiting for shivaay song ‘BoloHarHarHar’ sept 11
    waiting for pink, dhoni, shivaay & dangal this year

  • I don’t believe this is from the director of RBDJ, MOHABBATEIN, DDLJ. Anyway, there is a proverb ” don’t judge a book by its cover”. So, hoping a great movie from great director.

  • Wtf is this?? Crap.. Complete garbage..
    Adi is trying very hard to promote it on a unique way.. but I doubt people will like it… Bakwaas

  • If adi chopra want to sell this movie on the “kiss” theory he may not succeed because I doubt how many kisses censor board will allow??

  • Now adays kiss is in majority movies. Who is the baap of kissing? Emran Hashmi? Nah. Baap of kissing is Aamir Khan who kissed many heroines in times when kiss was a big deal. All hail Aamir Khan – Baap of kissing. Guess he demanded a kiss in each script.

  • Really bored by this type of movies… Arre band karo torture… Rom com, love,affair band karo varna bollywood kabhi nahi sudharega
    Duniya kaha ja rahi hein aur idhar vohi chuma chati,affair rona dhona
    Agar inhe sabak sikhana hein to aisi movies dekhna band kar dena chahiye varna ye log aisi movies banate rahenge…

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