Khulke Dulke Song Video – Befikre

Check out the latest song from ‘Befikre’ titled ‘Khulke Dulke’.  The makers continue to promote the carefree attitude – This December, No Inhibition, No Rules, No Fear, No Limits, No Regrets, No Worries… Be Carefree.

Watch the song below:

Song: Khulke Dulke
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singers: Gippy Grewal, Harshdeep Kaur



  • 2017 pre report buzz via annual final rnkgs

    1. Salman Khan
    2. Aamir Khan
    3. Hrithik Roshan
    4. Akshay Kumar
    5. Ajay Devgn
    6. Shah Rukh khan / Ranveer
    7. Varun
    8. Ranbir / Arjun kapoor
    9. Sushant/Shahid
    10. Sid/Saif

    Love the song?

  • I have to tell honesty this movie is not even closer to Aditya chopra’s previous movie at all they all are classic .

  • Salman Tube light should clash with bahubaali 2 the conclusion.
    Salman TZH should clash with G4.
    Robot 2.0 should have a free solo release with due respect to Ajay-Rohit decision.
    Then we shall see what Holiday has been doing to Sallu and now Test Akshay and see if he can erase the past holiday blunders. Sallu fans tick Disagree button if you don’t accept the challenge??

  • Truely speaking…she is really looking like 3rd gender,which is I faced everyday in Mumbai local…feeling sad for her..

  • mika could sing better this but overall song is not good with all aspect including music which was going good in previous songs…

  • Why didn’t he take Salim Sulaiman, at least rabne had memorable songs. I was actually wondering y Salim Sulaiman not given big films anymore

  • Overall A Decent Album.
    Among them Nashe Si Chadgayi is the best,Ude Dil Befikre is Okk type,Labon Ka Karobar Is Crapp.
    This one is pretty average.
    Overall 2.5/5
    Expected Much better from YRF.

  • Something is wrong about this movie. Am yet to figure it out. I hope it works coz am already scared that it won’t.

  • @Thupakki. But Who told you Akshay is releasing on diwali? Its a Rajni Ajay clash all over media and other sources reliable for human beings or are thinking like CROWMAN? shashup !

  • @indicine… Not to offend you but you people are getting a little lazy, see what is a meaning of updating the comments now when they were posted yesterday… Your ‘moderation’ time is too long dear fellows, by the time you publish the comments the article has become stale… So it’s better that you keep the ‘moderation’ time under one hour and so many times I have seen my ‘clean’ comments (As I have never used any sort of foul language ever) unpublished on page no.1 while the later comments get published till page no.4 or 5, Why this ? I can guess that there are many more like me who must have noticed this lapse from your site… Please fix it !…

    For e.g. – (This comment still shows under moderation since 2 days – it is sent for ‘Raees’ trailer postponement article which you have published on 21.nov.16

    November 21, 2016 at 3:17 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    abe trailer bhi release nahi ho raha, film bhi release nahi ho rahi… Kya drama hai yeh ???

  • Befikre will be classic like DDLJ and it will be the first movie to cross 400 crores, mark my words!!!!!!!! everyone is underestimating this movie but it will still be ATBB, no one is interested in watching Sultan remake crap Dangal.., Aamir is nothing without Raju papa and Dhoom brand….

  • @santa barbara…shahrukh at 6th spot???
    really…ajay ahead of him…which world u are living in…pluto
    Right now salman is ahead of him just because his script sense is better than king khan…and aamir n srk shdnt be compared at all…aamir is ahead in terms of box office because of his perfection…but he can never…never match srk in popularity or anything else…and hrithik is clashing..and has a single release in 2016…so placing him 3rd i think u are on dope…akshay should have a good year but he will never be ahead of srk In Shaa Allah…and why u included ajay…he has neva been in top 5 in the past…then how can he be now with a flop shivaay….ranbir thrashed him n he is at 8th…rip your imagination

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