Kismat Konnection Movie Review

Kismat Konnection, as the title says is all about Kismat. The movie marks the return of veteran director Aziz Mirza (Yes Boss, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Chalte Chalte, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani). The one common feature in every Aziz Mirza film has been Shahrukh Khan but for the role of Raj Malhotra in Kismat Konnection, Aziz wanted someone about 15 years younger to SRK. Shahid Kapoor was roped in; Vidya Balan was signed opposite Shahid. There was a lot of curiosity around the lead pair, for most believed Vidya looked much older to Shahid. So does their chemistry work? Is Aziz Mirza in form after a long break from direction? Is Kismat Konnection worth a watch?

Before the review, the story of Kismat Konnection… Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapoor), an architect was a topper in studies, sports, acting and almost everything in college. His friends believe he would grace the cover of the Times Magazine in 3 years. 5 years pass by and Raj is still struggling for his first big break.

Frustrated with his Kismat, Raj meets Hasina Bano Jaan (Juhi Chawla), who promises to free him from all his worries. Haseena says there is a force that could prove to be his lucky charm; he just needs to recognize it. Enter Priya (Vidya Balan), his lucky charm. Everything that Raj touches with Priya by his side turns into gold. With Priya, Raj believes he can fulfill his dreams. Soon Raj manages to secure his dream contract with Mr Gill (Om Puri), for the construction of a shopping mall. There are 2 issues though, Priya is fighting for the survival of a community centre and the shopping mall is set to be built on the centre…

Kismat Konnection Review

Kismat Konnection is a light entertainer, a simple love story without glitz, glamour and item numbers. But the major problem with Kismat Konnection is its pace, it gets terribly boring in most parts of the first half and some parts of the second. The music, key to a movie of this genre, is below average and mostly breaks the flow of the film. Also the chemistry between the lead pair is disappointing. Except for one moment on the cruise, the love story is filled with dull moments that are neither exciting nor does it make you feel for the characters.

Unlike Aziz Mirza’s previous movies like Yes Boss and Chalte Chalte which had just the right combination of romance and comedy, Kismat Konnection lacks both. Few glaring flaws in the story, Raj a struggling architect owns a comfortable luxuriously furnished house in Canada, a car along with a super large LCD Television. Not bad for struggler eh? The story in the second half too is hard to digest, especially the character of Boman Irani (Yes, he has a small special appearance).

Shahid Kapoor finally succeeds in looking and acting like SRK of the 90s. His dialogue delivery and body language were always similar and compared to the superstar, but here he could be easily mistaken as a almost perfect duplicate. You gotta give it to Shahid though; he manages to quite easily pull off the made-for-SRK role. Vidya Balan although hotter than her previous movies, needs to shed those extra pounds quickly. Quite frankly, the gorgeous Juhi Chawla looks a few years younger to Vidya!! Talking of Juhi, she’s brilliant in a 10 minute special appearance. Vishal Malhotra is great. Om Puri is good. Himani Shivpuri does what she always does, nothing unique in her 50th (just a guess) Punjabi role.

Overall, there is nothing much in Kismat Konnection that warrants a trip to the nearby movieplex. If you must watch this Aziz Mirza movie, go for it with absolutely no expectations. At the box-office, a, open week and no release last week would result in a decent opening.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2 stars.

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  • To Fathiya

    Dear fren, I am not biased to any actor, coz I see the acting not the star cast even if that is Big B or Amir.
    I do agree with you about SRK’s acting in Darr. I am damn sure about the Plastic Surgery of Herman, I think every body has thier own identity and they can prove their self as distinguised actor, so why should copy other actor, inspiration is good, however.

    You said you noticed that Shahid copied exactly SRK, in KK, but I didn’t see any thing like that because I am quite used to Bollywood movies and put an extremely critical review not following the actor but their performance.

    Recently, Akki bhaiya is going to rock in Bollywood.

  • I don’t think he has done any plastic surgery! no, he hasn’t! If it was something like this, then it would have been on the net.. this is just bullshitt.. I have seen the clip on youtube, where he says hat he is just like this. and its not his fault!. No, these are just rumors bcuz he looks like hritik..

  • Oh.. no.. how can u be (so sure) that Harman did a plastic surgery?!! Did u see any pics of the surgery on the net or did u follow him to the clinics or did u see him before the surgery and his face was completely different therefore u r so sure about the surgery? Prove it if u have some evidence. We can’t just believe what people say.. most of people are liers, jealous, want to downgrade someone by telling lies. So don’t say that u r so sure unless u have an evidence!

