Khiladi 786 Teaser crosses 1 million views

All Akshay Kumar fans can rejoice. One of the most popular franchise in Bollywood is back! Barely 3 days after the release of the teaser, Akshay’s new film Khiladi 786 has crossed the 1 million views marks on YouTube, a video sharing website.

After a gap of 12 years, Akki is all set to stage his comeback as Bollywood’s original ‘Khiladi’ in the action masala entertain ‘Khiladi 786’, that’s scheduled for theatrical release on December 7th (a week after Aamir Khan’s Talaash).

The film is already a ‘hit’ online! Fans across all platforms have loved the teaser. In fact #KhiladiReturns #Khiladi786 and #KhiladiBhaiyya have trended on Twitter for 3 days. The overall response on Facebook and Twitter has been fantastic.

Khiladi 786 is directed by debutant Ashish R Mohan (assistant director in Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal series), and stars Akshay Kumar, Asin, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya.

Khiladi 786 will be the 8th Khiladi film for Akshay Kumar.

Current view count - 1,364,020. 4,256 likes, 1,765 dislikes.

Watch the Khiladi 786 Teaser below.



  • hahahaha ,1765 dislikes in 4 days, this movie would do worse than joker, trailer itna bekaar, bhojpuri movie ke trailer isse acche hote hai , himesh reshammiya ko koi bataye ki woh naak se gaata hua accha lagta hai, movie banake usmein acting karke nai

  • @Indicine It looks like you have really liked the trailer very much. That’s why one million views in 3 days is a news to you. But you didn’t think JTHJ crossing million views and 20 thousand likes in one day a news. Bravo! And what is so good about trailer? Only this time Akshay instead of Ajay and rest is same. Good luck..

  • beta sagar lagta bhojpuri movie jyada dekte.koi baat nahi tum waise bhi bhojpuri filmo ke layak hi ho.akshay ki movie ko dekhna tumhare bus ka nahi.but akki rocks again with two superhit n one blockbuster in a same year.but it is not even hit it will all time blockbuster.remember it

  • haters ki phati padi hai kuch bhi bolo khiladi bhaiya ke aate hi talaash ko s.s aur multiplex me dhudna pdega pr milega nahi.

  • He breaks the jeep by kicking it, people who digest this sort of action need mental check up, akshay kumar and himesh reshammiya is even a more deadlier combo than akshay and sirish kunder, this movie would be joker part 2 in bhojpuri style, result – maha disaster

  • Bakwaas teaser. jab tak hai jaan was very good teaser srk rocks wait for dabangg2 teaser to kick the akki khiladi coming franchise will be biggest disaster than joker

  • @ sagar, I bet Son of Sardar will be huge hit and JTHJ willbe flop, every one knows who is better actor among SRK and Ajay Devgan. Have you forgot the debacle of Raone, Watchnig Raavan in Ramayan is better than RaOne

  • @punit Keep dreaming dude, srk’s name is enough, his maha ghatiya movie will also make more money than ajay devgan’s maha badiya movie and please don’t talk about acting, go and watch swades, devdas, chak de india ,etc.

  • He breaks the jeep by kicking? it, people who digest this sort of action need mental check up, akshay kumar and himesh reshammiya is even a more deadlier combo than akshay and sirish kunder, this movie would be joker part 2 in bhojpuri style, result — maha disaster

  • @sagar I think you have long term mmory loss: Swades, Chakde India, Devdas are nothing Compared to Company, Gangajal, Zakham etc, and do not forget thr two National Awards also, just to remind you :)

  • Khiladi 786 will not become flop because of Talaash. If it become flop,it will be due to its content. If both films are good,both will become hit,but lifetime collections of both will be less.

  • Watched the trailer,it was nothing better than a crap.i think akki will promote it as a superhero movie,he break the jeep with his leg ,what a joke.:-O

  • @waseem i think you need treatment facts are facts you cannot shy away from them, please get rid of your ostrich mentality

  • @punit anybody who considers srk an inferior actor to ajay devgan is plain jealous, ppl like srk’s movies more, that’s the biggest benchmark of success, not being selected for national awards which are selected by a few panelists who seem to know better than the entire country, srk has won 8 filmfare awards, how much has ajay won ? zero .

  • @sagar filmfare awards are nothing as compared to national awards, national awards are given considering films made in all the languages of India, filmfare awards are only bollywood awards,the icing oncake is that National Awards are given by the President of India, so plese shut your mouth

  • @punit seriously, what deserves more value, president of india or the love of the ppl of the country, srk gets more love from the ppl of this country than what ajay devgan can even dream of, u seem to be a blind fan for devgan, it’s time u wake up to reality

  • @sagar. . .wen comparison comes between Ajay nd Srk . . Srk fans talk abt people love to Srk ..national awards r worth less to them. . . Wen comparison comes betw salman nd Srk . . Srk fans talk abt actin nd say he got 8 film fare award etc etc. . Srk fans specialy mr sagar be honest with ur comments . .

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