Khiladi 786 will cross 100 crore mark: Himesh Reshammiya

Himesh ReshammiyaMusic composer, singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya, who is also the co-producer of Khiladi 786, is confident the film will cross the 100 crore mark.

At a college fest to promote his upcoming film with lead stars Akshay Kumar and Asin Thottumkal, Himesh said “As far as 100 crores is concerned, I am 100 percent sure and pray that the record Akshay has set with Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore and Oh My God this year.. Khiladi 786 will surely cross those figures”

He also added that the latest film in the Khiladi series is a fun watch, a film that can be watched and enjoyed with the entire family.

Directed by Ashish R Mohan, Khiladi 786 is scheduled to release in theatres on December 7th, a week after Aamir Khan’s Talaash.



  • definitely…it will cross 100cr mark…
    And i think…in terms of content also…
    It will be far better than dabangg 2..

  • it will get affected by talaash…..would have been t release it after 2 weeks of dabang 2….ie first week of jan…..talaash will hit k 786 in multiplexes and k 786 will affect talaash in single screens but remember talaash would have already had an open week without competition and its the multliplexes which contribute 70% of the collections…..

  • it will definetly cross rowdy rathore. akshay’s movies will be in 2nd and 3rd position of top 10 movies of 2012. dabang2 may come 4th followed by others

  • Three movies are coming on it’s way….1.Talaash. 2.Khiladi 786 3. Dabangg
    I would watch Talaash over these two movies,However,i Like salman and akshay too,bt those who have seen talaash were speechless..they did see talaash on test screening,Aamir khan has even said that Like Tzp,Lagaan,RDB, Talaash will be a ground breaking Movie.He deserves standing ovation for talaash..

  • @aki…i said..”will be”…
    I did’nt say that k786 is a better movie than d2…
    It’s only my expectations..
    First read properly…then make a comment..!!

  • It will definetly cross 100 crore mark in indian net gross. And latest news about CHENNAI EXPRESS, ”chennai express is looking for realease about 15 days before of ramazan Eid”

  • How can it be ground breaking? have you guys forgotten KAHAANI? that was a brilliant film!!! Talaash to me looks out dated but then again it has been in the making for some years now!!! Khiladi 786 will damage the collections of Talaash big time!!! Dabanng 2 looks rubbish, I do not know How Sallus fanz can vouch for a film like that!!!!

  • c guiz watever u say but d fact is dat akki as far….hav u remembered about d year 2007 wer he gave all d 4 superhits…same is now the 2nd part in 2012 …now juz wait n c only 9 days…

  • this yer people again taking aamir easily, but its gonna be around way around because aamir is not srk work films doent work at india’s theater. talaash is going to affect khiladi a lot mark my word. khiladi may or may not cross 100 crore but talaash will cross rowdy rathore


    Now KHILADI going to do Most awaited Postmortem of Jab tak Thi Jaan….


  • Akshay choice of movies is very bad, Joker is flop, OMG is superhit, but khiladi786 will not cross 100cr. Did you watch the trailer-so much overacting….

  • those who say for the film have you watch himesh and latest trailer…it look disaster……it will be disaster..dabbang2 will be superhit and tallas will be hit becuase of multiplex

  • How can any1 compare khiladi786 with dabangg2. Khiladi786 wil b averaged flim earning 80cr while dabangg2 wil b earthshaking with 220cr+

  • restrict the comments to the coming movies
    to all SALMAN fans
    king akki ll win the battle


    HA HA HA

  • No matter how the movie may bee but it is very clear that in india only masal movies such as dabbang2 , k786,sos works. so as per mass following dabbang2 will surely cross 250 crs & K786 150 is very much clear from promos of Talaash that it would be a cult movie but it wont cross 110 crs due to aamirs presence as indian publics now a days donot appreciate good movies!

  • Akshay kumar is the best of khans really he is comedy king & action ……..khiladi 786 was great movie guys……………

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