Krrish 3 Review: India’s Best Superhero Film!

After 7 years of fervent anticipation comes the third part of the super successful Krrish trilogy in the form of Krrish 3. This time around the stakes are higher, the amount of money involved is also higher (in fact a lot higher). So what does the most popular Superhero amongst kids in India have in store for us this time around? Is the story simple or complex? Does the film entertain? Does it justify the immense hype? Let’s dissect.

Story: Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) is paralysed from the neck down and has been on a life long quest to find out the reason for his torment. He creates a laboratory in the Swiss Alps (presumably) and makes dangerous mutants like Ant Man, Scorpion Woman and Kaya (Kangna Ranaut) through his experiments. His sole objective is to spread a deadly virus around the world and sell the antidotes to earn money for his pharmaceutical company. When this objective of his is stopped midway by Krrish (Hrithik Roshan), Kaal sends Kaya to Mumbai to tackle Rohit Mehra and his family and to find out how Rohit invented the antidote even before his company’s scientists. Thus ensues a highly elaborate sequence of events where each party compete to take the upper hand.

Krrish 3 Poster - Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana

Krrish 3 Review – Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana

Screenplay and Direction: Rakesh Roshan has clearly worked hard on coming up with a suitable script and that is probably what explains the time lag between Krrish and Krrish 3. He has imbibed the script with emotional angles involving the father-son relationship and heavy philosophy about humans and humanity. Not all of it works, but he deserves a huge round of applause for the innovative storytelling tools and the out of the box ideas he has incorporated into Krrish 3 without ever making the film’s plot too complex. Rakesh Roshan directs the film as well as he probably could have. There were a few niggles in the pace of the film here and there, but they can be overlooked for the joy it provides when Krrish is out there saving lives.

Films like Krrish 3 are highly dependant on the technical expertise of the crew working on aspects like production design, visual effects, costume design, action design, cinematography and editing. The visual effects of Krrish 3 are top notch considering the limited budget of the film. Red Chillies VFX have bettered their Ra.One work here. Another important thing to notice about the visual effects of Krrish 3 is that the visual effects never gets too intrusive and doesn’t intrude the story. The cinematography ably supports the VFX work. The production design however comes across as too tacky and too unrealistic. It was a major letdown. The costume design doesn’t create too many benchmarks of greatness. Editing is decent enough.

Music and Background Score: The major talking point of Krrish 3 in the general public has so far been concentrated around the dismal music. Krrish 3 songs don’t work and most of them are highly unoriginal and below average. For a big film like Krrish 3, a better soundtrack was expected. It won’t be unfair to say that Rajesh Roshan has lost his touch. The background score however lends a grand scale to the film and works in the film’s favour. Salim-Sulaiman deserve credit for this.

Acting: Hrithik Roshan is the heart and soul of Krrish 3. He excels as both Krrish and his father Rohit. He brings a familiar sense of estranged and innocent good-heartedness in his performance as Rohit. And he is in super form as the saviour of Mumbai – Krrish. He has worked hard to attain a great physique and that lends an air of domination in his stature as Krrish. One look at Krrish and you know that he is your saviour! Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have a lot to do in Krrish 3 except for play the part of the damsel in distress. Vivek Oberoi brings a new type of villain to Bollywood with his portrayal of Kaal. His facial expressions form the crux of his performance and he delivers a great performance. Kangna Ranaut plays her role as Kaya like a mutant with the lack of any facial expressions and this is what was needed for her character.

Conclusion: Does Krrish 3 justify the hype and anticipation? Yes. Does it have any flaws? Yes, but they are very minor flaws and can be easily overlooked because of the high dose of entertainment it offers in regular intervals. Hrithik Roshan owns the film and how! Krrish 3 is worth a watch just for Hrithik’s enigmatic screen presence as Krrish. He knocks it out of the park. If you are in the mood for entertainment this Diwali, go inject yourself with a dose or two of this highly entertaining film.

