Krrish 3 Coming Soon – Official Poster!

The biggest and most popular superhero of Bollywood returns with Krrish 3, arguably the most awaited movie of 2013. The film stars Hrithik Roshan as Krrish/Krishna/Rohit, Vivek Oberoi plays his nemesis and Priyanka Chopra is his lady-love.

Below is the first teaser poster of the film, with just the Krrish 3 logo (which quite interestingly hints at a spaceship.. wonder if Jaddoo returns in Krrish 3?). It was released on the film’s official Facebook page (link).

Krrish 3

Krrish 3

Krrish 3 Poster

Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish Posters



  • @indicine publish my previous comment

    btw @romance express am not a Srk hater but yeah am a Srk fans hater & they stink and am not stupid fan of any actor like you.I like all actor but after Aamir & Hrithik but definitely not a fan of them.

  • @HI-FI @some1 check filmometer then you understand akshay success ratio is better than hritic. And khans are always top position, khans are only beaten by the khans. Plz don’t talk about 2006 beacause after 2006 aki maina started. I see last year agneepath a multistarer releasing in a holiday but it can’t break ready col 124cr but ap col 120cr. And rr releasing not holiday col 134cr, highest non holiday releasing movie boxoffice col. Sing is king is a bb chek boi. No doubt Aki is 100times better than hritic. Wait for k3 release and boss a masala entertainer release than you realise that aki is the best.

  • @romance express,I like akshay as well but there is no single reliable source in the that which says Akshay has a better success ratio than Hrithik even if you include his semihits.In success ratio Aamir & Hrithik lead with close to 50 %,Srk has 46-47,Salman has 43-44 & Akshay has below 33 % and am not a hater of anyone like you.Check any reliable source like BOI,BOD & you can check from Komal Nahta’s verdict also but you will have to google for him.BTW coming back to Hrithik,I knew a new fact from BOD FORUM that every single superstar have some disasters in their career but Hrithik has none.Even Aamir & Srk have given disaster in 90s why count akshay & salman only.BTW hating someone isnt good even if you hate him but you should not undermine his achievements.

    Here is Hrithik Roshan BO stats
    from BOI-18 MOVIES,5-BB,1-SUPERHIT,1-HIT,2-SEMI HIT & one below avg.. Which is a quite good track compared to any superstar.
    BTW Joddha Akber was also given a clean hit verdict and it was a hit still last year but they changed it to semihit now.even if you want to compare him on basis of only clean hit than Hrithik has 7 from 18 and Akshay has 18 from 100+.So Hrithik scores 40+ & Akshay has 18.Dude get some knowledge about how box office works rather than whinning ur SRK puraan.

  • BTW Hrithik has beaten Srk many times as his movies used to collect more than Srk in 2000-06 & At that time Aamir & Salman were not doing that good. So Stop bringing khans presently they are in far better positon than Srk.BTW am a neutral guy so I don’t have any problem accepting that Hrithik is just holding his position in top 5 but same goes for Srk as well.He ain’t doing anything better as long as he has movie like c.e & hny in hands and where as hrithik has some awesome lineup coming up.which will surely take him to the top.

  • @some1 chek the success ratio after 2012
    1 srk 66%
    2 amir 62%
    3 sallu 59%
    4 aki 55%
    5 ajay and hritic
    after the release of chadni chok to chaina aki success ratio close to the srk but he can’t get no1 position as c2c become flop. After 2006 hritic have just 2 hits znmd and agneepatg. Just one 100cr film and never cross 200cr worldwide till date. And after 2006 mania started, every year aki is the highest tax payer and hritic can’t pay just 2cr, means hritic anual income less than katrina,karena and priyanka. I love romantic films thats why i love srk,shahid kapoor and ranbir. Srk has the highest success ratio chek any site i don’t care, but if you visit koi moi filmomiter then you understand i tell the truth. Jodha akbar is semi hit like taalash. After 2006 hrtic have just 2 hit films and i agree with you 2006 is the golden year of hritic. Hritic have no romantic hit films expet knph and k3 will decide hritic future in bollywood as young actor shahid and ranbir coming with yjhd,ppnh,basaram and rambo rajkumar. Aki have some diaster as he do 6 films in a year and hritic do a film after 1.5 year that is the reason. Even amir and srk films struggle to cross 100cr but aki two film easily cross the mark and other 3 films are super hits and 1 diastar that is the reason. Aki is 100times better than hritic in action and comedy and no doubt srk is the king of romance.

