Krrish 3 Story

Krrish 3 Story: After defeating the villainous Dr Siddhant Arya (negative role played by Naseeruddin Shah in Krish), and bringing his father Rohit back from the dead, Krrish (Hrithik Roshan) continued fighting against evil and saving innocent lives.

Now Krishna is living a happily married life with Priya (Priyanka Chopra), while Rohit is using his scientific brilliance to benefit society. And Krrish is everyone’s favorite superhero saviour.

Unknown to them, a dark force is growing in another part of the world. Kaal (Vivek Oberoi), an evil genius, is selfishly misusing his powers to spread fear, death and destruction. And he is being assisted by an army of very dangerous beings, which he has created himself.

Not long after Kaal’s plans are put into action, both Rohit and Krrish find themselves faced with a crisis of epic proportions, which only they can resolve, together. But when they finally cross paths with Kaal and his army, neither of them is prepared for what lies ahead.

Kaal not only brings the world to the brink of disaster, he also puts the strength and love of Krishna and his family to the test

And Krrish has to somehow find the power within to face an unbeatable foe.The greatest battle between good and evil begins..

Directed by one of India’s most successful directors Rakesh Roshan, Krrish 3 releases in theatres on November 4th 2013.

Krrish 3 Cast

Hrithik Roshan as Rohit, Krishna / Krrish
Priyanka Chopra as Priya
Vivek Oberoi as Kaal
Kangana Ranaut as Kaya
Arif Zakaria as Nuclear Scientist
Shaurya Chauhan



  • too cheesy this kind of story expected…lack of freshness in idea…just indian version of some many hollywood movies….diaster feel…

  • how can u indicine people get this story so soon tat too der was just a motion poster got released

  • Why have they revealed story?
    They should have protected d story lyk the makers of
    DHOOM 3 are doing even Aamir’s wife kiran rao doesn’t knw anything about it.
    It raises d curiosity!!

  • Seems like hollywood movie story…………..too high expectations of high octane action and technology…………

  • ‘People will be blown away by Hrithik’s Krrish physique’.- Kris Gethin. Kris Gethin says that nobody in bollywood or hollywood has the kind of physique which hrithik will show in krrish 3.

  • While it’s old hat that the trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s KRISSH 3 will be attached to the prints of Shah Rukh Khan’s Eid bonanza, CHENNAI EXPRESS, here are some exclusive details about the teaser itself!

    As per a leading trade source (lucky enough to have seen it)-To say that the trailer left one speechless would be stating the obvious…. It is outstanding, mesmerizing in a way. It is awe-inspiring! The efforts that have gone into the making of the sequel to KRISSH, which itself was the sequel to KOI…MIL GAYA can be gauged from the trailer.

    Quoting Rakesh Roshan (the producer-director of KRISSH 3), the source adds, “The pre-production of the film was a long drawn process. Even after so much planning, I was extremely nervous on the first day of shooting and continued to be so for some days initially, because I was not sure if my actors would be able to deliver what I had visualized. It was only after a few days that I got used to working with the team that I got confident.”

    Need we say more about the inevitable blockbuster success of the November 4 release from Filmkraft Productions!

  • @abhi, it will be all time blockbuster. open up your eyes and see the development bollywood is making.

    guys, mark my words, hrithik will rule after krrish 3, this is called a bumper dhamaka movie !!!! hollywood standard, we will have high octane action,superb vfx,beautiful locales,breath taking dance and music, aliens,mutants many more.

  • Rakesh roshan would have executed the script brilliantely…..diwali come soon….waiting to catch the movie first day first show….

  • hmmmm story line of krrish 3 is not good as we were expecting……………. now we are eagerly to see the trailer of the film……. then we will decide that it will blast on diwali or not………………….

  • Krishh is fav superhero for many kids in india. Even my cousin bro, who is just 11 yeard old, he dont understand hindi but he likes Krishh movie very much and always talk abt it. Personally, I didnt like krishh much. My fav hrthik movie is Koi Mil Gaya and Jodha Akbar. So hoping Krishh 3 to be in the range of Koi Mil Gaya

  • @fathiya. All the superhero movie is all about saving the world and has same story line but it’s screenplay which is important. Spiderman and superman has similar storyline but it’s screenplay was excellent so people liked both the movies. What I liked here about story is Rohit (koi mil gaya hero) has important role to play in the film so movie is not about just Krishh. As Kaal (villian) is very strong and unbeatable force, therefore, it will be interesting to see how father-son duo able to save world from him

  • Some are saying its good and some are saying its bad. But one thing u didn’t notice that why they are only giving away the basic plot line.

    After reading every interview about Krrish 3, I can surely say that the movie has some suspense to it. Hrithik has already said Krrish 3 is his fathers best script till date.

    Not sure whether I am right or wrong, but I feel the movie is interconnected with the previous two films Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.

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