Kareena Kapoor Khan signs Raj Kumar Gupta’s next!

If you were wondering why Kareena Kapoor has not been seen in powerful roles in recent times, then we have some good news for you.

The stunning actress, who will soon be seen opposite Salman Khan in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, has signed a film where she has an interesting role to play.

The film will be directed by reputed director Raj Kumar Gupta, who has directed films like ‘Aamir’ and ‘No One Killed Jessica’. The story of the film has not been revealed but it is said that Kareena will be playing the role of a prostitute who is suffering from schizophrenic (mental disorder).

The story is said to be based on Section 84 in the Indian Penal Code, (Act of a person of unsound mind.—Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it, by reason of unsoundness of mind, is incapable of knowing the nature of the act, or that he is doing what is either wrong or contrary to law.)

The actress has played the role of a prostitute twice before in ‘Chameli’ and ‘Talaash’, and has received a lot of praise for both her performances.



  • Kareena Kapoor Khan.. One of the most beautiful woman in this world on my opinion!! And obviously an amazing actress!!

  • Raj kumar gupta is a very talented ditector.i liked his both aamir and no one killed Jessica which was also a decent commercial success

    bt his last film emmys Ghanchakkar was a huge disappointment commercially bt wasnt a bad film fr sure.it was a decent watch.perhaps emmy brought the film bad luck.emmy has harmed many careers in last 3yrs.dibakar banerjee karan (ungli) mohit (hak) ekta (daayan) so raj kumar shd nt feel alone.choosing emmy fr his Ghanchakkar brought the film bad luck

    anyways all the best fr ur next film.hope u make an excellent comeback

  • Even after marriage she looks nothing short of a sweetheart.. I’ll watch this film for sure

  • Her best performances belong to JWM followed by Chameli, Talaash, 3 idiots etc. She will be wasted in an upcoming film whose star delivered the Masterpiece Main Aur Mrs. Khanna with her!

  • Good news bebo is really hot and a very good actress hope this film becomes critically and commercially success for her..

  • She also played a prostitute in Chameli, Talaash & even in Heroine her character had traits of a prostitute.

  • Logic of Karina kapurs signing a film >>> Hero kaun h ? :P

    nd this iz the actress who Talk about The difference between Fees of male nd female Actors ..!

  • Kareena Kapoor congrt u next filim Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be All time blockbuster iam sure iam sure iam sure iam sure iam sure

  • i think now she understands that she won’t get roles which deepika and katrina get
    thus she is accepting such offers

  • Ohh looking forward to this one
    raj kumar gupta is a very intelligent director…All his movies have been appreciated n are well directed
    aamir n no one killed jessica both were edge of the seat kind of thrillers..

  • Waiting to see kaeeena in powerful rolls, I don’t why she is doing bjrngi bhaijan type of Films.

  • Who cares about this flop actress?She doesn’t have the ability to make it big with her own work like Deepika,Kangana,Anushka.She couldn’t do justice to her great roll in ‘Heroine’.She is an actress who can’t do anything without her male lead.I am sure even in BB she might have a little role to play…..

  • Kareena’s career will be an all time high after release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Her career was nearly destroyed after Ra.one.

  • Srk=King of romantic roles

    Salman/Akshay/Hrithik = King of Action roles

    Amir=king of creative roles

    Kareena = queen of prostitute roles

    Katrina = Queen of less dialogues role

    Deepika = Queen of quarrel role.

  • @Rajdeep YePp exactly ..
    nobody is offering her role with youngsters nd big stars so she even got ready to work with her EX in udta Punjab :P

  • Bebos worst film EVER was MPKDH where she had to carry not 1 spoon fed star kid but 2 useless star kids especially 1 who would start shivering for no reason….

  • @nipun why are you so jealous about Salman and badmouth him everywhere you can. Even Hrithik has deliver utter garbage and shamelessly copied films, so remember that. At least Salman has the decency to buy the rights before remaking, while Roshans shamelessly copy Marvel /dc comics without permission.

  • currently she is a flop actresr but after
    bajrangi bhaijaan her value will increase just like jacqueline..

  • Birthday over!!

    Arjun kapoor is ghatiya actor who has destroyed Eros by his mega-disaster Tevar!!.

    Also deepika was the most successful actress but that ghatiya Arjun kapoor brought her bad luck with 1 more fake acclaimed disaster Fanny.

    @arjun youngistan fan. B4 pointing fingers on others .. Apne girebaan me jhaak liya kar. BV,DDD, Besharam(Reliance) , Kill Dil (YRF) , Lootera(Balaji) , Dawat Ishq (YRF) all these mega-disasters are not just flops, they have lost huge invetments and there exhibitors r bankrupt!!.

    Agree ghanchakkar was not a good movie. But it did 38cr and recovered costs! Same was Ek Thi Dayan.

    Ungli was a gone case for actors as well as makers. So don’t blame emmi for that.

  • A niche film-maker like Dibaker Banerjee’s highest grossing and appreciated film is Shanghai! Everybody knew what happened to YRF’s mega flop byomkesh bakshy hahaha!!

    Same with RajKumar gupta. His highest grossing film is Ghanchakkar. Don’t think Arjun Kapoor,Ranveer singh could even
    have pulled of such figures because they r only giving films with Alia/anushka /YRF/etc.

  • @Arjun Youngistan fan
    U should wish Kareena best of luck because she would find it extremely tough to make a comeback because of her rom-com with Panauti Arjun Kapoor is going to lose another huge investment.
    God bless R Balki.
    Only superstar Big B can save it from tanking.

  • Anurag Kashyap , such a good director, why he casted a faltu affair actor Ranbir kapoor!

    His film BV could not outgross even Kashyap’s smaller films Like GOW series.

    While Dibakar’s Shanghai outgrossed all his prevoius 4-5cr lifetime films. And was declared HIT by ‘some’ sites.

  • @ element bhai i didn’t want to insult emmy bt it is some pathetic comments of emmy fans in abcd2 and ddd article that forced me to insult him.plz sudhar jao tum log otherwise more insult coming

  • @Don
    Yes I agree with you with d king n queen titles only wld alter
    1. King of action. Akshay Ajay(almost dare devil stunts in all their movies)
    b. King of Visual and special effects but not easy stunt actions . Hritik and Salman.
    2. Queen of prostitutes Priyanka (noteably Aitraaz Fashion though in modern ways)
    Note bcos all d kings n queens u named eida rocked d box office or those movies led to best actor /actresses eida filmfare or National Award which makes Priyanka more suitable.
    3. All Kareena blockbuster at box office(100crores plus) or award winning movies she ddnt play prostitute roles
    1. 3idiots box office aspect
    2. Golmaal 3. Box office aspect
    3. Jab we met ..Award winning aspect
    4. Bodyguard box office aspect
    5. Singham returns box office aspect
    She is very talented only that yes if she is paired with an A lister superstar her roles is small but let’s give her some credit,even after marriage no actress can boast of more 100crores than her I mean married women aspect. Plus @box office rankings it’s her name that will b mentioned not d number of minutes she appeared on d screen.

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