Khiladi 786: Business Economics

Released on 2786 screens last weekend, Khiladi 786 collected Rs 50 crores at the domestic box office in it’s first week. There are no major releases this week, so both Khiladi 786 and the November 30th release Talaash are likely to do well. Khiladi will be the first choice at mass centres, while Talaash will continue it’s good run at big-city multiplexes

While a few distributors will lose money, Khiladi is a safe venture for it’s producers. Detailed business economics of Khiladi 786 below.


  • Total costs: Khiladi 786 was made on a budget of around 68-70 crore including print and marketing.
  • The budget includes Akshay Kumar’s acting fee.

Recovery – Revenue generated (Note: Approximates)

  • Music rights: 5 crores
  • Home video rights: 2 crores
  • Overseas Distributors share: 6-7 crores (expected)
  • India Distributors share: 32-33 crores (expected, if the film does 75-80 crores nett)
  • Satellite rights: 27 crores
  • Total recovery: 73-74 crores

Overall, Khiladi 786 will be a profitable film for the makers, but since the film has only performed well at a select few centres, quite a few distributors will stand to lose money.



  • nowadays all other actors need this buisness analysis to prove that their film is hit…first it was shahrukh …then aamir ( no offense to aamir fans…as it was the most difficult genre) & now akshay….

    well salman khan films aren’t needing any kind of analysis as they are atbbs!!

  • Good 2 know that,good film like talaash should do well,n crap like khiladi should b thrown away…wish indian audience will b wise n one day film like sos,ek tha tiger or ready will drag into d garbage

  • king kumar rocks. an actor who does 4 films per year, its not easy thing to have huge opening always. aamir khan movie released almost after 4 years and did not touch 100 cr then we can easily say that akki is the winner all the way

  • The domestic distributor share will be higher than you have projected as a large chunk of business has come from the single screens. Looking at the collections on second Friday, which are coming above 5 crores, it seems that the lifetime collections of Khiladi 786 will be in the range of 75-80 crores. The distributor share will be slightly higher than 50% of net collections, thereby coming at about 40-42 crores.

  • So Theatrically this movie will be a big flop if you minus, Music, home and satellite right.
    Overseas Distributors share: 6-7 crores (expected)
    India Distributors share: 32-33 crores (expected, if the film does 75-80 crores nett)

    So 38 to 40 cr worlwide Distributor share on a budget of 70 crs is a very big flop.

  • @joya so u think that jthj was better than ready and ek tha tiger? can u tell me any classy moment in jthj,,,,,,,am a great fan of yash chopra and shahrukh khan but jthn was very boring,,,ready each and every scene was full of entertaining comedy and ek tha tiger full of action no boring and dull moments in both movies

  • The budjet of movie is 35 crore, check at wikipedia. But i’m disappointed of k-786. It will be hit. It can’t be superhit.

  • On 12-12-12, akshay became the 1st ever indian actor to collect 400+ cr in single year.
    H2: 115
    rr : 135
    joker : 25
    omg : 90
    k-786 : 40+
    huge acheivement.

  • @suneel
    jthj has many classy moments and critics are best to judge that.
    and wait what did u say… ready was classic, every scene was full of excitement. lolzz hahahahaha.. With above line i got ur taste, no matter what u say now.

  • Why would Akshay take fee for acting? He’s the co-producer if I’m not mistaken, and profits in any case go in his pocket.

  • taran adarsh ?:-
    A prominent distributor who watched Dabangg2 says it more than lives up to the hype. Salman is terrific, while Arbaaz makes a superb debut.

  • khiladi 786 is good movie
    the collections are below expectations
    my reason- that jthj sos and talaash was relesd
    one after one week and total collections of
    3movies are around 300cr+ so when khiladi
    786 reles the peoples are watched 3 big movies
    and they rejects khiladi 786.
    My solution when khiladi 786 relesd on this chrismas then it will be definetly crosses 130+cr

  • Top heroes acc to me
    2.Ajay Devgn(Singham,G3,BB,SOS)

    my fav Ajay,Akki,Salman,Srk,

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