Krrish 3 Overseas Collections

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has fared very well in the overseas markets too, contributing a healthy sum of Rs 24 crore in its first weekend. The superhero film collected Rs 8 crore in UAE, Rs 6.85 crore in US/Canada, Rs 4 crore in UK, Rs 1.6 crore in Pakistan and Rs 1.25 crore in Australia.

On a limited release in countries like Mauritius, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore, and Netherlands; the film has collected Rs 2.25 crore.

There are reports that the response in Mauritius and Singapore has been very good as shows throughout the weekend were houseful.

Krrish 3 could go on to be the highest grossing superhero film in the overseas markets. Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One collected $9.2 million, Krrish 3 has already collected $4million in 3 days.

The overseas share so far is Rs 9.6 crore.

  • United Arab Emrites – Rs 8 cr
  • United States Of America and Canada – Rs 6.85 cr
  • United Kingdom – Rs 4 cr
  • Pakistan – 1.6 cr
  • Australia – 1.25 cr
  • Other countries – 2.25 crore
  • Total – 23.95 crore


  • Only two types of collection in Box office
    1)domestic collection.
    2)overseas collection.
    tamil telugu domestic me hai so, domestic collection means all languages collection in india.

    INDICINE you are doing great job. I support you.

  • Upto 2010 all follow BOI but today BOI is back dated. Now ALL INDIA NEWS CHANNEL and BUSINESS TRADE MAGAZINE include Wikipedia follow Taran Adarsh or Komal Nahta.

    And INDICINE’s data match with Taran Adarsh, so INDICINE is right. Very good job by INDICINE. I believe you.

  • Wow what a performance by krrish3 in overseas too clap for the roshan speacially hritik.srk and hritik are overseas kings.

  • It should finish at the 6th place in overseas market, which is very good for an Indian superhero film. Top 5 is dominated by 4 SRK starrer, and 3 Idiots at the top.

  • You aren’t right about Priyanka Chopra. It is pale not because it has a small part but because the bad actress and always her was. Kangana was always stronger, and in “Fashion” on the head! ! ! Look narrowly at shots where she plays Kaya-Kangana. Here Priyanka and right there Kangana – everything is obvious! ! ! For me ??????? in any shot I was stronger emotionally. Priyanka – emptiness.

  • Thank god there is no manipulation in overseas numbers.
    @ nipun Amir is second in overseas market his dried movie Talaash did 1.6m$ in USA, where krish 3 (Hritik’s biggest bet) did 1.1m$ wait for peekay and see records in overseas.
    Krish3 in Uk 405,000 GBP less than race 457 000 GBP which Released in 2008. Less than Singh is kingh. Don’t fly u r a good hritik fan and accept d truth. 4 mn in weekend is not a good figure considering HR’s superstar standard and movie coming out film craft production. But still ok kind of collection while many big movies r crashing in overseas.

  • thank you indicine concerning Mauritius…I knew it seeing the crowds outside cinema hall.
    the movie rocks and is a big success here

  • @sht:i told that because in top ten overseas movie collection,u can find more no of hr movies than amir.amir becomes more popular after 3 idiots.and i feel in fan following in overseas,hr is ahead.

  • @sht:and only anti hrithik ppl are saying about manipulation.i wonder the same ppl who were blaming boi at the time of ett and ce,are praising boi now!boi is a useless doesnt include all centres.

  • @alyksha:no doubt,kangana was brillient in k3,but u cann’t say that pc is an bad actress.she is better than kat,kareena and dp.okay kangana was gud in fashion.but pc also won best actress award.

  • BOI is a total useless site.. always advertising some crape games, porn sites and all but they forget to update bollywood news which is their main job.. does anyone know who is the admin of that site ?? the whole BOI thing is total bullshit..

  • nipun, I will give a bright example. Far we won’t go, see a trailer of “Krrish Krrish” Title Song (Video) | Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut on YouTube. Shot with 0:52 till 0:55. (In the movie: conversation on ???????). Everything is simple, what you see in Priyanka’s look? Advances. Or wants to kill, such cold glance though on a plot – anything similar, you are right it not the person, she shouldn’t know that this such). And what you see in Kangana’s look? (confusion, pain, in her look such big scale ????? what not to transfer)
    Everything is clear for me! ! ! This scene in the movie is very indicative.

  • k3 still didnt cross 100 cr
    it is just 80.75 cr in 4 days and the fourth day brought only 31.75 cr srks ce single day still unbroken
    so where did you bring 35 cr????? im a hrithik fan
    but i dont like him winning depending on fake inflated numbers
    true figures plz

  • The movie is good and thus it is collecting pretty fair numbers in overseas else its not Hrithik star dum in overseas .. he is on num 3rd in overseas now. Stop comparing him with SRK and Amir.

  • @Imam..are you a blind or mad overseas since 4 years amir’s 3 idiots still highest grossing film by collecting $25milion you fool..just check it in wiki..

  • look at it.. acting is bad.. music is bad… sfx are inferior background music is bad story is pathetic.. how can it be a hit????

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