Katrina Kaif’s Fitoor Release Date Announced

Abhishek Kapoor’s ‘Fitoor’ is all set to release during the Valentine’s Day weekend in 2016. The film starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif, Aditi Rao Hydari and Rekha is an adaptation of Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’.

Earlier scheduled to release in the month of December, UTV Motion Pictures has decided to push ‘Fitoor’ to February next year.

Katrina and Aditya shoot a kissing scene for Fitoor

Katrina and Aditya shoot a kissing scene for Fitoor

Recently, the film was in news because Katrina was unhappy with the kissing scenes leaking onto the internet. A few pictures from the Kashmir schedule of the film went viral on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

The cast and crew will return to Mumbai to complete the shoot.



  • It is a good date to release the movie . Fitoor is a love story . It will be interesting to see a Love Story based in Kashmir . Aditya is a nice actor . Let us see how the pair of Aditya and Katrina looks on screen . It will be treat to watch Rekha Ji on screen . She is a phenomenal actress . The title sounds intriguing .

  • abhishek is an excellent storyteller.

    I hv loved both his rock on and kai po che.

    all the best aaditya


  • whatever release date they may opt for, film will tank at BO as producers have gone for two of the worst actors of the industry in katrina and Aditya roy. Feel sorry for Abhishek kapoor a good director but this time has got his cast completely wrong.

  • Abhishek 2 film have been bad…. Rock-on was not so gud… While KPC was bad…..
    Fitoor will flop at bo…

  • After working with Akki with many hits ….. Katrina is down the drain soon with Mega flops like Jagga jasoos n fitoor…. Ranbir toh gayo…..

  • @Ajinkya…
    U r really very bad person becoz ur all comments are negative only.
    I think u should stop to comment.
    If you all agree with me then plz like my comment so Ajinkya can know that all readers do not like his comments.

  • @ajinkya calm down bro..!!!

    u really need a health check up.learn to accept reality.v all respect ur akshay,give him due credits for all his achievements and everyone here supported his BABY but v still critise him at times out of frustration and nothing else.

    it really hurts to see someone as talented as akki making himself underperform big time bcz of his greed for money.

  • @ak fan,

    who told you akshay is greedy for money?

    do you have any valid points to prove it?

    if he was greedy he would definitely have some stakes in the collections. which he dosn’t.

    if he was greedy he wouldn’t take any heroine, he would have only cast himself, which i felt he is sane enough to know it will not work.

    he doesn’t want to be associated with one film for long enough. That’s his working style.

    before Aamir, everyone was like that, doing 3-4 films, but now they realised the market working and changed their schedule. Akki still doesn’t want to change. That’s his choice. So, according to your wonderful logic he becomes greedy.

    if he was, then he would certainly go all about promoting the movies to get more collections.

    he seems to be more contended in what he gets. What’s your problem. Why would evryone work the same way.

    if you do not have any valid points, then stop making false allegations.

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