Krrish 3 Digital Poster will be out this month!

The countdown has begun. The first look poster of 2013’s most awaited film Krrish 3, will release on June 27.

Saloni Choujar, Rakesh Roshan’s assistant director on Krrish 3, confirmed the news on Twitter “It’s almost here! Krrish 3 motion poster to release this 27th June!!! Thats like a week away guys!!! So exciting!!”

Starring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut, the sequel to India’s only successful superhero film will release in the first week of November.

Krrish 3

Krrish 3



  • Frinds there is no bigger superhero than Salman Khan.. Hrithik is not even a hero. So how can he act as super hero? HR is an actor because of his fathers support. And without him he is nothing.

  • we hate those who love srk/ranbir/hrithik/aamir or any other actor.. We are bhai fans. Bhai is only one superhero in the world.. please like this comment

  • Good Words dedicated to all hrithik fans

    This Looks Like “A Lightening before a lovely rainfall ”

    We fans will see the ligntening in this moths

    and small droplets and a smeel of rain at the trailers release (Means at CE & OUATIMD release)

    And enjoy the totall rainfall after the movie release

    As this rain will heal our hearts as the rain heals the crops and plants
    So guys we Hrithik fans welcome kids,students,families,Grand parents -Srkians,akkians,salmaniacs,ACE khan fans,ranbirfans and also haters every one

    To enjoy this rain to heal their hearts

    with love A Die hard hrithik roshan fan

  • Even i had replied in earlier to all those hater in the previous hrithik article

    So guys if you have any doubts regarding his boxoffice stamina i will answer you honestly every thing if there is any wrong on myside i will accept

    Dear Romance Express & DANISH Get well soon guys see your comments your dislike section is more than like section you need to grow up and stop this bull shit please be aware of your behaviour this will bincreases negativity towards your fan or idol may be you will realise one day like my self even myself used to hate Jr AB but i loived all khans at onepoint of time and criticizing him(AB jr) before my friends now i realise how much i hurted my friend now i m happy to see each and everyfilm of him

    BYE BYE Hatretism and Improve Fantism you can promote your fan by saying more good words on him this will fetch yoiu more than criticizing others


  • Rakesh Roshan words on hrithik

    “Hrithik is a perfectionist. For him, 110 % is 100 %. For me, 90% is 100%. He sees everything minutely. After every shot, I look at him to find out if he is okay with it. He assisted me for five years and knows everything from screenplay to direction and editing. We understand each other well. So, when I am directing him, I know exactly how he will perform and accordingly, I place the camera. Hrithik is one of the finer actors we have. Having said that, I am equally charged about directing other actors. For example, Vivek Oberoi is the villain in my film and he showed the same level of discipline and passion as my son. Also, if there is a two-hero project, I’m game for it”.Rakesh Roshan

  • Guys just revive the old memories on krrish

    [Krrish’s first appearence]
    Girl Child: [caught in the fire not willing to go with Krrish] Wh-who are you?
    Krishna: Krishn…
    [accidentally about to say krishna. The girl hears it as Krrish]
    Krishna: Friend, friend come.
    [the girl goes with Krrish]
    Girl Child: Who are you?
    Krishna: Krish… I am a friend.

    [Krishna jumps out of tall tree with Priya. Priya won’t stop screaming]
    Krishna: [hanging from a tree branch] Stop screaming. Or else I’ll drop you.
    [Priya is still shaking, and she won’t close her eyes]
    Krishna: Close your eyes, not widen them. Close them. Close!
    Priya: Aaaaahhhhh!
    [Annoyed by Priya’s screaming, Krishna drops her. She falls three feet to the ground]

    [Priya starts to scream as Krishna sneaks into her tent]
    Krishna: You’re always screaming. Doesn’t your throat hurt?
    [Priya’s eyes widen in shock]
    Krishna: [smiling] Your eyes are widening again.
    [Priya closes her eyes. When she opens them, Krishna is gone]

    [repeated line]
    Bahadur: Just imagine!
    Dr. Siddhant Arya: Breaking news!

