Katrina Kaif breaks her silence on bikini pictures

Katrina Kaif who has been avoiding the media over the last few months, finally spoke about her leaked bikini pictures with Ranbir Kapoor.

Asked if she was still upset with the media, Katrina said: “I missed you all. Do I look like I am upset? Many people have asked this but I just felt hurt and angry at that point of time. It was a very private moment. I expected privacy… you react in a way that moment and then you move on” Katrina said.

“I was hurt but I also learned that next time please give me notice, I will wear matching clothes as red and white does not match at all, I know” she added.

For probably the first time in her career, Katrina also answered a few personal questions.

“I have been part of this industry for nine years and I have been to Spain with my sisters so many times. But this has never happened to me in nine years.

“Later, many people from the industry told me this was part of my job. You learn from your experience and life goes on… no big deal, but I was not upset then and not even now.”

Katrina Kaif at Dhoom Machale song launch

Katrina Kaif at Dhoom Machale song launch



  • Smart answer Kat! Hope Ranbir doesn’t cheat you like he did to Deepu and hope you don’t get cheated this time like what you got from Salu!

  • Ranbir is the greatest actor of Bollywood.
    He has taken more risks, given more hits and shown much more consistency in his first six years than any other actor. There is no actor who has done roles like Rockstar, barfi, Rocket Singh in his first six years.
    SRK, Salman and Aamir will be completely forgotten while Ranbir’s stardom will keep going high and high.
    And audience is already bored with Hrithik and dont care about him anymore. HR will retire in 3-4 years

  • What a dig at reporters by katrina, nice one to those cpap media who even capture ur private moments, thanks that u wear something unless u too exposed completely as your sister.lol

  • Kat angry with media…So when u talk media and media aksed angry question about u…U just broke their camera and they will get their answers

  • this over rated girl ‘used’ Salman Khan to get her strong foothold in the industry & now apna matlab nikaal karr Ranbir ke saath nikal gayi .. jo khud Deepika ko cheat kar chuka hai.
    Ranbir & Kat both are worthless .. & same level ke hai.
    PS: “I like Ranbir as an actor though” #AnSRKfan

  • @lol right at the start .. SRK did challenging anti-hero roles in baazigar, darr, anjaam, chehra. etc
    Go Die & wash your face first .. wake up lol .. btw the name ‘lol’ suits you .. its exactly what I felt after reading your comment.
    R.K is a kiddo, we saw what happened to Besharam. lmfao !!

  • @LOL, one can only LOL at your pathetic comment. you are a carbon copy of disaster express(srk fan) no wonder you too are one. lol ranbir kapoor fans think ranbir as big as hrithik haha wash your dirty faces and come to reality. Dum hai kisi mai ke laal mein debut year mein highest grosser de aur best debut aur best actor award v jeet le ?? K3 his 1st all time blockbuster, HR is here to stay, HR is here to rule !! if anyone speaks ill about hrithik, i will speak pathetic things about his or her fav.

  • @lol…….most of ranbirs movie are romantic-comedy film……he done a masla-action movie which is a disaster…..he only succesful in romantic-comedy type…..u say that in six year he act in various tyeps film….then say one movies name which is not rom-com genre movie
    srk,salman,amir is way better than him…..srk is global king…..salman takes masla genre in new height….amir always do more than life type movie….
    as a hr fan u r completly wrong about hritik….how can audience bored about hritik….his every film different from another
    krish 3-superhero film
    aghneepath-serious type sction movie
    Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara-Indian coming-of-age comedy-drama road film
    guzaarih-drama romance film
    kites-romantic action
    jodha-akbar-historical film
    dhoom 2-action film
    krish-superhero film

    even his 2 new film are also diiferent genre
    bang bang-action thriller film
    suddi-romantic film

    after srk,salman,amir hritik is king of bollywood….ranbir will be num 1 after 12-13 year…..i hope then he will act in some movie which are not rom-com

  • As d3 is goin to release one month..she is answering these type of questions and acting nice vit d media..and yup,ur sucked in those bikini pics..

  • @sumeet blind hrithik fan
    Ranbir is the greatest actor…… wait for few years and you will realise ranbir will reach unthinkable heights. Khans will be nowhere.
    And hrithik will be an outdated museum piece whom noone will remember

  • @Khan and HR fans
    Rockstar was not a romantic comedy idiots. And I forgot to mention Rajneeti. If Aamir, SRK or Salman did Rajneeti they will look like jokers an people will laugh at them.
    Hrithik will pee in his pants if he had to do a Rockstar type film

  • @sumeet aah there we go ! people like you force me to insult hrithik .. !!
    such a versatile actor but you’re forcing me to mock him.
    you mentioned kaho na pyaar hai as the highest grosser right on his debut & the awards he won.
    but what happened after that ? he got inspired by akshay kumar & gave a string of flops.
    except for K3G (where he played a side-kick to King Khan), his movies were all disasters in the next years (don’t force me to name them now, I feel ashamed to even name them).
    Then papa Roshan came to his sweet kid’s rescue & gave his career a solace by making Koi Mil Gaya, but Hro again got back to his flop ways, so Papa Roshan again rescued his Kiddo with Krrish & YashRaj’s Dhoom2 gave his career a much needed boost.
    Jodhaa Akbar gave him critical acclaim but then again Papa Roshan came up with his pampered Kid for an ambitious multi national project directed by Anurag Basu but he again followed it up with a huge flop in the form of ‘Kites’.
    Then came Guzaarish, whatever you call it critically acclaimed or anything, but as Sallu said .. wo movie dekhne kutta bhi nahi gaya.
    A refreshing storyline & cult direction in ZNMD & Dharma Brand name & superb storyline in Agneepath ensured him two more hits.
    & another venture with Papa Roshan has ensured a comeback for Kiddo Roshan where it earned 153 crores in 10 days.
    you’ve forced me to insult Hro .. now you wait & watch .. !!
    do you even know .. the number of hits HRo has delivered in his career are even lesser than the number of films Akki does in a year. hahahahaha Poor Kiddo Roshan !!

  • @lol……lol u rascal….cant u read…..rockstar is not rom-com but its musical romantic……so dat movie count to be romantic genere…..undestand u bighead idiot….raajneti is a multistarer movie……tell ur ranbir that he try another genre without romantic….he is sttill a choclat boy…
    hritic proved his acting skill thats why he is now one of best actor in bollywood……can ur choco choco ranbir act in dhoom 2 type movie???i m sure if he do,he will look lyk a joker without underware

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