Kareena Kapoor on Filmfare Cover

Post the critically acclaimed Omkara and the commerically super successful Jab We Met, Kareena Kapoor is on a high. She is currently the highest paid actress in Bollywood.

Its not just the professional front, even her personal life is much in news these days. After her much-publicized break up with Shahid Kapoor, she is currently dating Saif Ali Khan. Saif went as far as tattooing her name on his arm.

She recently posed for the Filmfare February edition. Here’s Kareena baring her back and asking “Who gets love bites on the back?”

Check it out and post your comments below! Click on the image below for higher resolution scan!

Pic: Kareena on Filmfare

Kareena on filmfare cover



  • kareena is the biggest idiot, bitch, a-hole alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who dumps shahid (luv you) for saif?!???!!!!!????

  • Lol! Kareena looks so stupid! I think Filmfare is degrading itself by featuring Kareena gagain and again on the cover. Did her parents buy the filfare covers she appeared on?

    Kareena is stupid bcoz she thinks the world revolves around her. She looks like her dad without moustache but with a wig. She is not even a good actress and i guess all the filfare awards she won were bought by her family!

    She thinks she is sexy but is simply gross! This cover is in response to the article about her love-bites on her back..C’mon accept it! Even when her kissing pics were out she denied it! Shame onyou girl for not accepting what you do! Wonder if she’d be where she is if her name was not kapoor!

  • ho ho.kareena kareeana, yeh kya hua…i used to be your fan…but now i regret that i liked you..yes i do
    admit that you are beautyful..but what mistake did shahid do until you just dumped him like that..you should not have done that..your sister is better off than you..it”s humanlating that you are exposing your love bites..is it something to be proud off??!reena is absolutely right..i too wonder where would be if she was not from the kapoor khandan..

  • Hey guys…please give Kareena a break-she is beautiful and has come a long way.she does not have double standards and is a role model to many..truely liberated and an image of what a modern female of the 21st century should be like!

    We need to break the mould of being conservative etc..coz there are a lot of judemental,narrow minded people that do things behind closed doors and sweep it under the carpet..it is about time they came out in the open!

    Kareena,I adore and salute you!

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