Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Trailer

Here’s the official trailer of Sunny Leone’s upcoming Hindi film ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’, a comedy starring Ram Kapoor, Evelyn Sharma and Navdeep Chhabra.

Quick Review: ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ is a story about a married man, his wife and his son who wants to be a rockstar. In Ram Kapoor’s own words, “like every other story in the world, there is a twist in this story too”. Enter Shanaya (Sunny Leone). The rest of the trailer is filled with double-meaning dialogues, Sunny’s sensuality and a lot of over acting from the entire star cast.

Such films do have an audience though. Even a pathetic film like ‘Grand Masti’ went on to be one of the biggest surprise hits of 2013.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • on one hand indicine calls a popular accepted film like grand masti as ‘pathetic’ and on another hand they gv 4stars to a mediocre trailer of ‘gabbar is back’!!!


  • Ram kapoor is better than sarook
    even a pathetic film like hny can be hit so why not kklh?
    what about fatso-farah and wh….

  • u love him, u hate him, but u just cant spend a day without thinkin about him. Ladies and Gentleman, Thats SRK for u.

    the article is abt KKLH and there are maximum comments abt SRK.

  • bark bark srk haters… this is the only moto left in your life
    the most successful person is he who has the most no of haters.

  • @dammmmmnnnn stupid

    Going by your insane logic- Would you call Hitler successful bcoz he probably had the most number of haters EVER…

  • @Damnnnnnnnnnnnn So what you are saying is ArjunKapoorFan the most successful person? ROFL

    And @ArjunKapoorFan, Height of hypocrisy is when someone talks about class with the same tongue he used to praise TEVAR!!!

  • @Navin Hitler was successful as he did what he wanted, kill Jews. He said tt hat they are the biggest problem on earth and should be removed and he killed about 60% of Jews on Earth. They are also the reason why there is war right now in Yemen

  • Just waiting for Gabbar Is Back
    Some stinky peoples commented that why indicine gave Gabbar 4 stars, i want to tell them that Gabbar deserves 4 stars that trailer was phenomenal first time i saw some different from masala movie, sure it will be first 100 crore of 2015.

  • @sir navin i think @iambollywoodfan gave the answer to your quetion.indeed he was successful considering what he was into…killing jews(which is a landmark in itself).though i dont appreciate what he did.but still not a hater….he was a powerful n successful man.
    @iambollywoodfan in that case i will withdra ma comment.hehehehe
    bdw he(arjun) cant have the most no of haters coz how many people know him???
    yeah agreed mr kapoor is the most hated guy here on indicine

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