  • @SOME1 @HI-FI i think you forgot that the diastar of hritic roshen-
    1 yaddien
    2 fiza
    3 mission kasmir above avegage
    4 lakshya
    5 mai prem ki diwani hoo
    6 ap mujhe acche lagne lage
    7 mujhse dosti karogre
    8 na tum jano na hum
    9 luck by chance
    10 jodha akbar above average
    11 kites
    12 gugarish
    13 many more etc.
    And the success ful films of hritic
    1 knph bb
    2 kmg sh/bb acc to you not koimoi fm
    3 krish1 bb
    4 dhoom2 bb
    5 znmd hit
    6 agneepath sh 100cr plus
    it is clear that hritic has just 6 successful films and all bb made by his father expet d2 and no romantic hit films expect knph and just 1 100cr film did’t cross 200cr worldwide till date and you say hritic success ratio is better than srk. Srk have no flop film since 2005 pheheli which is above average grosser not hit and you say srk and aki success ratio is lower than hritic. Now a days massala film doing well thats why sallu and ajay films doing well. Ce is a massala film you can see how it cross 385cr worldwide. Srk is the king of bollywood.

  • Only hritic upcoming superhero flik k3 has good chance to become hit or sh not bb as it never cross 250cr india, a non khan starer film. But bang bang a remake of hollywood diaster kinght and day no chance to get hit status in india. And sundhi clash with no1 director rohit shetty film singham 2, so sundhi never beat s2 at diwali 2014. And you say these films manage hritic to the no1 position to beat srk, amir, sallu and aki. Amir next release no doubt bb dhoom3 and rajkumar hiranies next pk in 2014. Sallu next mental afterthat kick, no entry me entry and most wanted. Srk next release ce after that hny and don3 im max3d. Aki next ouatim2, boss after that thupakki remake. You are a foll do you think bang bang and sundhi beat above films in 2014 in india boxoffice and k3 col more than d3 or mental or ce or boss in 2013. And say hritic manage to jump no1 position. Hritic have just one much hype film k3 and hope it will not get bad word of mouth like ra1. Otherwise krish3 become kites and hritic carear destroy. Khans and aki will retire next 7 or 8 years then kapoor’s mania started so k3 is very important for hro. After ra1 flop salman beat srk at domestic bo nothing more that, srk will comeback with ce or hny. But if k3 become flop then shahid and ranbir the young blod more female fan following than hritic destroy his carear.

  • @indicine team plz publish my previous two coment on march 24, 2013 at 6:49pm and on march 24, 2013 at 7:06pm. Plz publish two coment@indicine team.

  • @romance express seems you don’t have proper knowledge about boxoffice.even if we take 7 hits he has 40 % and where akshay has only 18 clean hits in his career & his success ratio will be 18 %.About Hrithik he has better line up than srk for sure & his movies will do better than Srk’s in coming years.Btw between Ranbir & Shahid only RK will be the next superstar.shahid is gone.Anyways khans will not last any longer than 4/5 year except aamir & IF hrithik doesn’t give bb or some of the biggest hit in coming years than he will be also a gone case.Anyway Srk is already out ofcompetition now.Not saying as a hater but a genuine movie viewers as he is doing movie with shetty & Farha.It’s a 3 man race this year & next year Salman,AAMIR & HRITHIK.btw boxofficeindia is the most reliable site in india & no.2 in world as far as boxoffice business concerns.btw atm hrithik has more fan following than anyone except khans.come to south you will know status of ur 2nd 3rd fav.anyway best of luck to you & ur Star for C.E and hope it will be a bb for Srk.

  • @some1 again you are saying wrong thing.akshay has 15 big hits(superhit/blockbuster),17 clean hits,27 average hits(out of which sp.26 is semi hit),you can check it at koimoi filmometer.i tell you the names of his hit films if you want to know,which will easily be more than it is:
    khiladi,elaan,mohra,hum hain bemisaal,sabse bada khiladi,sangharsh,janwar,dhadkan,ankhen,andaaz,khakee,mujhse shadi karogi,phir hera pheri,garam masala,namsate london,heyy baby,bhool bhooliya,omg,housefull 1&2,rowdy rathore,singh is kingg,welcome,bhagambhag,ajnabee,heraferi,dil to pagal hai,international khiladi,main khiladi tu anari,awara pagal deewana,khiladiyon ka khiladi,yeh dillagi,and tees maar khan and sp.26 as semi hits.

  • @samar I took Boxofficeindia verdict,Go & check there It won’t be more than 20 as far as only clean hits are concern & he had many avg movies also.Btw as you are saying he doesn’t have 17+15= 32 clean hits.So no point in arguing on this stupid thing when it is crystal clear.

  • @some1,ok bro if you don’t want to believe me and you think that what you have said is true then no need of can think what you want to,i will believe what i want to.acc. to me akki is the best in bollywood.

  • Samar yeah dude leave this topic.BTW I am cheering for Akshay this eid now & wishing that OUTIM 2 becomes a huge grosser for him.I will catch it on FDFS.

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