Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Review

Kapil Sharma has become a huge brand ever since his TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil became the biggest show on TV. His antics, his jokes and his moral lessons have made their way into the hearts of the audiences around the world. So when he makes his official full debut in a film, expectations are sure to be raised. The trailer of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon promised us a laugh riot with typical Kapil antics. Does it deliver on its promises?

Story: Kumar Shiv Ram Kishan is a rich self sustained guy with three wives. He maintains all of his three households in the same building and even manages to have a girlfriend called Deepika (Ellie Avram). His three wives are completely oblivious of his other marriages and this throws up quite a few funny situations and gags. There’s not a lot of story here but gags followed by gags. Are the three wives able to discover his polygamist ways? And who does SRK (!) choose eventually? Does Deepika finally and up with SRK?

Screenplay and Direction: Abbas-Mustan are the masters of twists and turns, and of the thriller genre. They do thrillers like no other directors in Bollywood. KKPK is their first full fledged attempt at slapstick comedy and KKPK is a through entertainer albeit without any logic. There are some glaring loopholes in the script but if you are familiar with Kapil’s comedy style then KKPK should feel like more of the same. There’s not a lot of innovation here but the gags do work and extract laughs from the audiences. The emotional climax, however, puts the film on a stretcher. Regardless, KKPK doesn’t bore much and we can’t say that about most Bollywood films these days!

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Movie Review

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Movie Review

Technically, KKPK is shoddy as it seems like a film from a decade ago. The production design seems cheap and the sets are too obvious. The costume design seems extravagant. The editing is alright. The music of KKPK is a huge letdown as none of the songs offer anything substantial musically. In fact, the film’s pace slackens whenever a song crops up. It should have been the other way round.

Acting: Kapil Sharma gets a great launchpad in the form of this movie as he gets to be in every scene of KKPK. He is the life of the film and keeps proceedings swift, brisk and tolerable even when the other departments slow down. His comic timing is perfect but his dramatic chops need a lot of work. Maybe he can become the Adam Sandler of India and make a living out of KKPK type of slapstick comedy films. The three actresses who play the three wives (Simran Kaur Mundi, Manjari Fadnis and Sai Lokur) have all done a decent job but they don’t have a lot to do. Ellie Avram still needs a lot of fine tuning if she wants to make it big in Bollywood. Varun Sharma is funny and manages to steal quite a few scenes. Arbaaz Khan is a nice surprise in KKPK and does a mediocre job at playing a deaf guy.

Conclusion: Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is in the same vein as Comedy Nights with Kapil and retains the same comic elements as the hit show. If you love the TV show, then there’s no reason you wouldn’t like the movie. But if you like your movies to be logical, intelligent and intense then steer miles away from Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. Eventually, the film works as a commendable launchpad for Kapil Sharma in Bollywood.


  • Kapil Sharma makes a great debut
  • The gags and dialogues extract quite a few laughs
  • Varun Sharma and Arbaaz Khan are funny


  • Illogical script with many loopholes which promotes polygamy and misogyny
  • The actresses don’t have a lot to do
  • The emotional climax should have been kept light

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • It’s “Totally Unreal” story based film and indicine has given 2.5 on it…
    It deserves only 1 for Kapil Sharma..!!

  • kapil sharma will be the next great comic actor in indian cinema…a sure shot clean of luck kapil sharma ji

  • Movie will turn out average….
    All eye on Singh is bling n shandaar…
    But biggest storm will arrive on 12th nov megastar salman movie prdp…
    Prediction for sib
    1st day – 15-16 cr
    Weekend – 46 cr
    Lifetime – 90 cr
    For shandaar
    1st day – 11 cr
    Weekend – 38 cr
    Lifetime – 80 cr
    For prdp
    1st day – 46 cr
    Weekend – 110 cr
    Lifetime – 350 cr

  • It’s a nice movie… Nd also tells us that kapil Sharma can act … Few scenes r way to funny… Especially the scene before interval… Hope it does well !!

  • this film looks so cliche. Same old
    story with over dramatic flash back & failing in 1st attempt & making a big
    come back! I am gonna watch it once DVD releases…

    FLOP:. Bad film

  • The review is decent . When i saw the trailer i was damn sure it will not be a brilliant movie but should be a entertaining one . The family audiences will definitely watch for the first 3 days . Ganpati Visarjan is on Sunday so it can give a huge boost to the collections . I hope the movie is at least a timepass affair . I saw WB 3 weeks back so i hope this movie is better than WB . Let’s wait and watch .

  • People r tired of such media created stars and there fake superficial films…..!!….

    They always do media manipulation… Affair rumours..,, fake link-up hype….

    During every movie he spread affair rumour.. Which bores audience…

    We should boycott fake bad cinema like Tamasha to teach lesson to another cheap irritating actor Ranbir…..

    Actually these actors r useless n do not deserve place in btown due to cheapness….

    These are just media created puppets………

  • @ Indicine For a long time i have been requesting you to publish articles about movies like Baahubali, Drishyam, Manjhi, All Is Well, Phantom, Welcome Back, Hero and Katti Batti . The last movie you published an article about was BB .

  • Maybe a clean hit or super hit coz I think its budget is somewhere 15 to 20 crores… And it may collect 40 to 50 crores…

  • @indicine
    You said film is same like comedy nights.
    Then why I will spent money for the film.
    Because I will get its any download within 3-5 days or in some days on world TV premiere.

    Your review are always different from others.
    None of the critics praises kapil’s acting except you.
    Film get only 1-2 reviews but you give 2•5.
    If film’s story is crap illogical with lloopholes then how only on some childish jokes you give 2•5.

    Critics give reviews watching all the parts mainly story direction performance & others.
    But here all things are crap(every critic saying).
    You overratting Kapil’s film.

    Kapil said he rejects around 40-45 scripts then he choose this film.
    If in future he choose such mindless scripts then his career is over in film.

    But best of luck Kapil.

  • Production design, music, acting, script were all looking average from the promos. I hope it is at least as funny as Dhamaal or Dhol, because I do not find CNWK as funny as it was used to be a year ago.

    Kapil Sharma is a great stand-up comedian, but I just don’t see him as an actor. There are many less talented comedians than Kapil who are better actor than him.

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