Krrish 3 releases Nov 3rd 2013, confirms Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh RoshanRakesh Roshan’s ambitious superhero film Krrish 3 will release on Sunday Nov 3rd and not Friday as was planned earlier.

Confirming the news that has been floating around in the last few days, Roshan said “November 3 is an auspicious day, so we’re releasing Krrish 3 on that day.”

Krrish 3 will take forward the story of the superhero, played by his son Hrithik Roshan, seen in Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish.

The film also stars Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi.



  • So many silly comments here.

    Krrish 3 : <175 cr (Only Salman movies witness a huge weekend + Indian audience love masala action over cool kickass action in sci-fi films)

    Dhoom:3 : 200 cr+ (Aamir + Dhoom franchise + YRF + Best script from YRF till date, acc to Wikipedia)

  • No so bad decision because the first day itself will collect at least 50 crore which is enough to continue for the rest of the days!

  • Krrish3 is all time mega blockbuster and chennai
    express is all time blockbuster i am waiting for
    chennai express and krrish 3 i will watch ce and
    k3 atleast 10shows each

  • Dhoom3 and mental sabse bakwaas flop hogi
    dhoom3 bakwaas se bhi bakwaas movie hogi
    dint work listen all you think dhoom3 no1 of
    2013 its totaly wrong nor is krrish3

  • @rowdy786 your finger got stuck on the ‘0’ button it seems after your early morning extra curricular activities such as watching Sunny Leones ‘o laila’ item song eh??? Calm down son and tidy up the mess you have left all over your keyboard before mommy and papa walk in and see the ‘evidence’. :-P
    Rakesh sir is a genius- Sunday will be record breaking and will set a new benchmark for all other films which normally release on a Friday or earlier by a day or two. K3 may hold the first day record for afew yrs like 3 idiots 4 yr old record still being unmatched. Clever strategy and not being presumptious but I think with Sunday and 2 holidays in following 4 day week then it could rake in 100 cr is less than 5 days, 4 days it could collect 90 cr minimum so some records will be broken. Gonna be great and a great Diwali in store for everyone atlast after 2 ruined Diwalis by crappy srk movies.

  • this movie will be OK for kids. as an adult i am not interested. so please stop calling it biggest hit of the year. we have to appreciate meaning full movies. if some one like to see this kind of movies then hollywood is better than bollywood in making this kind of films

  • Krrish3 ll cross 100cr mark in just 4 days
    total-105cr thats a record collection

  • If you guys not interested krrish 3 calling a kid
    movie and interested in adult movies so go on
    and watch blue films like dirty pictue murder etc

  • @tangori you are mad, 50cr 1st day and laxmi puja effect nite show means you know if k3 get 100% occopense and 4000plus scereen but it can’t possible and amir fans never pridict such amount, just confident d3 1st col more than 35cr plus. hritic is a non khan, not expect more from hritic. People not intertested to watch k3 beacause they knows that its a kids film like ra1. Waiting for most awaited film of the year chennai express and dhoom3.

  • releasing on 03-nov is a good decision or not? time will tell the answer but as i think it is not good decision but may be possible that Roshan’s don’t have much trust on what they r making that’s y they want to collect as much as possible in 2 days Diwali & Gordhan. my prediction is that on 03-nov -22-25 cr and 04-nov 30-35 cr but afterf that all will depend on WOM if its positive than will collect 175cr max if negative than collection will stop at 130 cr.
    and HR fan how you predicting 50 cr or 40 cr on Day 1 as this movie releasing on Diwali Day so what ever the hype movie will not surpass 25 cr collection due to Pooja remeber srk much hyped crap released on Diwali but collected only 14.5 cr on Day 1 (Hindi)
    but 2 nd day of K3 will collect 35 cr or if get +ve wom that can touch 40 cr mark
    but whatever the K3 collect it will surpass by D3 at last of 2013 because D3 will be biggest grosser if get mix to positive wom….

