Kareena: Shuddhi wouldn’t have been the same without Hrithik

In one of her latest interviews, Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about her no longer being a part of Karan Malhotra’s super-ambitious film ‘Shuddhi’.

The film was in news for her pairing with Hrithik Roshan, who decided to let-go of the film due to health reasons.

“Shuddhi wouldn’t have been the same without Hrithik.. there will be something better in store for us in the future” Kareena said, who last worked with Hrithik in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon.

Although the Hrithik – Kareena pair hasn’t been very successful, there was tremendous social media hype about the two reuniting on-screen after 11 years.




  • I agree. .millions of hrithikfans are depressed and disappointed after hro’s walking away from shuddhi. .they must wait untill hr recovers completely. Otherwise it would definately be a loss. Ranbir will nt give justice to the roll. Though i like ranveer singh,i don’t want anyone to do shuddhi other than HR . ;(

  • After brain surgery Hrithik can not able to give his 100% for Shuddhi so good decision gentleman Hrithik who can not want more delay for this film

  • This is a sad news for hrithik fans that Shuddhi would be without hrithik…I still can’t see any actor in place of HR to work in Karan’s ambitious project Shuddi. I belive HR should be completing shooting of Bang Bang by April/May and should start shooting for another movie by August.

    I hope there will be some movie of Hrithik releasing in 2015…

  • Though kareena is a wonderful actress, I would rather see hrithik paired opposite someone who he hasn’t been paired with….like anushka, deepika, sonam and the list goes on…..

  • She’s right this time. Shuddhi had a lot of hype before with Hrithik-Kareena pair after 11 years, Agneepath team, fresh script, etc.

  • That’s optimism by Kareena and yes they definitely should have worked together in Shuddhi but it’s all about luck . Hrithik thought that because of his medical issues Shuddhi will suffer so he opted out . I hope after Shuddhi Karan Malhotra starts working on the Immortals of Meluha adaptation with HR and finds a suitable actress because the character of Sati in IOM is very powerful . It’s good to hear Kareena saying nice words about HR . There was a time when media reported that HR and Kareena are having a affair and they stopped working together . They have become mature now good to hear that .

  • But,I’m happy,Kareena replaces in Lootera 2,opposite Imran Khan,Directed by Saif Ali Khan.Produced by Ram Gopal Verma

  • Yes!Now it would be more good & beneficial for the film,as papa spoon feeding kid will not shiver on the big screen.Also the collections of this movie will not be manipulated.

  • HR….. you are best person besause u know, who can’t do danger after brain surgary.he respect karan and karan. I hope, HR back to shuddhi. HR would not pair to aunty bebo.So he opt out but now he want back……. good luck.. HR…….

  • @GGB + @MG + @SS okay you made your point the first time so a wasted exercise in reiterating your point of view under three different names- stop it as popular conception is that lungiwalas have more spare lungis sorry spare IDs than any other fanbase out there but you are bringing unwanted scrutiny to Hrithik fans at this juncture…!

    @nipin alcoholic Most fans are depressed and disappointed too but not bcoz Rohit walked away from Shuddhi but bcoz you walked away from your training/ studies on becoming a chaiwala to comment and not just you but you brought along your ‘lootera’ split personality with you too for good measure. Stop fooling everyone here- you 2 are the same- lootera loopy krazzzzzyyyyyy

  • Hr is good actor though i think he has been stereotype typecast in similar kinds of roles in range of 2-3 years,
    i.e if he do mordenise movie than repeat same for next 2-3 movies

  • why not
    better choice take srk or aamir
    if you really think that shuddi will be not the same without hro then it is very bad idea
    yeah i know that srk and aamir were good in asoka and mangal pandey but not even close to hro in jodha akbar
    but let me tell you something that actors always depends on directors when it comes to acting
    j.a akbar director was gawarikor(one of the finest directors in bollywood) with the same director srk in swades and aamir in lagaan have given better performance then hro in j.a
    and director of shuddi is very good director so dont underistimate any one
    but ranbir
    no chance he is another media hyped actor that dont know too much about acting

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