Konkana Sen gets shivers dancing with Madhuri

Konkana Sen is one of the best actresses in Bollywood but she had a hard time when she had to groove with the dancing queen-Madhuri Dixit.

During the shoot of ?Laga Chunari Main Daag?, Konkona faced a similar situation, in fact one of her moves even led to an accident on the sets, so this time around Koko was being extra cautious. Finally, the moment had arrived and Konkona was to dance with Madhuri Dixit.

The actress was so nervous that the director could not get a perfect shot which lead to multiple retakes. Madhuri then, approached Konkona and gave her a few words of encouragement, and finally the bong gathered courage and furrowed in style.

Konkona admits that she has two left feet and it was really hard as she had to dance besides Bollywood?s Best- Madhuri Dixit but, the experience has helped her evolve as a better dancer.

So don?t be surprised the next time if you see Koko scream in joy, ?Aaja Naachley.?

Source: bollywoodblog



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