    Krishna: Actually those fish knew me, they stood by me.
    Priya: But you’re not standing by me!
    Krishna: I’ve come to stand by you for life, Priya.
    Priya: For life? When my mother asks you what you do? What will you say?
    Krishna: I’ll tell her what I do, Love you.
    Priya: And… what else will you say?
    Krishna: I’ll fulfill all your wishes, look after you.
    Priya: And…?
    Krishna: I’ll never let a smile leave your face.
    Priya: And…?
    Krishna: Whether times good or bad, we’ll always be together, just like eyelashes are with the eyes.
    Priya: And…?
    Krishna: You will dream and I’ll fulfill them.
    Priya: And…?
    Krishna: In the scorching heat of the sun, I’ll be your shade, and in the cold, I’ll give you warmth. When the rain bothers you, I’ll change the course of the clouds; and when a storm blows, I’ll turn the winds away.
    [Priya trips and Krishna catches her]
    Krishna: That’s how I shall protect you all my life, from every danger, from every trouble. Now I hope your mother will agree

    Priya: [Finds Kristian killed by Dr. Siddhant Arya] What did Kristian do? Why did he kill him?
    Vikram Sinha: Dr.Arya, might have started the future machine. In it he might have seen…
    Krishna: [angry] … his future…
    [looks at his Krrish mask]
    Krishna: would be exactly as Dr.Arya had seen.
    [krishna changes into krrish and starts chasing Dr. Siddhant Arya]

  • KRRISH belongs to Hrithik Roshan. He again displays his skills at dancing, fighting, emoting and just being comfortable with the camera without once letting the sweat of the toil trickle into the frames. Here’s an actor who stubbornly re-defines the concept of screen heroism with every performance.

  • in krrish Hrithik is required to make the transition from a simpleton in the village with super-powers to a masked crusader in Bangkok. He brings to the film’s fantasy element a kind of innocence underlined by a subtle swagger that furnishes the duality of the masked character the musk of masculinity and vulnerability.

  • I am a Salman fan but honestly speaking this year will belong to three guys aamir, hrithik, and ranbir. these three truly deserve this. yjhd had recording breaking collection and only see two movies that can go past yjhd and that is krissh and dhoom 3. what a year, may be three idiots records will be broken this year, cant wait for krissh 3 trailor

  • jst d news of first digital poster made hrithik trending in india…what hapen when d trailer vl b out…nd wen d movie vl b out…krish 3 is going to b very big

  • @Romance Express- SRK would be ashamed to have a fan like u. Krrish 3 VFX is being done by Red Chillies Entertainment, so SRK is also involved in the film.

  • Seriously it will break all previous box office records saw a news that only with the news of releasing of poster he is trending all over india imagine wht will happen to all those haters when he comes warning warning!!! A hurricane is coming……..

  • @lovely singh:now you are a sallu fan who hates hrithik. .read your stupid comments. .if i will burst out against salman,then you willnt again show your face. .

  • phew finally……..i would love to see the first look of India’s first ever and the only successful superhero

  • Dear indicine Team to post some news on Krrish 3 or any subject or flash new

    to which emailID i have to send you plz confirm as i have to send you some informations

    so that you can publish officially rather than i just present ion the comments section

  • Wow! Countdown begins! I wonder the number of screens it would get as a solo release on Diwali? This is going to be massive!

  • wow what year this is ce krish3 and dhoom 3 with no bakwaas south remake its amazing,double bonanze for fans firs ce trailer and now krish3 digital poster,i m impatient for k3 trailer
    @danish sallu fans like you will never understand you always keep barking on other star page and get insulted everywhere just like navin hritik and sachin11 who are now calling you a srk fan since you are one of their alias

  • I am an Aamir fan but i respect Hrithik he is a great actor.
    But these SRK fans are pathetic morons who abuse every actor on every page.

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