KKR has fans all over the country: SRK

Elated at Kolkata Knight Riders’ emphatic victory over Mumbai Indians at the Indian Premier League opening match, Bollywood superstar and team co-owner Shahrukh Khan said his squad is “very hungry” for the top spot in the tournament.

“I love my team and we are sticking by boys who I think are international level players and I think they are very hungry to make it there and each of them have done so well, not only tonight but for the last three or four years,” he said after defending champions KKR sailed to a seven-wicket win over Mumbai Indians at the Eden Gardens on Wednesday night.

SRK, who had brought his three children to the match, acknowledged the public’s appreciation for good cricket.

“We have fans all over the country just like how they are for the Indian team and I think it’s beautiful that in Bengaluru, Chennai, everywhere, wherever we go in Rajasthan, Mumbai…the crowds love you.”

“Everyone, especially here and some other cities that I have been to, appreciate good cricket and we believe in that ourselves,” said the matinee idol, in an interaction with a television channel.

The “Happy New Year” actor also highlighted KKR’s sportsman spirit.

“Our last tweet which always comes from KKR before the start of the match is ‘best of luck’ to the opposing team. We have a rule in the team… be warm and hospitable to the team which has come to play here (in Kolkata)… try to win but the hospitality should be better. Till you win the finals… be humble,” he said.




  • Kkr has fans because we love cricket,but I hate you…not because you are Not a good actor but because you are arrogant,self centred …..kind of always looking for money….I once read an attic/e where malya said how desperately you wanted to attend his board- meeting to see how they make strategies to earn profits…for me srk is always a strategist who wants his contemporaries to be down…he is a bad example for youth

  • srk iz the reason there r fan all over the nation and outside nation too ,srk iz the reason kkr iz most profitable team each year truly king

  • Yeah and He Himself a very good cricketer ,can play any shot though He is an Actor.

    @maxwell,that’s what the power of KKR,even you can’t make kxip win ,but cause they are going to thrash bybKKR.anyways every lallu fans has weakness in brain so you’re no different.

  • Hate you SRK because our Bhaijaan cannot be number 1 ever since you’re the Bollywood for 20 years.

    Hate you SRK because you aren’t anyone’s spoonfed child unlike other actors and word hard to reach where you are today.

    Hate you SRK because you only make money and have become secong richest actor in the world. Its a bad thing for Indians. They cannot see anyone making India proud.

    Hate you SRK because your movies are poor. We are happy with south remake with item numbers, double meaning jokes and bed scenes instead what you tried to do with RA.one and won the national award for it.

    Hate you SRK because you do hidden charity unlike our Bhaijaan and Aamir Khan’s Being Human & Satyamev Jayate respectively which shows off more and does less for the people.

    We will always hate you whatever you do.

  • ipl is nothing but making money once in a yr.. wats wrong in tat when other actors like shilpa, priety etc r making… nw wats de use of blaming particularly SRK when whole world is behind money making during ipl playing bettings

  • Not only in India but also KKR has fans all over the world. After all you are a global king. Love you Srk and KKR.best of luck team KKR.

  • IPL become famous only reason SRK.
    “Google pe search karlo ya phir Wikipedia pe dekh lo” Lalit Modi & SRK started IPL

  • wow yet another article on king published by srkcine oops indicine

    A srk article a day keeps the doctor away!!!

  • Sorry SRK, i like you but i am not a fan of KKR or even cricket.
    I haven’t seen any cricket match since the last 15 years and i am not able to say more than three numbers of current indian players.
    I don’t feel it is shameful !!..
    In sports ‘We are Deutschland’…..’The Champions’….

  • So many People(my frndz & others i knew) have stopped watching ipl becoz of no faith,boredom,lost interest in cricket.
    Why is this uncle always behaving like this ?

  • I don’t know about my country India but damn surely kkr has 3.7 trillion fans in the countries of ‘ bakrapur’ , ‘haklanagar’ , ‘ Non-Republic of paglapur’, ‘ goatland ‘, ‘divided states of lungirica ‘ , ‘united queendom ‘ and last but not the least ‘bakristan’ but the problem is the above mentioned countries don’t exist on planet earth but on a planet called ‘planet hakli bakri’ which is some 3.7 billion light years away from earth :D :D

  • How much can a person, self- proclaim himself?
    Every other day, he comes up with a statement proclaiming him the King of the world. I guess, the Sun comes up and sets with his permission, the Earth rotates when he gives a heads up, UN organized the green peace meeting taking his approval and all his movies gained cult status when he acted in them.
    FYI SRK, KKR is a team that has fans and wins because they bought smartly, GA is a brilliant captain etc. It is because of the cricket.

  • Eagerly waiting for Dilwale, Fan and Raees all of three looking very promising and i can see that SRK doing travelling so much and hard work for entertain us.
    Love you SRK Sir Always.

  • We looooovvvvvvveeee u srk king Khan!!! U r the best example of a self made man and Man with confidence!!!! Kkr is the most loving team all over the world Only due to king Khan! We don’t have any problems with the ppls those who spread hatred against srk koi baat nahi log patthar bhi usi tree pe maarte hai jisme zyada phal hote hai!!!!!

  • @RAHYELl…yes he wants to make more money wants to make KKR champions again etc. But wats wrong wit it? He will retire soon so y not he plans his life better after quiting movie. D money he earned wen he was an actor will be on standstill but with d so called stratagies of making profit means he is planning for his future n kids too. Signing fees no more once he retires but lots of steady income coming from his money making business! Even u wld not dare to say u won’t do it if u were Srk unless u r in a fantasy world drunk! Did people hate or criticized Virat kohli for also being a celeb and an entrepreneur big time? So y hate a celeb for that? Come on dude u shd b even proud that your country man unis d 2nd richest actor in d world!! U think his fortunes are totally based on d money he gets wen signing a movie?….capital…NO!

  • actually don’t follow cricket except hearing d result of world cup winners and watching their highlights on EuroSport channels.strictly MANCHESTER UNITED 4 LYF!!!! + A.D 4 LYF!! = Classy soccer club with a Classy Hindi Actor!!

  • Oops…sorry to add
    Yeah it’s nice for d KKR to have a rules for good hospitality of opposing teams……WISH they invent a new RULE stating that KKR will also make sure neither d cricket players nor cricket fans nor Cricket team owners…shall INSULT n ASSAULT any SECURITY GUARD during/after d game!!

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