Krrish 3 has only 3 songs: Rakesh Roshan

In an exclusive interview to Indian Express, producer-director Rakesh Roshan has revealed that his ambitious superhero film Krrish 3 has a runtime of 2 and a half hours and the film will have only 3 songs.

During the release of their last production venture Kites, Hrithik Roshan had openly spoken against song and dance numbers. Not including lip-sync songs, we believe, would be a good move for a film like Krrish 3.

Excerpts from the interview with Priyanka Sinha Jha.

The good part is that in Krrish 3, I don’t have to establish the character. I already did that in the first two parts (Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish). Hrithik is playing both father and son, and looks like a different person for each character. The shot division becomes very difficult as a result of this – I have to do all the shots of the older character first and the young one’s later. A make-up artist has been flown in from London. The film’s duration is about two and a half hour and it has only three songs. I have knowingly put in elements, which a younger generation will understand.

You can read the full interview here

Below is a fan made poster of Krrish 3 (releases in theatres on 1st November 2013)!

Krrish 3 Fan made Poster

Krrish 3 Fan made Poster



  • Good decision from Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan. Hope the movie is a good watch..

    I think they will atleast include one lip sync song for the masses. RR is a universal director.. his movies appeal to everyone..

  • I don’t care how many songs are there in the movie. But I really want Hrithik’s dance in this movie. A proper dance like what he did in “Dhoom again” and “Dil Na liya”. At least 4 minute dance. Please…. Didn’t see him dancing in a movie for ages.

  • Biggest blockbuster of all time…It will break all records…300 crores….Luv u Hrithik…U r way above other actors…biggest superstar of the country…

  • Then it mit actually be a good movie… mit have good script with more content and less nonsense drama like krrish and all other action/masala movies

  • So the papa RR is making his beta HR to play both the roles of papa & beta in k3! I agree with anupama, even if there are only 3 songs, atleast 2 songs should have some sensational dance steps by the best dancer in the bollywood to make them memorable. K3, a bb in waiting!

  • goin ra.1 way..will be loss to the luck if it beats idiots content wise it wil never near it…krissh is cocktail of spiderman and other Hollywood films…

  • I was expecting 5 to 6 songs becouse indian audiens loves more songs in one film to dance and to make more-more noise inside the theaters. We all know that Hrithik’s maximum films have not good songs or less songs but well the box office becouse hrithik’s great performence and good script and drama. Hope Krrish-3 will have great action,great performence,great script,great drama film and will a perfect film for all kind of audians.

  • Wait n watch guys, all the records will be broken & new history will be created when this movie gets released.

    My prediction for 2013:
    Krishh 3 – 200+ ( Reason – One n only Hrithik bhai & baap, beta combination n the brand)
    Dhoom 3 – 170+ ( Reason – brand n aamir khan, Dhoom series has raised their bars only bcoz of Hrithik’s performance in D2, so ppl have lot of expectation)
    QUATIM 2 – 150+ ( Money minter Akshay kumar & the Director)
    Salman khan’s next – 130+ ( Salman’s current BO record, but this movie will not beat the above movies, that’s for sure)

    Note: If Akshay release Thuppaki remake this year then it has a big chance to cross 150+ crores, reason awesome story, akshay factor n the director AR murgados, movie was a big blockbuster in tamil.

    Star rankings this year:
    Hrithik ( Best actor the year will be Hrithik for Krishh 3)
    Aamir khan
    Ranbir or Shahrukh
    Ajay devgn.

    Shahrukh brand value will come very soon, nowadays people doesnt like his movie that much.

    Even his good friend Karan Johar started working with other actors, KJO’s next biggie is with Akshay.

  • Hrithik is the best in bollywood as a dancer and actor and good looking too in fact the Asian sexiest man. So judge him as what he is. You will surely see him as I see him.

    Krissh 3 will be the most succesful movie in bollywood perhaps the best. I am gona book ticket in advance. That will be for my best actor HRITHIK.

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