  • Right Fathiya.. U took my words!. Umesh, We can’t say anything for sure without an evidence.. Ppl are jealous and most of them can’t see other people’s sucsess.. thats why they make fake and idiotic rumours..

  • To Fathiya

    Hey what the hell is going with you guys. Just chill ok. Why should I follow Herman to see what he does now and then. I just watch the news in NDTV and Zee News and I belive in my eys. You tube video may be the old one, the news revealed yesterday evening and compared his pics before and after LS2050, thats all yaar.

  • Jst another common hindi movie.. i like vidya balan in this movie, she’s so simple,natural and sympathetic.. Even though i sound nothing superior in this movie, i can say tht this movie is doing very well in my country n am still wondering “hw”!lol! it’s worth a one-time watch on your home cinema maybe..

  • Jst another common hindie movie..nothing superior in it! but i really liked vidya balan in the movie: simple, natural n sympathetic!..However, i can say tht this movie is doing quite well here in my country Mauritius, and am stil wondering “how”!!lol…I’d say it’s worth a one-time watch on your home cinema rather!!

  • Hey all the friends listen here.
    I have read the review n all the comments that were passed here about the movie n i respect ur opinion.
    I kept my mouth shut before because I hadn’t watched the movie but after watching the movie i can’t stop me from writing something.

    So my comment is for Indicine Team,Suniel, Fathiya n all the people who didn’t like this movie n said that its a crab.I will answer to all the problems that these people have because saying anything wrong about this movie is injustice to hard work of shahid.

    First of all I can’t think of anything that this movie didn’t have.
    Fantastic Music by Pritam, Brilliant Singing from the most talented singers in bollywood now like Atif, Mohit
    Chouhan, Neeraj Shridhar etc., a director of Aziz Mirza’s class n most importantly actors like shahid, vidya,
    Vishal n all others who r fully dedicated to their work.

    Now come to Vidya n the pair problem which most of the people have in this movie.Well I think Vidya was the perfect gal for this role.She was looking sweet in the whole film n her acting was also good.
    Well if she looks bigger than shahid so wats the prblm in that i can’t understand.
    Pls my frnds grow up but its the Indian mentality that boy shud luk bigger than the gal but i don’t think so.
    Luv doesn’t sees age or anything like that she looks bigger than me so i shud not luv her.
    Luv happens naturally.

    Their pair was good n were very good in the romantic scenes especially n in all the songs in the movie.
    U say Vidya shud shed some pounds off but look that in my views she is the only gal in the industry who can do the typical Indian gals role.Her personality is absolute perfect for that n thats why she was perfect in this film because beside being in Toronto she was still a typical Indian gal.Thats why I liked her in the movie.Remember yar every gal can’t have a supermodel figure.

    Vishal n Shahid’s Pair was rocking as it was before in Ishq-Vishq which was also a hit only due to these two guys acting n on-screen chemistry.Vishal’s character is lyk an unvisible support to the film.

    Now come to Shahid n his copying of SRK.Well I think that its injustice to him that only due to this reason he can’t get the credit which he deserves.
    But I say wats the problem in that if he copies SRK even 1 %.
    Directors have no problem,
    Producers have no problem n thats why Shahid is becoming a bigger superstar day by day,
    n moreover SRK has no problem then who the hell has problem in it.
    If he wud have a mere copy than his fan-following wud not have been too large.
    Ya I agree he started by copying SRK but now after Jab We Met n Kismat konnection I think he has worked on his acting very much.

    Now I think Shahid has a + point more than SRK.Thats his dance.
    If Shahid copies SRK then can SRK dance like Shahid only once.
    I know he wud not be able to do so.
    Shahid is a brilliant dancer n now a fantastic actor too.
    Beware all the stars,Shahid is coming to rock the bollywood further.

    Now to Indicine Team I have just one request that to add one more line in their review that:-
    And I got disappointed when u defended ur review by saying that all the other sites have the similar reviews.
    Let them write anything but pls don’t motivate ur review by somebody else’s review.It shud be pure.

    Now come to the storyline.Boman Irani’s character n all the luck factor which was involved in the film which was hard to digest for most of the people.
    Frnds remember one thing TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION n it was mere a fiction.In real life more stranger co-incidences take place which are even more harder to digest.So frnds accept it.
    It seems most of the people here have not been through tough times like Raj Malhotra had therefore they r not able to collect the theme of the story.KK is all about luck,good luck, bad luck n ur lucky charm.
    I m sure when u wil have to go through ur tough times then u will realize KK was a very good movie.