Box Office: The box office opening of Krrish 3 will be huge owing to the excitement and buzz generated around the film and the opening will give it a momentum to carry on the performance for the next two weeks. 100 crore in the first 5-6 days is a given and 150 crore should also be achieved barring any major negative word of mouth.


  • Hrithik Roshan excels as Krrish
  • The newness in the story
  • The visual effects is ambitious inspite of the budget constraints
  • The climax showdown
  • Vivek Oberoi as Kaal is menacing


  • The music is a major letdown
  • Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have anything to do
  • Production Design is unreaslitic with too many brands cramming for attention

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • Komal Nahata “Krrish 3 is a box-office bonanza which will write box-office history. It will do outstanding business and will emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. In spite of lack of comedy, romance and hit music, it has tremendous repeat value. Let it be said loud and clear: Some films are destined to write box-office history, and Krrish 3 is one such film. It is: Avatar meets Superman meets Indian sentiments!”

  • I just spent about 30 mins to through many pages of Indicine just so that I can tell Indicine readers about this user named Megha.

    She never has anything good to say about any film. Always criticises all films. I dont think she even watches those movies.

    See some of her comments. Every movie she has thrashed. Even DDAY and Kai po che

    Satyagraha: lets all promise not to see the film and give a kick on the nose to prakash jha…show him that we are very snooty…

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    Chennai Exp: the bubble has burst…!!!public has realized the true colour of the film…

    Chennai Exp: one thing is clear.. a flop tag suits this moronic film it is as deepika says bakwaus film…bhenans I shudder to think if people get inspired into making more such ghaslet films.. so im happy that it has been rejected by masses and classes

    D-Day: very long and gets boring at times failure

    Kai Po Che: i dont know why you write such fancy reviews for a below mediocre films???

    Vishwaroop: its the worst film ever made !!!that quite sums it up… why go to 24 for inspiration>?? true lies is good enough… i donno what the director wants to say from the film as it is in kamal hasans films there is an undercurrent of south indian idli dosa bah i hate these cliches he acts exactly like he did in chachi 420 …the nonsense shown in form of jihadis is a waste of time i doubt if your rave reviews will fetch anyone to cinema halls !!! please be more pragmative and oblective in your reviewing and rating in future

  • Hrithik Roshan has been so immensely likeable in his other films, that you can’t quite place what went wrong here. Unbearable (he gives us a nosy voice) as the olderscientist and passable as Krrish, one thing’s for sure-Hrithik Roshan can do better. Priyanka Chopra is made to dance, giggle, get pregnant, and shriek for help, all of which she does competently and without ruining the look. Kangna Ranaut is very good. Vivek Oberoi makes for a formidable villain but one that’s a bit too spooky for a family film.

  • hey u idiotic hollywood lickers.., i’ve watched the movie today morning.. krrish3 vfx, action story has crossed all the way beating hollywood.. hats off to roshan teams… very brilliant n this movie resmble BOllywood against hollywood…

  • Just came back from watching the movie. And what to say I am floored. This is not a prefect movie but still one of the best entertaining one out there. First lets talk about negative though – in a fight sequence VFX work is bad. First half is bit slow but it can be excused as its more like setting of premise for the big battle ahead. Apart from Dil Tu Hi Bata, both songs felt unnecessary. Now coming to the positive – well first thing first Hrithik. This man is incredible. Whether as Rohit or Krishna or Krissh. He is just fabulous. Then there is Vivek oberoi. Simply wow. That coldness and ruthlessness which he just depicts is mesmerizing. Priyanaka hardly had any role so nothing to say about her much. But Kangana – she is simply fantastic. Only character which is grey and hence leaves the maximum impact. Loved her role. As I said first half is bit slow but the second half is simply out of the world. Almost each scene pack a punch. And yeah last 30 minutes – INSANE. A full on riot for action lover and the best thing is the VFX during that part is incredible.

    All thing said and done the best thing about Krrish is definitely the way it manages to mix emotions in super hero story. Wonderfully done. And yeah the viewer don’t feel cheated. Definitely a must watch.

