Khul Kabhi Toh Song Video – Haider

Presenting video song “Khul Kabhi Toh” from movie Haider in the voice of Arijit Singh. The song is written by Gulzar while music is composed by Vishal Bhardwaj.

Song Video: Khul Kabhi Toh – Haider Song
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Arijit Singh



  • To be honest, i loved the trailer and songs of haider. Haider looks like a very good and acclaimed movie. And bang bang looks like the best action movie of this decade. Good luck for both the movies.

  • “Wat #Haider can offer audience #BangBang can’t n what Bang Bang can offer Haider can’t.Its a v clear haider get holiday benifit in 1500-1800screen.

  • Expression wise, lyrics wise, pictarization, choreography wise, voice wise much much much better than Bang Bang songs….HAIDER getting release on 2300 screens….So BANG BANG records bhul jao.

  • My pridiction for haider
    105-120cr, queen did 62cr despite opening day was 1.75cr, haider will do 10-12cr on its openning day, don’t underestimate the power of storng wom.

  • @kinshuk
    Forget bang bang,first tell our king to compete against Sonam kapoor’s khoobsurat on youtube..the so called dance anthem is watched by hardly anyone.

  • @queenshuk: okay, it’s much better than bang bang songs. Then it has to be much much better than lungi dance,1234 or indiawaale as tu meri and meherbaan are better than those 3. Most insecure fans in the world: srkfans(not all)

  • It seems like it will give tough competition the Nipin’s big movie on Oct 2. For me, ETT and Holiday are better action movies than the so-called best action of this decade as per the intelligent kid, nipin senior!!

  • October 2nd, it’s White vs Black in words of Shahid himself. Feel pity for those who are comparing these two films. They are neither Hrithik or Shahid fans I guess.

  • @nipun lungi dance was the biggest chatbuster of 2013 n still poupular now, tu meri, meherban nowhere near it

  • Awesome song awesome lyrics awesome picturization…..haider is looking good day by day….just hope that this movie is not harmed by bang bang in any way….it would have been better if they would have opted for any other date….but let’s hope for the best


  • @nipun — But at least the insecure fan base is not fake as HRs fanbase…Not all but just 244 crs…

  • @Babaji ki thullu — Lol….K3 got record number of views but what it earned everyone knows….you compete with sonam kapoors while the rest keep on their good and hard

  • @vicky, lol at you bhaitard. kick failed to cross krrish 3’s lifetime despite a huge eid release. don’t worry BANG BANG will earn more than kick despite clash.

    @rukruk bhattacharjee, we understand that srkians are terrified by the outstanding teaser and songs of BANG BANG and to add to their worries, hny trailer and so called dance anthem was royally rejected by general public. RANG RASIYA is looking million times better than crap hny.

    @TIGER-the fake king, we will see when your bhaijaan finally has balls to clash with a film, even a small one. lol

  • @hr fans,ask hr to pre/postpone bang bang,Haider will definitely create trouble for it,it is very hard for bb to cross 150cr.

    @nipun,non of A KING KHAN FANS ARE insecure like hr fans like @babaji,lol. IT’S SRK FANS are just informing the mutual loss of each films that will clash.for that reason if you are angry than no one could help you and remember one thing always SRK haters are biggest insecure as well as biggest morons in the world because they hate THAT MAN WHO ALWAYS TAUGHT THE WHOLE WORLD HOW TO LOVE.

  • I don’t have any words to express my feelings after watching KhulKabhi song,i am speechless.Shahid & Shraddha looks so beautifull together,just love them.along with Shahid & Shraddha’s amazing pairing,Arijit’s voice,Guljar’s lyrics,Vishal Bhardwaj’s composition is just too good & KhulKabhi is just beyond brilliant.By Maa Durga’s Blessing & The entire Haider Team’s Hatdwork Haider Will Be Huge Hit At The Box Office.

  • @nipun WHat is ur problem dude! The two bang bang songs released were nice just like Indiawalle,lungi dance and 1234 and I also saw u bashing SRK physique…………….I hope u stop this nonsense otherwise I will start bashing HR as well………………

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