Khiladi 786 Movie Review

Back in the 90s, the ‘Khiladi’ series wasn’t a hugely successful franchise, nor was Akshay the ‘superstar’ that he is today. With death-defying stunts, over-the-top action and comedy, the Khiladi films catered mainly to the masses. A decade later, Akshay  returns with Khiladi 786 also starring Asin, Himesh Reshammiya and Mithun Chakraborty. The film is directed by debutante director Ashish R Mohan.

Khiladi 786 Story: There isn’t any.

Khiladi 786

Khiladi 786 Review

As an assistant director for films like All The Best, Sunday and the entire Golmaal series, director Ashish R Mohan, quite obviously, comes from the Rohit Shetty school of film-making. Flying cars, high-octane action sequences, men flying around all over the place, the hero walking and dancing on people’s heads.. Khiladi 786 has some of the most exaggerated scenes you’ll ever see.

To add to the fun, we have some outrageously funny character names – Akshay is Bahattar Singh (72 Singh), his father is Sattar Singh (70 Singh) and his uncle is Ikhatthar Singh (71 Singh). There is a underworld don named TTT – Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar!!

It’s that sort of film.. you have to leave your brains back at home and enjoy the harmless fun. The film is fast-paced and has some genuinely funny moments. In a short special appearance, Johnny Lever brings the house down with his gag on Arvind Kejriwal and Kambli – Tendulkar.

The songs in the film remind you of David Dhawan films in the 90s. An introduction song right at the beginning, one item number, a song when the hero first looks at the heroines photo, a couple of songs while they day-dream. In short, about 5-6 unnecessary songs.. a must for massy-films.

Akshay Kumar plays his part well. Much like his comic-timing, Akshay’s style and body language while performing the action sequences is unmatched in the industry. Asin looks beautiful. A non-actor like Himesh Reshammiya is wasting his time trying too hard to act. Mukesh Tiwari is very good. Mukesh Tiwari as Himesh’s sidekick is brilliant. Mithun Chakraborty excels in a role that’s similar to Housefull 2. Raj Babbar is good. Sadly, Mukesh Rishi who makes a comeback after a long time doesn’t have too many dialogues.

Overall, Khiladi 786 is a one-time watch. A typical masala entertainer – forced action sequences, loud characters, too many songs, storyline without an iota of logic or sense.. the latest Khiladi film has got it all. Love such films? Enjoyed watching Ready/Son Of Sardar/Bol Bachchan? Go ahead, book your Khiladi 786 tickets now! The rest, can skip this.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Other notes and box office: I enjoyed both Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2 a lot more than Khiladi 786. The response at a multiplex in Mumbai was mixed, 50-60% of the audience were thoroughly enjoying the film. The rest were silent, a few walked out in between. So.. Khiladi 786 will not be universally successful like the two other Akshay Kumar films this year. It will work big time at mass-centres, but business at big city multiplexes will drop Monday onwards.



  • This was expected of K786 isn’t ..? Nevertheless, its still not enough to stop me from watching it on Sunday ;D

  • It will do 100 max.
    So it is safe to say that out of 5 big films in the last 2 months.. JTHJ, SOS, TALAASH, KHILADI, DABANGG 2.
    JTHJ is leading in business.
    Its true that Dabangg 2 will easily pass JTHJ but its also true that JTHJ did well too dispite the competition.

  • I love SRK Aamir khan and akshay kumar he is the best action star in bollywood his rowdy rathore is best action mov aftr Gajni

  • Only 11cr(early est)
    on 2786 screen
    with akshay kumar.
    Barfi n raaz 3 almost 10cr on 1st day with
    B grade actors.
    Akshay choose script wisely either masala or any genres movie.

  • akshay’s 2nd flop after joker n 2nd flop for asin after london dreams
    Housefull 2 hit multistarrer
    RR blockbuster remake of south blockbuster
    K786 avg/flop original script

  • Well, akshay is only suited for these kind of movies. I am not actually complaining but he should try to do different roles once in a while.