    My rating – 3.25 in 5

  • @indicine if you know that krish 3 is copied why did you have given 4star. it only deserves 2stars you must be a hr fan

  • Sorry, Hrithik hater….

    you all doing very hard work to spread negativity about our superhero film Krrish3 but failed. I feel yours mental frustation, Sorry friend, this time you failed. Best of luck for all of you in HR next film BANG BANG.

  • Watched the movie….really good but….a few minutes in the movie you gonna say ‘superman’
    Few more minutes u will say ‘oh they weaved professor x and magneto into one’ after some time you gonna say ” gijoe”. Few more minutes you will remember ‘thor’ ‘ spiderman’ you gonna scream ‘oh my gid they have even not spared megamind and the incrsibles’ and then at last ‘ man if steel’ if you have not watched any of the movies I mentioned…you may actually like the movie very much….I think if they could have remain a bit more original…it could have been much better

  • Brilliant movie krrish3,,,definitely has some flaws but they are more than made up by the gripping screenplay,, hrithik and vivek were awesome,,, people who are saying that movie is copied are just jealous or some pseudo intellects who don’t want bollywood to progress,,, 4/5* for this and want it to break all records

  • I would say this is a way better film than even thor or captain America,,, those superheroes have all the historical background but the way krrish establishes himself is commendable,, hollywood learn to make movies more humane

  • @prince
    Read d comment once again they never said its copied rather they clarified superman came long after wrap up of krrish 3 so rr cud never had time to copy n make it in the final cut so it deserves 4 stars n more so due to d connect it makes wid d audience

  • @djbolly
    Ignorance is bliss superman came june2013 krrish wrapped up march 2013 how on earth do u copy d whole climax before hand try explainin n kaal has telekinesis none of which is with prof.x(telepathy) n magneto kaal levitated every object not just metal its TELEKINESIS as told by big b in narration n how was it same to gijoe or even thor tell me 1 clip same neither was megamind or incredibles related we ll take ur word if u say u hate hr u dont need excuses simple

  • Krrish 3 will be an epic disaster. The movie is nothing but a rip off many hollywood movies with an highly unimaginative storyline. Even kids will be bored to death seeing this 150 minutes of non stop torture.

  • loved hrithik and kangana… hrithik’s best performance to date… after hrithik, it was kangana who stole the show with her glamour quotient, action sequences and very well acted part

  • the article states incorrectly that priyanka has nothing to do in the movie.. in fact, priyanka probably has more screen time than kangana; i really do not want to compare, but one can’t help notice that kangana steals the show (reminds me of “fashion”)

  • The film is worse than Complete waste of time and money. You would rather like watching x men and transformers cartoons in the cartoon channels.

  • Its a milestone for bollywood. The 1st trailer was very nice but the trailers released later were very discouraging. Though the characters were all like the x men series but the story is completely different and sort of original as all superhero movies are almost Same, good over evil, some evil scientist destroying the world etc… Its the presentation and emotional connection and Bollywood touch like krrish which makes it good. And the VFX were really awesome and not dominating the story rather supporting it. Music was really disappointing.

    for me its 3.5 / 5.

  • @D300cr
    Hey man first thing first i do not hate hr at all. He is my one of my fav actors. Kmg is my all time fav movie even though its heavily inspired from ET. Its my perception of the movie. May b u didnt feel the same but i did.

  • And ditto for my freinds who watched the movie with me. We just drew parallels with some hollywood movies while watching the movie and found some striking similarities. If u didnt find none thats good. As i said k3 is a good movie but originality ?????

  • ONLY KING OF KINGS SHAH RUKH KHAN BEST SUPERHERO..ONLY RA-ONE BEST FILM…I adore YOU’ your style, appearance.your dance and game in sinema my magic King Khan.You are the most talented and the most sexual actor,and best superhero in the world.No one can be compared to you, neither the Hollywood nor the Bollywood star..I crazy love you my idol king of hearts,my superhero SHAH RUKH KHAN..I don”t like ritik and your krish.

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