Kareena Kapoor says she will attend Shahid Kapoor’s wedding!

Bollywood has always been famous for breakups and patch-ups between celebrities. Very few stars have been open about their relationship in public. One such couple was Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, who†broke up in 2007. Since then they have spoken very little about each other. Kareena married Saif Ali Khan and now Shahid is also going to tie the knot with Mira Rajput.

When Kareena was asked how she felt about it, she surprised everyone with her response. Kareena said, “Both of us performed at a recent event where he told me that heís getting married before he told the media. Iím very happy for him. And I can vouch for marriage being cool. Professionally and personally, Shahid has been in a happy place.”

“If he sends me an invitation, I will attend it! I wish him all the best. It’s the perfect time for him to get married and settle down. He’s doing very well professionally. I haven’t seen Haider yet but my sister (Karisma Kapoor) saw it and said that he was brilliant in the film. I always knew he had that spark and needed one film to click. I guess Haider did wonders for him” she added.

The two stars will be soon seen together once again in Udta Punjab which also stars Alia Bhatt. Well, anyway it would be interesting to see whether or not Kareena gets invited to Shahidís wedding in Greece.



  • Kareena with king aamir 3idiots-200cr
    kareena with king salman bodyguard-140
    kareena with our real king srk sir ra.1-120

  • Karina Thinks Jb We Met Was Hit Bcos of her . Dats y she is referring HAIDER as the needed One Flick to click For Shahid ..!

    She Iz So self obsessed actress .
    She takes her stardom so seriously .
    But she can’t even give 1 HIT on her own..! She Iz Over

  • @bulli fan
    This is 120cr. Because srk is in 3rd position in present after amir and salman and soon he is out from top5

  • definitely there is certain amount of stiffness among ex and current lover
    and shahid in every way is better than saif. he has capability to become top star of country
    Its just his bad luck and super power of khans and hrithik which resist him frm becoming one
    I hope top actress includind deepika and katrina work with shahid
    He is real gem who had patience to do hardwork when he was going thru his rough patch
    Good times ahead . Cheers Shahid

  • I loved their awesome chemistry in Jab We met..and it’s really good to see all is well between them..
    Can’t wait for Udta Punjab.
    Also Shahid will be working with Saif in Rangoon,so obviously there is no insecurity n discomfort among them.

  • Kareena in Shahid’s wedding will be the tak of the B-Town…
    Also UDTA PUNJAB has all ingredients to become a 150 cr grosser & even much more…

  • Now a days there is no such huge controversy is going between stars like past and whatever happening that solved quickly.

    @bulli fan,little correction

    Amir with out Raju+ kareena+rani—-the-laash(90cr)—-flop

    sallu with out south remake +kareena—-mamk(?)—-disaster

    KING KHAN with out any big brand/flop director+kareena+100CR budget—-RA ONE(125CR)—-HIT

  • Kareena being too frank
    Anyways i wish both of them kareena n saif and shahid n mira a happy life ahead

  • Everyone says that shahid Kapoor has bad luck but if that was the case he wouldn’t have been where he is today

  • @sss also you forgot one more correction, sarookh without big budget and diwaali,
    ahoka disaster < 10 crore. Lol.

  • @sss also you forgot to mention sarookh without diwali, + Kareena shoka < 10 Cr disaster. Lol. And talaash was a clean hit you moron. If talaash was flop than Ra.one and kanti shah 2 were disasters of 2011 despite diwaali and Christmas. Shame shame.

  • I used to like kareena as actress on screen but she is a greatest actress off screen. She just used shahid for 2 years and than dumped him. What a cheater she is and chose a middle aged Muslim divorsed guy saif. I hate her.

  • @eric,in which planet talash is hit,lol?????your boi says talash is a semi hit/disaster whatever,lol.1st change the verdict then talk you 11 hit star’s fan.BTW talk about recent after multiplex era.why are you including ashoka(2001) movie while your star gave many disasters after disasters like mela,mp,dch etc etc,lol.what a big shame!!!!!,ROFL.your records starts with south remake and ends with Raju hirani passing through dhoom3.if besides 3 record if yourtu achieved something,then kindly mention you loser fans,ROFL.

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