Kick and Bang Bang receive International Stunt Award nominations

Salman Khan’s 2014 blockbuster ‘Kick’ and Hrithik Roshan’s high-octane action film ‘Bang Bang’ have received several nominations at the Taurus World Stunt Awards 2015. Both movies had some of the best action sequences in the history of Indian Cinema, that has been noticed by the overseas audience.

‘Kick’ and ‘Bang Bang’ have been nominated alongside Hollywood films like ’22 Jump Street’ and ‘Transformers’.

‘Kick’ was one of the first Bollywood films to capture the huge action sequences using drones, while ‘Bang Bang’ had several terrific scenes including the helicopter sequence which Hrithik performed to perfection.

Full list of nominations will be published soon. Stay tuned!



  • Kick- 2 nominations(Best High Work & Best Stunt Ringing)
    BangBang- 4 Nominations(Best Fight, Best Work With Vehicle, Best Specialty Stunt Award, Best Overall Stunt Award).

  • The Helicopter wrecking scene in Kick and the underwater scene in Bang Bang were truly of Hollywood’s standards

  • Bang Bang wasn’t a great film but it didn’t deserve the kind of criticism that it got. How many Salman or SRK films have been good in recent times? SRK’s last good film was Chak De India.. and Salman’s I don’t even remember.

    When Hrithik or Aamir do even a mediocre film, it gets thrashed and unfairly criticised.

  • Kick for best action?
    Please kill me.
    That train sequence where Bhaijaan saves bicycle to show he is Being Human or the fake body double where Bhai smashes the window and jumps off or Bhai driving double decker bus and eventually drowning the whole bus which is again epic fail.

  • International awards find something new in stunt of BANG BANG ! and kick but our own bollywood awards specially Filmfare doesn’t .



  • bang bang under water action scene is fully copied Mahesh babu kriti senon Telugu movie Nenokadaine (Hindi dubbed Ek ka Dum) and indicine is calling it best action of Indian? Cinema. Indicine pls come out from khan, hr, akshays delusion world. For me ett and dhoom2 action were best in Bollywood for past couple of years.

  • THIS IS UNFAIR…. best stunts was in happy new year in which abhishn boman won WORLD DANCE COMITITION…bar dancer deepika turns innocent old fasioned caring grl n srk becomes manoj kumar….. sonu sood have problm to hear still dance on perfect beats,… THESE R

  • Well, nt the 1st time that Hrithik’s movies hs got noticed in hollywood for its actions.. Earlier films like Krrish, D2, JA, Kites, K3 hv got accloads by them.. Sallu’s movies action hs got noticed in hwood for 1st time, bcoz they weren’t south copy paste action scenes.. Congrats! To Sallu.

  • Power Of Our Bhai
    Now We want Oscar for Our Bhai for Giving 5 back to back Blockbuster in different “Genres” :’)
    Love u bhai

  • Please Give one Award to Our Bhai
    We bhai fans are fed up with Ghanta and Kela awards.
    Please give one award so we can also boast off like SRK fans :'(

  • @neeraj have u watched wanted n dabangg I think u didn’t watched that y u r talking like this…
    ohh n according to u hrithik gives great movie like krrish 3, agneepath…
    even last hr best movie was dhoom 2…

  • I wonder why not Charlie of HNY for coming out of vault chamber without leaving a single trace of water ???? Why TWS why ???

  • Salman is least bothered about such awards but happy action directors got it for Kick. Bang Bang water chase scene n Kick climax shot in Poland deserve the awards !!!!!!!!!

  • The truly Superstar Hrithik proved that in action he kicked all the previous record..His ‘Never give up’ attitude proved that box-office and qualily he wins both the sides..
    @Neeraj Well said..It does not deserve much negativity..But it earned 181 cr and hrithik done underwater stunt..And he also injured..I can bet any other actors can’t match the charisma and action of hrithik..Even the khans..

  • @hrithik coz TWS wanted a better scene i.e devil crashing his bus in water and in the next scene dancing to saat samundar. thats why TWS thats why….

  • i am just laughing….???
    wondering whom i laugh at??? ofcourse, that is our bhai. with south crappy remake, with irritating acting. does he really deserve award too???
    i never give a damn shit to south remakes.
    bang bang was really a movie to talk about
    i enjoyed bb ..
    but to say that kick had praiseworthy actions is to ignore reality!
    bhaijaan do not worry , just wait for mohenjo daro. hrithik will show the real action stunts.???

  • Bhaitards are doing NANGA Dance as KICK Stunt ‘Just’ got nominated (will never win) which was not even done by salman, they find happiness in such small things while SRK’s Smallest International nomination is 50 times more bigger & better than this but for us getting international Award/Nomination is a normal/simple thing but not for poor Bhaitards…

    Twitter pe bahut kar liya NANGA DANCE Chalo ab Bhai Fans Road pe niklo aur Nanga Dance karo akhir kar zindagi mein pehli baar Bhai ko aise koi nomination mila hai wo bhi Bhai ke driver ki waja se jisne Stunts kiye the oss ke liye..

  • Bang Bang stunts are 100 times better than Kick. It’s coz Hrithik has done him self all stunts while Mullu Salman used Stunt man.

  • Bang Bang deserve awards. Specially for #Hrithik. He did those 80% risky stunts himself with lots of pain inside his head after his brain surgery.

  • @IamAKN : What about nanga dance on every article of Salman and Aamir on Indicine ??? Teri toh poori poll khool gaayi !!!!!!!!!

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