    And who says this movie had not Item Songs n Glamour in this movie.
    It had item numbers like Aai Pappi n Move ur body but wid Shahid in it as the item boy.
    N wats the further need for glamour in the movie when it has Shahid in it.
    U all will be thinking that i m a gal who is a diehard fan of Shahid but frnds I m a boy who admired Shahid n liked his style n personality but after KK i m a complete fan of Shahid because now I lyk his acting also.

    Now come to the copying of the story from a hollywood flick.Now whats the problem in that.In this age where the remakes are a fashion u can’t say like that.

    Adaptation of an idea is not bad but u then u shud do justice wid that like aziz mirza has done in this film.

    Remember Koi Mil Gaya was copy of ET so wat.It was a super duper hit.
    Then came Krissh which was also adapted from Superman n It was a bigger hit than Koi Mil Gaya.
    So yar if u can do justice wid that Idea then its no problem in adapting wid that.

    So at last I can say that Kismat Konnection was a heart winning movie n I say all of those who have not watched this movie to go wid ur family n I assure u all of u will like it.Its my guarantee.

    And 1 more thing frnds when u go for a movie by investing so much money, search for the +ve points more than the -ve points.By reading some of the people’s comments here it seems that they had not gone to watch n admire the movie but to find wat was not in the movie n thats why they were not able to admire n like wat was inside the movie.

    Pls reply to my comment n all the people who think that I have said right pls support me n who think I m wrong then pls tell me where I m wrong.
    But I hope I m right in most of the places.

  • Awesome movie……….must watch at least.Shahid is looking just out of this world..
    the best part in the movie is its songs and Shahid and the worst part is vidya balan Aziz mirza should have taken a younger actress vidya was looking shahid’s elder sister more than her girlfriend……….
    i just love shahid he is a hot hunk
    The movie should have at least got 3 to 3 1/2 stars
    the movie i not at all bore as it is shown in the review…………………………….

  • Sorry frnds my previous comment became too large but i think it was 100% true thats why it became so long.

  • @Tuhi Mera Naam

    Appreciate your comment.

    We are not going to add the line you mentioned. Most people would realize that every individual is different and has different tastes.. Not just in movies, but almost everything.. Opinions vary from person to person..

    What is our problem in Shahid copying SRK?? I would rather watch the original rather than the duplicate.. Shahid was good in Jab We Met but here with Kismat Konnection he seems to be heavily inspired by SRK, or maybe its the directors fault as he has only directed SRK so far..

    You say directors, producers, SRK himself has no problem with Shahid being a SRK clone.. But quite frankly its the audience that decide the fate of a individual.. whether it is of SRK, Shahid or a producer / director.. So a movie goer who spends money on a ticket has every right to criticize!

    Your opinion on Kismat Konnection is positive, so be it. I would like to repeat the same words that you mentioned in your comment “VIEWS ARE PERSONAL AND CAN DIFFER FROM PEOPLE TO PEOPLE.” same applies to you too :)

    Regarding our reviews, we do not refer any review on the internet before reviewing a movie and usually we review movies after Thursday night preview shows when there are hardly any reviews on the internet. We read other reviews once our review has been published on the site.

    Lastly, regarding Shahid Kapoor. He is a very good actor, has a long way to do and will do very in the future. He was great in Vivah, Jab We Met.

  • Kismat Konnection proved one thing though, Shahid Kapoor has more than a decent fan following.

    I love to read comments of die-hard fans like Shona, Tuhi Mera Naam (whats your name?).. Calm down people, its just a movie. The movie has done well at the boxoffice and is a HIT minimum. It could well go on to be a superhit, if collections sustain.

    The failure of Mission Istanbul and Money Hai to Honey Hai will help Kismat Konnection.

    All the best to Shahid!

  • To all the users n Indicine team Tuhi Mera Naam or TMN is my pen name u can say like that.
    My name is Tuhinanshu actually.

    To Indicine Team
    my point is that If even the duplicate is able to reach that level of the original then I will also admire the duplicate n that is that Shahid has done.And sooner or later Shahid’s dance is the point which will take him even more forward
    Moreover wat Shahid does in acting now, no body does like that.
    SRK used to do this type of acting in 90s n early in this decade not now.

    Thats why Shahid is the future superstar because we can see at what level SRK is right now.

    And yes the movie goer has every right to criticize but here most of the people only criticized.
    But its also the duty of a movie goer if they liked something then please appreciate it.

    U r saying us to calm down but u will not want to knw why we got fired up.Its because saying anything wrong about this movie was a very big injustice to Shahid’s hard work which he has done in this movie.

