Katrina – Deepika refuse to take up Gowarikar’s Mohenjodaro?

Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone have reportedly refused the offer to play the role of the female lead in Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Mohenjodaro.

A source has revealed that as Deepika is already busy with films that she has already signed, which include Shuddhi (not officially announced), Window Seat, and Happy New Year. She has all her dates taken up over the next couple of years. The source continued that this has prompted her to refuse Gowarikar’s historical movie.

While Ashutosh was keen on signing Deepika for the film, since she is the most sought after actress in the industry, all her dates have been allotted to films that she has already signed.

Deepika had in the past worked with Gowarikar for Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, which was received poorly at the box office.

Gowarikar’s second choice, Katrina Kaif, also has other commitments to fulfil.

As for the male lead, Hrithik Roshan, is more or less confirmed to work with his Jodhaa Akbar director once again.

Who would you want to see paired opposite Hrithik? Tell us!



  • Oh no.. Again deepika is missing the chance of working with Hrithik? I only want Deepu in it. Noone suits such a historic character like DP. Please Ashuthosh sir, wait till Deepika’s free and sign her pleeeeeeeeease………

    BTW. What is this Window seat?

  • As Deepika and Katrina have refused to play the lead so i would like to see Hrithik with Aishwarya or Priyanka.

  • I think Anushka is better because she is indeed a good actress and way better than Deepika& kat, Kangana also is good choice but i don’t think Ashutosh will approach her. Priyanka also a good choice.

  • First of all,it’s a fake news. .even for shuddhi,DP hasn’t been confirmed. .all these are fake news.
    Anyway,i want anushka the most with hrithik followed by DP,shraddha,tamannah etc. .but no bebo please. .aish is my all time fav,but she mayn’t do it. I love pc also.but how many times we will see hr-pc jodi? ?
    So anushka,dp all the way.

  • And ashutosh has given a disaster(khele hum jee jaan se) with DP.so i don’t think ashutosh will cast dp again. Sonakshi is also good.but she have to lose some weight before that. .

  • Anyway,if dp really has turned down,then it’s okay. .anuska will be popular after pk and BV.SHraddha is gud choice too.

  • Deepika wouldn’t want to miss a chance to work with Hrithik, in fact she wanted to do a film with him along with all the big Khans. She has become a big star and now she should start doing female centric films like Vidya, Kangana etc. Historical films like Lagaan, Jodhaa Akbar, Mohenjodaro are also great choices where she could play some iconic characters. Hopefully, we will get to see Hrithik-Deepika pairing soon.

    If not her, then I would like to see either Anushka, Tamanna , or even Kareena along with Hrithik in Mohenjodaro, it would be fresh pairing.
    Priyanka would also be a good choice, but we have seen this pair quite too many times recently already.

  • Now Ashutosh should try for an actress who suits the character perfectly . I think he should approach Priyanka or Vidya because both are brilliant actresses . But Hrithik and Priyanka have come in 3 movies so let’s see if they are again approached . But she is also busy with Mary Kom, Zoya Akhtar’S next Dil Dhadakne Do and has also signed MadamJi with Madhur Bhandarkar which will start shooting from October . Let’s see who is signed for Mohenjodaro but still i am damn excited for it brcause of Hrithik- Ashutosh and AR Rahman trio . @ indicine i want to ask you a question Is above average verdict considered a hit ? Any update on Bang Bang ? Please reply .

    • @Saksham, when a film has just about managed to recover its investment, or if a film is a commission earner for most distributors, it’s given the ‘above average’ verdict.

      About Bang Bang, shooting is currently in progress.

  • Noone wants to work with Hrithik. He shivers too much Lol.
    Anyways film will be another Guzaarish or Khele hum ji jaan se in Boxoffice.

  • Now i somehow feel dat dp has been confirmed for shuddhi. .after hny,she has no big projects. But still,she has turned down nt only mahenjodaro,but also slb’s bajirao mastani! ! !there could be some reason behind it! Perhaps,she has been secretely offered for shuddhi although both karans have not stated anything.

  • @vicky and @sallu, lol tell this to your flopstar salman who is not getting top heroines , so working with 3rd grade heroines like daisy shah and sana khan

    @romance disaster, go to hell you parasite. your crappy new year will be a sureshot disaster, remember tees maar khan ?? fan will be blown away by cooler ! raees will not even recover its costs.

    why katrina ? katrina is working with him in bang bang, so someone else ofcourse. deepika or anushka or shraddha or priyanka would be awesome choice but i think ashutosh will pick up the right actress.

    look at all the frustrated jealous stupid khan fans abusing this film. they praise swades because it had srk, two faced morons , you are praising the garbage produced by khans. all khans fans have no self respect because they happily accept the garbage of their stars. they will lick their feet even at the age of 80. shame

    indicine team, i hope you wont be biased this time , i hope you will publish my comment. previously they disrespected akshay,now hrithik. if you post their comments, post mine too.

  • shame on hypocritic khans fans !!! ashutosh gowariker is one of the finest filmmakers of india, examples are lagaan and jodhaa akbar. MOHENJODARO is a world class film about a lvoe story in indus valley civilisation, team of ashutosh,rahman,german cinematographer n hollywood crew along with greek god Hrithik makes it the BIGGEST film to come !! while hrithik is taking risks and making different kind of films for betterment of indian cinema, overrated khans are still busy making kick,hny,ce,ett etc ! have some shame fools , learn to appreciate the real talent or else indian cinema will never improve.

    @romance new year, no matter how much you shout, your goat actor will soon play grandpa roles.

  • @anupama.. Window seat is the next imtiaz Ali(or ayan mukherjee) movie featuring.. Ranbir kapoor n dp.. I think.

  • I think deepika will suit more to hrithik compared to size but anushka couldn’t suit him.though katrina could also suit but ashutosh will not let it happen.all the best for hr and epic director Ashutosh Gowarikor and non of his single movie couldn’t be as best as like SWADES.

    @punk,what is fate of HNY you know very well,you must remember MHN and OSO.as akshay was in it so it becomes tmk which is also a semi-hit,lol.you’re the most disgusting and irritating guy I had seen in this site.at least I a SRK fan not only I even @sky an amir fan also gave +ve comments about hr.but peoples like you,hr will be abused.we never thoght akki/hr garabage it’s you who indirectly now told everyone that they are garbage.I marked you everytime against SRK in his article,you’re so jealous of him.might you didn’t have seen a non papa’s boy I mean non filmy background actor how turned to a GLOBAL MEGASTAR.you underestimate FAN,when it will release it will destroy even a hurricane so cooler is joke.didn’t you think so.mad peoples!!!!!!!

  • Ever since the trade learnt that Hrithik Roshan had given Ashutosh Gowariker’s epic love story the thumbs up, there’s been speculation on which lucky leading lady would be cast opposite him. However, sources close to Gowariker’s production house tell us that no one has been approached yet.

    But excitement is mounting as almost every top actress as well as the younger, relatively newer ones are keenly vying for this role. After all, who would want to miss out on the deadly combination of Gowariker and AR Rahman with Hrithik Roshan as the lead and the top international crew associated with the film?

    One source claims that many actresses have been trying to connect with Gowariker to express their desire to be cast but they’ve been unsuccessful since he’s been away for his banner’s first television production, which is being helmed by Glen and Akush.

    Shaping up to be one of the most coveted roles, we’ll have to wait to see who the filmmaker finally chooses: Box Office India(24th March)

  • Hrithik Roshan is brilliant actor and ashutosh is brilliant director so nothing to worry about female lead it will create history again

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