Krrish 3 Trailer records 2 million views in 24 hours

The official theatrical trailer of Filmkraft’s Krrish 3 crossed the 2 million views mark on Youtube in less than 24 hours after the trailer was released on the Internet.

The response has been pretty good too with 17903 out of 20500 people (more than 87%) ‘liking’ the trailer on the popular video sharing website.

Its the fastest for any film in Bollywood history to get that many views, as Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger took 4 and 6 days respectively to cross the 2 million mark. Ranbir Kapoor’s recently released trailer of Besharam also crossed 2 million views after 6 days.

Directed by Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3 stars Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut. The film releases in theatres during Diwali 2013.



  • @Belle i m professional SEO so i know better than you about the paid views so dont try to pull down all the joy set by krrish 3 its evitable max people were excited for the first look its promoted online means fans will promote so whats wrong in it

    Finally its nearing 3 million views at present 28,00000+ and 19000+Likes

  • Trailer is awesome . Deserves 100 cr. Views

    don’t be over exicted
    K3 trailer doesn’t decreases the buzz of Ce
    so chill and stop giving ur useless comments

  • Already started breaking RECORDS…HRITHIK is an international STAR…The BIGGEST STAR of bollywood…KRRISH 3 will prove this

  • Krissh 3 is meant to break records!This is just the beginning! Waiting for the fireworks on Diwali!The Roshans always deliver (with exception of Kites). The magic is that the franchise rests only on Hrithik. First star to have a successful series all to his credit.

  • there is no denying fact that it will open to a historic response whenever it arrives…this is just the just

  • Haters can die… wohoo Nearing 4 million in 2 days unmatched craze for any movie…
    Infact Trailor 1 didnt reveal anything,I have hear Trailor 2 will be much grander…
    cant wait.. :)

  • Wow! That’s phenomenal!! I wonder what will be it’s opening day collection should it release on holiday?

  • hahaha haters please !!!! 4,022,475 views and 23,421 likes in just two days of trailer release !!!!
    This is the POWER of HRITHIK, POWER of KRRISH !!!! ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER OF ALL TIME, i am feeling proud as an indian, the VFx is lagging behind USA and UK films but it is better than all other countries !!! the vfx is far better than the vfx of few hollywood films like x-men’s earlier parts.

    content,emotional connection,action,superhero= SUCCESS !!!! FAMILY ENTERTAINER ON DIWALI !!!!
    feeling nostalgic , koi mil gaya aur krrish k din yaad aa gaye :’)

    and those non-hrithik fans who are supporting , thank you all ! i beleive after krrish 3, others would also try their hand in sci-fi and superehero genre ! come on guys, let’s show hollywood that we are not far behind :D

  • Krrish3: “We cannot compare it exactly to Hollywood films, we don’t have that much budget… had I been given that much budget then I would have made a better film than they make. But given in our budget, I feel we have done our best,” said Rakesh Roshan

    KRRISH 3 is a phenomenon !

  • @sumeet you have written the words which i have in my mind

    Likes 23,769

    Really phenomenal krrish has shown his super power on youtube also

  • OMG this is almost unbelievable the no. of hits for Krish 3 released couple of days back will cross the no of hits for Chennai express trailor which was released a month or more back…
    Wohoo records already starting to tumble…

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