Katrina refuses yet another biggie?

Katrina Kaif was offered a role in Abbas Mustan’s remake of ‘The Italian Job’ and there were rumors that she had almost signed on the dotted line. But now we hear, Katrina is reconsidering her decision because her role isn’t significant enough.

According to sources, since she started giving hits, she has become picky about her roles and wont sign on anything just because it stars big names. She was keen on doing the film at first because it starred Saif Ali Khan, but lost interest as soon as Saif quit.

This is not the first film she has turned down a big film offer. In fact, in recent months, its the third film she has refused after agreeing to be a part of it initially, the other two were Sanjay ‘Dhoom’ Gadhvi’s 7 Days In Paris and Akshay Kumar’s Anees Bazmee directed ‘Thank You’.

However, she has agreed to be a part of ‘The Italian Job’ if Abbas-Mustan agree to make the necessary changes to the script or offer her a better and more significant role.

While everyone right from the Roshan’s to the Khan’s want Katrina to be a part of their films, she being choosy, doesn’t really come as a surprise. What do you think?



  • SAllu strictly ordered to kat not wear bikini also no lip lock kiss
    as she will be marrying on 2012 insha allah with sallu bhai

    this prove she really love sallu

  • she has said no to bikini and kissing because of salman khan his boyfriend who has told her not to do so and she is nice and faithful to him that’s y!!

  • indicine katz refused Thank You due to Tees Maar Khan, she wanted to do only one movie between these two.
    and akshay also refused Hangover remake ,
    so both are choosy now abt movies.

  • yeah… she is going to the finest way of success… as the movie ‘thank you’ concern she did good job to refuse because too many films in a year or with the same actor is too bad, audience like to watch the akki-kat jodi but too many films in a limited time does not make eagerly waiting to audience, like hrithik who was concerntrate on one project(kites), as i think when kites announced or even when its shooting started there was no such hype or much awaiting like what it has right now & i guess at that time the films like ghajini, kambakkht ishq, my name is khan & 3 idiots leads all over.. because the absence of hrithik over the couple of years makes impactful, now the conclusion is katrina has going to make people wait for her every films…

  • katrina is no-1 actress.
    she is so cute
    she looks innocent,sweat,cute,glamourous.
    she is talented,very gud dancer,hard working.

  • Okay,
    I’m speecheless … but that’s a bitchy move
    no valid reason except the guy or the role
    has she forgotten about the people who got her in this business
    One advice: Stay Kool Kaif … or im willing to have you thrown out of bollywood

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