Kick script is not complete, haven’t met Salman: Chetan Bhagat

Chetan BhagatChetan Bhagat, who turns screenplay-writer with “Kick”, is upset with reports claiming that Salman Khan has “rejected” the script written by him. The author says he hasn’t even met the actor for the film.

The rumour around the Sajid Nadiadwala’s production and debut directorial has left Bhagat baffled.

“I haven’t even met Salman at all on ‘Kick’! The script is not done yet. I am working with only Sajid Nadiadwala and his team on the script,” said Bhagat.

Nadiadwala starts shooting for “Kick” from June 1 as various components of this posh actioner have begun to fall in place. The script which needs to make a noted departure from the original 2009 Telugu film is under progress.

He also said it was best if Nadiadwala clarified the issue.

A source close to the project divulged that Salman is in a completely non-interfering mode.

“He is maintaining a hands-free attitude to ‘Kick’. It is true that nowadays Salman approves of every department in his starrer – from script to director to cameraman to co-star, before a project takes off. But ‘Kick’ is entirely his buddy Sajid Nadiadwala’s baby and Salman is treating it that way,” said a source.



  • “Kick” script is still not complete so it looks like after “Mental” Salman will work with Sooraj Barjatya next.

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  • Kick will be an All Time Block Buster regardless of a good script or bad script. Bhai jaan need only KICK the baddies to within an inch of their lives and audiences will lap it up. For us bhai jaans presence, style, dialogue delivery and signature dance move is all the entertainment we need.
    @star bhai roxXxXx and KICKS asssssss

  • Dont need to talk with salman
    ;salman doesn’t know the meaning of script
    just put a item song
    salman will be happy

  • @IMAM oh my god, holy jesus hold the front page, this may be the first, only and possible the last time that I will agree with the words spoken by this sadistic horrendous ‘imam’ saheb. My friend never have you or anyone spoken more truer words. You absolutely right, not only bhai but all of us, his loyal disciples want the same thing too. Why waste precious paper and ink when 4 words are equal to a million words. Why pay Chetan a small fortune to write a script when quite frankly we the audience wont be listening. The only thing we will be waiting to hear are those 4 legenday, historic cinematic dialogue of all time. When our bhai jaan arrives on screen, his beautiful head of hair flowing gracefully due to a gust of wind blowing inside the theatres, bhais shirt will pop open by itself due to the gasps of breath let out by all the girls, bhai will stand tall whilst all around him the villains search for a good hiding place, yes only then will bhai utter those 4 words.
    “Lets do the Jalwa….”
    And bang double bang will we the audiences stand up, whistles heard out all over mumbai and the party will truly begin when Prabhu and Govinda choeograph the audiences to do the ‘Jalwa’ step in
    @star bhai roxXxXx

  • OSO vs ETT Opening Weekend Japan.. OSO 1.8-2 cr(15 screen) (est) #ETT 2.1 cr(30 screen)..
    King khan Rules..
    What would the collection be if OSO had 30 Screen ??

  • Dude it needs brains to copy too. lol.

    When a film is adapted in another language, the whole script goes for a makeover.

    Because not only the language, but the culture, the living style, the understanding, the lifestyle, the slangs, the situations, i.e, almost all of it changes.

    The basic story may remain the same, but the treatment has to be completely different to adhere to the taste of the new audience.

    In fact it is like working on a totally new film.

    If it was so easy, anyone could make a remake and get a ATBB.

    But, it just doesn’t work in that way.

    Most of the script that we believe is original is adapted from some other foreign movies, some stories or even small budget films in other languages of our very own countryetc., but sometimes the copy becomes a huge hit because the treatment is better and connect with the target audience.

    Copying or adaptation works in every field.

    For eg., If people had problem in copied things, then google wouldn’t have been in existence.

    Google was not the first search engine, it copied the idea, but it gave the best treatment to the idea and hence became popular. The same goes for Facebook, which is again a copied idea and so on…….in fact every major success story is a idea that is copied.

    So many old hit songs, which we now call gems, have been copied or inspired by foriegn songs.

    So, before you put your foot down on copying, just remember again that it needs hard work to copy and more hard work to make it successful.

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