Katti Batti Trailer on June 14

Imran Khan, who has been missing from the silver screen after the release of ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, will make a comeback in Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti.

But the reason the industry is looking forward to the trailer, is because Kangana Ranaut is the female lead. The final shooting schedule is now complete and the trailer will release on June 14.

Katti Batti is directed by Nikhil Advani. The film is scheduled for theatrical release on September 18.

Synopsis: Maddy (Imran Khan) andPayal (Kangana Ranaut) fall in love and opt for a live-in relationship. But a clash of their ideas occurs when Payal gets pregnant. While Maddy, who lives by his fixed middle-class ideas, proposes marriage, a rich brat Payal, on the other hand, prefers taking it easy.



  • for once we forgot….that there is guy called imran khan…
    but i heard he has sm gud films…

  • Good. Much better than Brothers trailer. Only Sid was good thing about that trailer. Brothers will be another 60 cr film for Akki.

  • I will definitely watch this movie if instead imran khan any other Star was signed opposite Kangana.

  • I Was waiting For this Moviie .
    Imran khan Iz Back .
    Ppl Calling Him A Flop Star who has no career left in Bollywood bt they R Fools .
    He ia a fine actor with grtt looks ….!
    he is a star & Will A superstar sOon …!

  • Brothers trailer destroyed all quality expectations of Warrior. When abroad people will see it they will laugh at India. But what else can we expect from 60 cr star Akki.

  • Kangana alone (as queen, revolver raani etc) showed can’t make it a success on her own. It will need a good trailer + good songs + good content.

  • @Floppy
    Soch Aggr Salman , shahrukh , Arjun brothers m hote toh Ye movie Ek joke bn k reh jti & Abroad audience Toh Kbhi Bollywood movies hi nhi dekhte HahHahha bt because of Akshay Kumar , they will feel like Bollywood Iz also A Fantastic industry …TRUTH …even the biggest action directors of Hollywood who directed Akshay scenes of BABY & HOLIDAY complimented Akshay dat he is better then 90% Hollywood Action heroes …U can Google it Jhandu Floppy .
    ur whole family Can’t even Achieve 1% of Akshay Kumar & so you ….u r a flop character human being…loser forever .

  • Imraan acted with flop star akki.. in Ouatima! and it affected his career.. Hope it doesn’t happen with sid

  • Imran is a decent actor.He hasn’t got too many opportunities
    @bajrangi His debut movie collected more than the combined business of Yuvvrajj and Gtgh..lol.

  • imran is the most underrated star of Bollywood.his debut super hit jtyjn is one of the most loved urban Bollywood film ever while superhit delly belly is the only critically adult comedy of Bollywood after 80s chasme baddor

    his emaet,mbkd,ihls were also decent hits and he is a gd actor in urban genre films.

    most importantly he is a damn gd guy and very cute

    he will definitely make a huge comeback with katti batti unlike the other emmy who still finds a place in top 15 despite giving 7flops(including hak) in a row

  • @Floppy,who the hell r u???akki is the best thing in bros trailer.he is impeccable in the trailer.so u can go fuck urself.

  • My fav youngsters
    ranbir,imran and varun

    so 2 nikil advani films this septembr hero and katti batti

  • imran is better than siddharth. he didnt give any bombay velvet but he gave dehly belly, jtyjn, mbkd, i hate love story how can somebody forget him. katti batti will be another hit. kangna will rock with imran.

  • Who is imran khan???????? I dont even know who this actor is. Has he appeared in films before?????

  • we want want artical on salmans tweets….bhad me jaaye 1-2-3 dont let me down aamir n srk r my frinds….
    dnt abuse them or i will leave twittr.
    @ indicine… plz post this artical or u want fans to fight…

  • Story resembles to Salaam Namaste. but since kangana’s movie selection has been quite unique, I expect something different and a better film than the former. As for Imran khan- No comments.

  • Imran khan is overrated flop actor.

    Delhi belly was hit due to aamir.

    And this will run due to kanagana…….

  • What is going on with sallu fans, why are you so irritating? even your idol has had enough of you bcoz of your negativity. you create hatred with srk, hr and also akki who is not on a good period. The only actor that you like is aamir and let’s be honest you have no love him, you just want hide behind him when it comes to overseas market which sallu doesn’t have stronghold. salman has had 7 blockbusters in last 5years but you still attack akki who is struggling and fload negativity with his latest trailer. Don’t make sallu leave twitter.

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