  • @Romance express most awaited movies are krrish3 and chennai express listen dhoom3 bakwaas flop hogi becoz of your amir tingu khan.
    Krrish3 and chennai express ll collecting more
    than dhoom3 you wait and see.

  • Dhoom3 ll definetly got negetive reveiws just
    becoz of amir and it ll not be able to collect
    More than 140cr

  • These kind of movies is only liked by kids.Remember,a kid movie,collected only 120 crore.Krishh 3 will collect maximum 140 crore.Because Hritik is not a big superstar like SRK,Salman or Amir.

  • @Tangori y r u commenting for D3 in this article, i know u will say others put d3 on this page but y u follow if you give advice other to stay from HRO page than better you keep your negativity abt Aamir khan or D3 to urself
    and abt k3 it will be super hit or blockbuster but you can’t say that D3 will be flop or get negative reviews if you r saying this than you make folls to yourself and it will become huge hit due to Aamir dear remembet Ghajini and 3 idiots both belongs to Aamir which were opener of 100 cr & 200 cr respectively its not ur HR or other actor its Aamir to his own…
    and i would like to see your comment when we are discussing abt D3 huge success on Indicine page and like to see ur reaction, might be you will not visit this site at that time because perhaps you won’t have words to show nwgativity abt D3
    so if you want to say abt K3 you can predict what ever you like but don’t try to underestimate Aamir and D3

  • Dhoom 3 will be the crappiest movie ever.It will not cross even 120 crore.Amir lost his star power after Talaash.Krishh 3 and Chennai Express will rock.

  • Is there any Trade analysts were judging here abt the fate of this movie
    else if anyone is a produced a movie

    See who are underestimating movies performance i will give you reasons

    1,Hrithiks talent will make a movie hit even he dominates stories
    where knph or D2 has wafer thin storylines bt they are ATBB
    so guys be cool and avoid worring for strong script as hrithik charishma makes movie stand tall

    2.Hrithik is the answer to hollywood for super hero and james bond avatars in krrish and D2
    He lifted the status of dhoom series by doing dhoom 2

    3.Hrithik body language for stunts were unmatchable
    even in D3 stunts were more of bikes or cars without kunfu type scenes(nothing negative to aamir he is genius)
    i bet anyone here even after k3 & d3 i will answer you
    Aamir once said that he will take tips from jhrithik for dhoom 3(so i love amir too and i too wish d3 to cross 200 or 300 crore)

    4.Track record of rakesh roshan and he is taking enough time and proper planning in each part of the move for the movie

    5,More than Aamir hrihik has good image for action roles even fans are not satisfied for action part in agneepath even the movie is good but action was missing it was too realistic so fans thirst will be satisfied in k3

    6.Krrish 3 will get U certificate but if at all D3 gets A then it has to face some problems
    Definitely cartoon strategy will makes magic

    7,Komal natha a trade analyst has said
    Krrish 3 is the perfect diwali cracker. I’m sure it has something for everyone. There has to be action for boys, Hrithik’s hot looks for the girls, and visual effects and dances for kids.- Komal Nahta

  • In Aamir the Ace khan words i support him and D3
    “Hrithik is one of the best looking actors we have. He is also a great actor. I want to take acting lessons from him,” Aamir khan had said on television.

    Sources say that Khan has given a lot of thought to the matter that he is replacing Hrithik as the villain in the franchise, and wants to live up to it.

    “Aamir would like to have a sitting with Hrithik regarding the matter and generally talk about the acting and body language required for the film. Since Aamir is a very private person, he will not share the exact details of the conversation that he shared with Hrithik, but we know that he doesn’t mind taking a few tips from Roshan Junior, and doesn’t even dither to admit it openly,” adds the source.

  • krissh-3 will be biggest diaster of decade and copy of 1 or 2 hollywood films…lol rakesh roshan is genius hahaha…he is just copycat even karan arjun is copycat…

  • @some1 my name itself i mentioned i m a greekgod devotee i just worship hrithik roshan nothing to do with drugs i think u r jst kidding i m clarifying thts it

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