    I am satisfied that u write ur reviews on thursday night.Its good then but u must have not mentioned other sites.Let them write anything yar.

    I m happy that u replied on my comments n i m more happy because u declared KK a hit and it will surely be a superhit.

  • Tu hi mera naam, I aree with ur comments. They seem very true.. And as u said, Shahid isn’t a copy of SRK.. Well, maybe Indicine feels so, but I don’t=).. Shahid is an amazing dancer, SRK isn’t. Shahid doesn’t dress up as SRK,, and so on.. There are many such examples where we can say that Shahid doesn’t copy SRK. . and by the way, Aziz Mirza wanted to have Srk in this role, but then he didn’t.. Bcuz of his age.. so it can happen that Aziz Mirza made Shahid maybe look a lil bit like Srk.. bcuz he wanted to have a similar hero in KK, as his previous movies..

    Indicine team, I agree with u!. Shahid is a brilliant actor and he has a looooooong way to go!.
    Shahid RockS!!!!!

  • To Shona,

    Thank you very much for reading my comment completely(i knw it was too long) n to support my views.

    I was saying that even Shahid copies SRK anywhere whether in acting or facial expression or dialogue delievery then so wat.He delievers them quite brilliantly n thats why i salute him.He looks good while doing all that also.

    Thanks again

  • Well well.. TMN, if you compare SRK to Shahid, SRK is much better in Negative roles (Darr, Baazigar, to a certain extent even Don), intense roles (Devdas and many more).. So Shahid has a long way to go before you can even say “he has reached that level”

    Shahid till now has only worked in boy-next-door roles, read Ishq Vishq, Vivaah and Kismat Konnection.. So he has to prove himself in other genres..

    And i would rather not take him as a SRK duplicate.. Its an insult to the abundance of talent Shahid has in him.

    Coming to your point of dancing, it can take you nowhere! Its an asset, but you can never save a movie by dancing like a dream.

    And lastly, regarding SRK, he was great during the beginning of his career but i truly feel post DDLJ he has just wasted his talent by doing the same kind of roles. Except Chak De India he has been very disappointing in his last few movies.

  • To Indicine Team,

    Well I don’t said that Shahid has reached that level.I said that we can see at what level SRK is right now n thats why Shahid will be able to achieve that level of superstar in near future.

    Ya I agree that he has done only boy-next-door roles n succeded in them quite brilliantly but wid the amount of talent in him I m sure that he will prove himself in other genres also.

    And I also didn’t want to take shahid as SRK duplicate but ur reviews n people comments saying that Shahid copies SRK made me to answer in that way.Its a huge insult to the abundance of talent Shahid has by comparing it to someone.

    And I also not said that Shahid’s dance can save a movie.I said that he has this 1 + point compared to SRK.
    Dance is also an important asset which Shahid has in his kitty.Dance can only create hype n buzz about a movie n thats it.At last its the acting of Shahid or any actor which will help him go higher.

  • shahid is a copy cat…he is just imitating SRK in the entire movie…I liked him..but after seeing this crap….I need to change my view…total paisa n time barbad…..

  • Ok..this is not ur thriller like Race where they do all sorts of cheatings and complex plots…but this is as simple as a story can get…and thats what is the crucial factor of this film SIMPLICITY..those who appreciate it like me love the film..others who like their life complex wont like it.
    The songs are once again simple and touching…no item numbers.
    Shahid really impreses me with his body language,his looks,his spontaneity…wonderful show.
    Vidya is as her fiancee karan says “perfect marriage material’..her character in the film is ur ideal girl everyone would want—–simple, beautiful, pretty, righteous….agreed she needs to lose some weight though..especially from her arms..I couldnt watch her putting her arm around shahid’s…but she speaks through her eyes and smile and face and that all is lovely.
    Vishal and Juhi,Om Puri etc do provide some funny exchanges as well.

    All in all —— a light,lovely,simple,touching movie ( for some it may seem immature–what the hell they’re fighting for a community centre!!!!)
    The ending was rather poor tho..a little abrupt.
    I’d give it at least 3 stars.


  • Disgusting movie……..really slow .. v. balan needs to reduce solid weight…..her hips look like that of a elephant especially in the song where she wears tight black leather kinda jeans …….. shahid i hate him any way no doubt kareena dumped him and went out with SAK…. he was pathetic…

  • Great review & SUPERB MOVIE!!!!Shahid’s acting was great as usual & Atif’s sng,Bakuda is the BEST!!

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