Katti Batti Review

Nikhil Advani who bewildered and disappointed the audiences with his ‘Hero’ last week is back again this week with another film of his, Katti Batti. When was the last time a director had 2 releases in 2 weeks? The last instance we can think of is when Priyadarshan’s two films Kyon Ki and Garam Masala released together during Diwali 2005. So is Nikhil finally able to get back to his Kal Ho Naa Ho form or is he still in Hero hangover? Is Kangna able to continue her Tanu Weds Manu Returns form? Will Imran Khan finally be able to redeem himself? Let’s dissect.

Story: Katti Batti doesn’t stick to a linear format as the story of the lead couple Maddy (Imran) and Payel (Kangna) is told in a series of flashbacks after Maddy tries to commit suicide when Payel leaves him. We get to know of their sweet relationship which they developed in college. The whole of first half is spent trying to show us the initial stages of the relationship and the second half shifts focus to the present day. Maddy gets to know that Payel is getting married to her ex in Delhi and leaves for Delhi to get her back. The journey of Maddy to get back Patel is what forms the crux of the remainder of the film. Does Maddy get her back? And why did Payel leave him in the first place? We get to know the answers in the climax.

Reviw: Nikhil Advani has to be one of the strangest movie directors we have in Bollywood. He has tried to dabble in a lot of genres but ends up being the jack of all trades and the master of none. He should stick to one genre and perfect it before moving on to new genres. In Katti Batti, he and his cowriter Anshul Singhal mixup various Hollywood romcoms and make a mess of it in the form of Katti Batti. The true strength of a romantic film are the subtle moments and Katti Batti is mostly just filled with buffoons who amplify every moment because apparently subtlety is a word they have never heard. Katti Batti is a jumbled up, boring, incoherent film. None of the comic moments make a mark and neither do the romantic ones. And the climax is one big disaster!

Technically, Katti Batti gets it right. The production design is quirky and suits the zaniness of the story that Nikhil has tried to tell. The costume design is appropriate. The editing is alright but should have been more pruned although the editor does a good job of sticking together the past and the present storylines. The music of Katti Batti is one of the best things about the film even though they crop up at unnecessary moments in the film. Sarfira, Sau Aasoon and Lip to Lip are able to make a mark. We loved the way Lip to Lip song was shot and edited.

Acting: Inspite of what people might believe, Kangna doesn’t overshadow Imran at all. In fact, Imran is much better at being Maddy than Kangna is at being Payel. Imran hits a home run as the guy with the boyish charm and manages to win over a part of us with his charm. The problem with Kangna in Katti Batti is that she has been given a weird look and there doesn’t seem to be many shades in her character although the climax sheds some light on this. Regardless, we expect a lot more from Kangna. Vivan Bhatena jumps from one Nick Advani film (Hero) to another (Katti Batti). He plays the same character in all films. The other guy, that is. The poor man’s Rahul Khanna. Manasvi Mumgai looks hot.

Conclusion: Katti Batti is an adequate romantic comedy for people who have never watched another romcom in their lives. It borrows heavily from countless Hollywood and even Bollywood romcoms and still manages to jumble everything together. It is unfunny, too loud, too clichéd and sadly even boring for major parts of its running time. It is redeemed by the lead actor who makes a return to films after 2 years. If you are in the mood to be bored, then Katti Batti should be right up your alley. Although, we are still left with one question after watching Katti Batti. Who really directed Kal Ho Naa Ho?


  • Imran is back in his prime territory of romantic comedy and is great
  • The music is very good and quite a few songs stay with us


  • Kangna is a huge disappointment in her role
  • The movie itself is boring and unfunny
  • The script is a mix of countless romcoms from yesteryear classics and even duds
  • The characters in the movie are frustrating and defy logic

Rating: ★½☆☆☆



  • Going through the many critics review, it’s clear Katti batti is another dud for Nikhil Advani and Imran khan. I don’t know what good find by Aamir in katti batting so he given inputs to this film. Highly disappointed. Feeling sad for Imran Khan as his career is almost over. Though Happy for Kangana, she is on cloud nine, talking shit about Deepika and others in her interview, thinking herself in another league after queen and tmwr. I hope she left arrogance and concentrate on good films. Nikhil advani sadly has no good films in his kitty as director for me, not even Kal ho na ho was a good film for me.