  • @Dabang2. rofl… at the most stupid,nonsense,senseless&brainless comment ever made by a “shema_e srk” fan like u. The universal truth is: RA.1 is the biggest garbage crap ever , don 2 is the biggest nonsense crap and JTHJ is the BIGGEST ROMANTIC CRAP SHI’T ever and even joker was trillion times better than all these craps. But keep waiting bcoz CE will surely be the BAAP OF ALL CRAPS and probably bigger crap then ra.1 and so will be HNY. ‘Shema_e srk’ is basically the KING OF CRAPS and dont worry k786 will b a sureshot 125+crore BB and dabaang2 will surely b an another 300+ worldwide grossing ATBB like ETT.

  • Saturday 8th December 2012 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Khiladi 786 opened below the mark with a good response only at single screens of some circuits (UP and Bihar mainly). Multiplexes were average in some circuits but low at many places. Today a 40 crore nett weekend is par for major films but looking at early figures of Khiladi 786 in key markets this film may not even get a 30 crore nett weekend.

    Talaash had a good first week of 62.50 crore nett approx due to a good pick up over the weekend. The film had a decent Monday but collections started coming down fast from the next day onwards. There has been another major drop on the eighth day.

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan has taken its three week total to 102 crore nett approx. HIT

    Son Of Sardaar has taken its three week total to 88 crore nett. HIT

  • Khiladi 786 must be the worst movie i have seen my life, i can’t believe they actually think such terrible movie can work, at least singham and rowdy rathore had a sensible story, khiladi 786 is simply a non stop torture for 2 and a half hours

  • Cocktail 10.90 (Saif)
    Raaz 3 10.75 (Emran)
    Son Of Sardaar 10.50 (Ajay)
    Khiladi786 under 10cr

    Where r the Akhsay lovers who said Akshay is bigger than SRK. Lollllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Go and hide ur self. People left the theater in between. What a shame.

  • excuses excuses excuses,,,,,salman is the only khan who domintaed the last 3 years,,,with his movies the top grosser each year
    dabanng 140 cr 2010
    bodygurad 141 cr 2011
    ready 121 cr 2011
    ek tha tiger 186 cr 2012
    dabbang 2 ? 2012
    that will be the 3rd consective year he has the highest grosser every year,,,,,,

    @indicne please stop srk favour and post an article on that like boi said yesterday that salman is undoubtly no 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    and by the way salman is trend setter remeber tere namm long hair,,,,now dabbang cop style,,,,,,every 1 now want to be a cop in a movie but they fail because originall is salman,,,,,baki sab bakwas,,,look at khiladi 786 under 10 cr relesed on 2700 screens in comparison of 1600 screens of dabang and still make 10 cr oops

  • First of all indicine,never underestimate the film Ready which has become a hard barrier for many positive rated films by you to cross its mark in India.
    So i ask you to dont add it to the list of this bol bacchan,Sos & etc…etc..
    Frankly asking can k786 released in 2786 screens can beat the nett of ready which released in 1700 screens.So never ever underestimate ok.

  • All the negative stupid comments against khiladi786 are made by some looser srk fans bcos they r afraid n insecure that it will collect more than the crap jthj. srk’s paid critics who gave such high ratings for a worst crap like jthj have as usual given negative reviews as expected for k786 but the public who have watched the movie in singles have declared it as a full toon paisa vasool movie, so it will have a great run in mass areas for next 12 days and also as talaash is mostly rejected, k786 wil have good run all over, so expecting 130+ crores. So another superhit/bb from akki bhaiya.

  • I am an SRK fan
    So what movies like dabangg, 3 idiots, rowdy rathode are trend setters and i love them.
    Loving SRK is my personal choice but abusing other star’s fans is not my style.
    All the best to Khiladi and Dabangg 2.
    My prediction
    Khiladi- 100crs
    Dabangg 2- 170crs max reason being not great holidays as compare to ETT.
    And this time salman will prove that he is not only dependent on eid and 15 aug. Biggest non holiday.

  • slap on akki fans who r talkin abt SRK..SOS had better first day thn k-786 as per boi…it shows akki B.O pull…akki fan who r makin nonsense abt ETT and JTHJ got tight slap..

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