Kareena Kapoor talks about Tamil superstar Suriya

When Kareena Kapoor said she doesn’t know Tamil superstar Suriya, her statement angered a lot of die-hard fans of the actor.

In response to the immense criticism that she has received, Kareena said ”It is a fact that I don’t know him. I’ve never met him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know who Suriya is. Of course I know him. He’s a big star in Tamil cinema, in fact one of the biggest. I truly respect his standing in the Indian film industry”

“In fact, I’m doing the sequel to ‘Singham’, the film where he played the lead originally in Tamil cinema,” she added.

Kareena also said that she’s love to do a film with Suriya, if he decided to do a Hindi film.

“He is tremendously talented. It’d be a pleasure and an honour to work with him” she said.

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