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Box Office Update of Himmatwala from leading trade analyst Komal Nahta’s Film Information.

If the initial of Himmatwala last week sent shock waves in the industry, the opening of Chashme Baddoor this week has brought solace in the industry. Chashme Baddoor took a fair start in spite of no ‘A’-level stars in it. However, collections either dropped or failed to up dramatically in the evening and night show in several circuits. All the same, it collected a decent figure by the end of the first day.

Himmatwala faced total rejection from the classes and the youngsters while being just about liked by the masses and front-benchers. Bihar is the only circuit in which the action comedy performed well. In spite of the Good Friday holiday on its first day, the remake of the super-hit Himmatwala of the 1980s managed to net Rs 10.5 crore only. As if that was not shocking enough, collections dropped by almost 30% on the second day so that the all-India total was just Rs 7.5 crore. Even the normal jumps in collections one notices on Sundays in the cast of star-cast and big-canvas films was missing for Himmatwala. Sajid Khan’s labour of love netted only Rs 8.5 crore on the third day, taking it’s weekend total to Rs 26.5 crore.

The fall in collections on and from Monday was huge because of which the film could add only Rs 11.5 crore to its kitty in the remaining four days of the first week. The first week’s total of Rs 38 crore was way below the mark as the trade had expected the film to net atleast Rs 60 crore in the first week. The film, which cost UTV Motion Pictures around Rs 75 crore, will entail a loss of Rs 20-25 crore to the corporate house. In the coming weeks, it is not expected to add more than Rs 12-15 crore to its all-India total of Rs 38 crore. In other words, its total net collections would not be more than Rs 50-53 crore

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  • Ajay Devgn is not a superstar SOS became a hit only due to Salman’s presence and court case over JTHJ.

    Ajay is mega flop star

    Super stars are only Salman (no1) Shahrukh is close behind, Hritikh, Aamir (only due to content).

    Ranbir is one shot wonder Barfi is like a 3 Idiots repeat value based on direction skills and story.

  • Yeah right at present moment if salaman and sharukh doing a film then its a much waited without any franchisis it become most hype. And aki, hritic, amir also a superstar but not like srk or sallu

  • I agree with SOS Ajay Devgn has no star power whatsoever, half the people I went cinemas with blew whistles when they saw Salman on screen, the film was heavily promoted on Salman. Ajay went court and lost the cases against Malpractice against YRF but he got so much publicity. The only superstars in our generation is Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hritikh and Aamir. Shahrukh and Salman have always been on top although I hate Shahrukh but he has been consistent. And salman is a box office legend, Hritikh gave more blockbusters then Aamir. Aamir is good but doesn’t share the same euphoria as the other two Khans, 3 Idiots is a one off and Ghajini shows his star power which is high but not like the other two Khans.

  • Even srk has limited capability at box office ,even after huge hype and festival releases his films colllects just 103,107,114 crore..and don2,raone were commercial movies and jthj is srk’s best genre and he has givn 2atbb with same genre..and yash chopra’s death..yet could not beat barfi

  • But still Salman & Srk cant beat Aamir khans 3 idiots haha! So we know whois best..Salman can never match Aamir in terms of box office Dhoom 3 will show this!

  • Let’s look at the wordwlide grosses of the stars and see who is a supersta and who is not.

    . Three Idiots (2009) – 385 crore
    2. Ek Tha Tiger  (2012) – 310 crore 
    3. Dabangg 2 – 251 crore 
    4. Bodyguard (2011) – 230 crore
    5. Dabangg (2010) – 215 crore
    6. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)- 211 crore
    7. Don 2 (2011) – 206 crore
    8. Ra.One (2011) – 202 crore

    9. Rowdy Rathore (2012) – 201 crore
    10. My Name Is Khan (2010) – 200 crore
    As this list clearly shows Aamir Khan is a fluke with one 3 idiots, barring that he has no film in the top ten. Even his cult classic Talaash was behind Barfi with a gross of 174 crores. Aamir is a superstar, however he doesn’t share the same star status as the other two khans. Even Lage Raho Munnabhai was a BB due to Hirani’s script. A sanjay starrer like Munahbahi does 72 crores in 2006 says a lot who is the driving force behind the film. Aamir Khan is a good actor but is gorssly overestimated and overrated. And stop with the bullshit that Talaash was non-commercial even MNIK was non commercial but grossed over 200 crores worldwide.

  • @afraj if you say srk has a limited boxoffice capacity then why your hritic starar no film cross 200cr till date. Hritic doing cricitally and comercially successful 3 films gugarish, znmd, ap but have not coss 200cr but srk last 3 films are unsuccessful but cross 200 wait for a successful film by srk then think what is collection of it.

  • Aamir Khan took break of 3 years still others couldn’t use this chance & break his records! The Ace is coming back now with Dhoom3

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