  • Imraan khan career is over….
    Now I got the ans why Aamir khan cried after watching katti batti….
    Bcoz he knew that movie will turn out flop and imraan khan career will over….

  • I don’t really trust your reviews because u give good ratings to movies like d3,hny and negative reviews to beautiful films like hak

  • I read some reviews of the film and Kanagana sounds horrible unlikeable so I’m not really interested to see this one.
    Btw, Why would anyone go to a movie to have the feelings manipulated? ? The plot has been done over and over again. Do Aamir Khan always like to cry?? No offence to Aamir khan fans. Just asking.

  • I had high hopes from the movie but the reviews aren’t encouraging at all.Feeling sad for Imran he’s such a humble guy.He isn’t as bad as people claim him to be in acting department.But it should be a learning lesson for Kangna to stop thinking she’s the No1 actresses.Taking potshots at your contemporaries when you’re super successful shows your insecurity.Deepika is still better than her I reckon
    I seriously wonder whether Nikhil directed KHNH.I mean KHNH is my favorite Bollywood movie till date.I would prefer it over some of Srk’s biggest hits.The songs the emotions the performance everything was perfect.Srk proposing Preity holding Saif’s diary can make even a stone-hearted person cry.He just lost track in order to prove he can make a great film on his own.Even D-Day had a mediocre second half.

  • i hope imran will be liked by the audience as of now movie is looking superflop.nikhil advani should thrown out of this industry he gave hero last week which was also crap inspite of huge opening with help of Salman the movie could not sustain just because of his immature direction.

  • Nikhil Advani who bewildered and disappointed the audiences with his ‘Hero’ last week is back again this week with another film of his, Katti Batti..lol you gave Hero 2.5 stars and called it decent

  • Waiting for Prem ratan dhan payo first look which will be out soon

    kangana’s over acting was visible in promos

  • Another flop for Nikhil Advani…
    Feeling sorry for Imran as he’s being part of another flop…
    Kangana deserved this because she was on cloud 9 after the success of TWMR . She was boasting too much…. This is what happens when you become too arrogant..

  • haha loved the line “Who really directed Kal Ho Na Ho?”.. It explains how great the movie was … Only SRK can revive his career

  • Bang on target i knew from the trailer itself that KB will be a Flop and will be a bad movie . So this is one more failure for Imran Khan . Nikhil Advani i think this guy is crazy who has given 2 back to back stupid movies in 2 weeks . Now after reading this review i am damn sure Hrithik will not do Bazaar and he should not do . Kangana is a talented actress but she needs to improve her choices . She should avoid such stupid characters and dumb movies . She needs to improve her attitude . There is no doubt that she is no. 1 but she does not need to brag about it . She said in an interview that i have come very far in my career but all my contemporaries are on the same position or far behind . This is not expected from her . One advice for NA he should stop making movies and continue as a Producer . One more flop in the month of September !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • few months ago some fools were saying kangana bigger then akshay.lol on them….she cant even act properly(as indicine said)…. tell me a film where akshay’s acting/role is critised ???? He is a great actor….

  • A big slap for kangana……she was bragging too much because of the success of tanu weds manu returns and queen!!!! Too much arrogance leads to downfall

  • Wantd imran to make a comebck with KB but
    aftr seeing the promos i vas sure that it won’t happen
    xpcting aamir to do something for him
    want delhi belly 2

  • Yes !!!!
    Thats what I wanted , Imran back in form . No matter hw the film goes , may t b an average , flop or even Disaster , the Imran of JTYJN s back .
    Big slap to all those who told dat dis guy cannot act .
    I mst sy , he s one f d strongest newcomers n b’town alongwith Sid & RK. Planning to watch t 2dy .

  • so it means one more FLOP.. & KHNH will remain his first and only successful film.. as i said before if he wouldn’t have worked with Salman Khan in Salaam-e-Ishq now his career would not be such a disaster like this… all thanks to all decades disaster Bhojpuri Bhaijaan .

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