Kareena and Shahid Kapoor break-up?

While fans are eagerly waiting to watch the cutest couple’s romance on screen in Imtiaz Ali ‘Jab We Met’, grapevine says that Kareena’s relationship with long time boyfriend Shahid Kapoor has come to an end. The tale began on the sets of Yash Chopra’s Tashan when Kareena and co-star Saif Ali Khan felt attracted to eachother, giving a new twist to Bebo’s relationship with Shahid.

For the first time, we’ll get to see the talented Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan together in Yash Chopra’s Tashan. If sources are to be believed “the chemistry between the couple is incredible and they will surely set the screen ablaze.” But well, everything comes with a cost.

While Shahid is unaware of Kareena’s new attraction, Kareena choose not to comment on the matter.

So is this a true story or just another fictious tale, only time can say. Keep visiting for more updates on Shahid – Kareena’s love story.

Here’s some pictures of Kareena and Shahid together..

The cutest and most admired couple’s relationship comes to an end as talents are brought closer.

Kareena and Shahid

Kareena and Shahid

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  • kareena u will be dearth soon by saif…as saif only play sfe side…u will be ditched by him soon…by the way if this true than saif is nothing to loose ..as kareena will use used maal…bollywood …su…

  • I think that Kareena is really stupid for dumping Shahid for the bloody flirt, Saif.
    They made such a cute couple. I hate Kareena for this.

  • I thick Kareena is so stupid for dumping Shahid for Saif… Shahid loves her so much and Kareena has just dumped him for the sake of SAIF!!!! how stupid culd u get!!?!?!?!??!!?! Ur MAD!!! =((
    u and shahis make the perfect couple not u and SAIF!!! Get it into ur hed!!!


    =)) :d

  • :) hey all…..who is sad by knwing tat SWEET Shahid broke up wit Witch Kareena Kapoor????????? tell you frankly i am really happy tat they broke up………i didnt like thier couple..Shahid is cute n hot….look at kareena..she is soooooooooo old for Sweet shahid..i think she is older than him..i am really happy..i think saif n kareena’s couple is gud cause saif ditched so many women n now its Kareena’s turn…..party time…anyways if anybody else is happy with this contact me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz ok
    bye all :cool:

  • i think its gud SHAHID deserves wayyyyyyyyyy beter than kareena!!!!
    and by the i cant wait to hear wen saif will dump her…lolz…….. :d

  • umm…its ur lyf..n v lyk noone t cmmnt abt it! but i wuld surely say…its ws nt rite fr u t leave d guy whu luvs u lyk so mch..fr saif!! n u cnt lyk break a three year old relation fr juss AN ATTRACTION!! …but its upto u yaa!! nywz!! Tke cre!! hv a blst.!! luv..dhwani!

  • Hiii!
    kareena did a gud thing. Shahid deserves better than a slut. Kareena is just gay and stupid and she looks so older than shahid so wth PARTY!!! i think shahid and amrita make a really good couple and they should go out and as for kareena, she will get dumped by saif and then come back crying to shahid.


  • am vry happy zat kareena and shahid had break up ,i dnd like zer relationship at all .zat would be ze perfect couple for amrita and shahid ,zey so swit together……………………………………………………….

  • Shahid

    Dont worry she is not the girl for u, i am happy that u have leave her alone.Ahh now u can be pair with her the one that is perfect for u i.e Amrita Roa.Both of u looks dashing u know than with that older Kareena

    Cmon Shahid she is still single dont miss the chance coz u looks more romantic as well as compatible with her.

  • i think kareena is really stupid ..how could she leave cutie shahid for saif …. i mean saif almost of her father’s age i guess he is sooo old

  • shahid tum bohut pyare hoo acha howa jo tumein kareena ki asliyat pata chal gaye shukar hai us ki tumhare sath break up hoo gaye .. … pehle karishma ne b galti ki abhishek ko chor kar ab kareena kar rahi hai tumein choor kar dekhna jaise karishmaa pashtaa rahi hai na abhisheek ko chor kar waise he kareena bhi pashtai gi ….. par mujhe pata hain k tum kareena se sacha pyar karte the … usko tumhare pyar ki tum dafa karo us ko … tum ko kareena se b pyari aur achi larki mile gi … inshal’allah :) ……..

    are bachpan se usaka ek deewaana tha
    jisaka paanv gali ke aashiq pare hataana tha
    dil se jisako maan raha tha apane dil ki raani woh
    aur kisipe hi marati thi marjaani woh
    ek kahaani khatam toh duja kissa shuru huwa
    nagaada nagaada nagaada baja :) ……. SHAHID I LOVE UUUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOO MUCH :) …. GOD BLESS U

  • >:D:D< for Shahid Kapoor…..sweetheart ur toooo gud for Karena….nd plz when Saif Dump Kareena plz sweetheart(Shahid) don’t kareena bk……..go out with Amrita….u both r such a cute couple.luv u Shahid….nd with u all the best….

  • hi shahid very happy 4 u dnt worry abt dat bitch kareena .ya to karna tha issay coz apny sis ka nakshay kadam par jo jana tha pata nahi kyun in dono sisterz ko married log kyun pasand aty hai lagta hai faisala kiya hai k married ho par paisay wala ho ALLAH apko buhat success day AAMEEN app apna couple amrita rao sa banao buhat suit karty hai ap dono ka couple kareena to apki maa lagty thy .hamain to app jab we met main he dono pasand aye n break up issi film sa hua .but dnt worry saif jaldi issay chorday ga ya bolly wood ki dusry parveen babi hogy apna dada ka naam mety main milaya iss kameeni larki nay sharam aty hai mujha iss baat par ka ya log peshawar sa kabhi belong karty thay i hate kareena kapoor marty b nahi baap samaan mard sa ishq larakay meray kheyal main agar larki main wafa nahi ho to ussay goly marny chahiye saali kuty kiya karain ussay app romatic nahi lagay na ussay to more romantic boys chahiye very sad abt dat but dnt worry love u bro n plz make friendship wid amrita rao take care ALLAH hafiz,

  • hi shahid dont ever go back to kareena she is a bitch to leave u. You r the best. Go with her rival to make her jealous…………ok bye for now……….Muah
    from Love,
    Israh Ovais
    Al Diyafah High School
    Grade 8
    15 Years old.

  • shahid!!!!!!! i luvv u soooo much and i think you should date mii now that u broke up wit the supa-bitch kareena she doesn’t deserve u anyway. i can’t wait till her and saif break up. lolzz :0

  • anyways your only dumped by that ugly bitch becuase ofcourse you don’t have that much$ as saif does also i think your are cute and hot so you should forget about that and date viday.

  • hi shahid ! I LOVE YOU why you guys broke up u and bebo were the hottest and cutiest couple ever.I wish you come back together but this time 4ever.as far as saif is conserned he looks dashing with Rani. PLEASE COME BACK TOGETHER.

  • It was a while ago when Kareena and Shahid appeared in Karan’s show and how Kareena was explaining her affection for Shahid. She is a fake girl only good for sex and not for love. After the break-up we saw Kareena with Saif more and only a bitch like her can move with a different man so quickly. Saif will dump her sometime or other and she will learn a lesson then. Till then enjoy Saif and good luck to Shahid for finding a better girl whom he will be happy with. I wish Kareena (Chameli girl) soon leave Bollywood films and join porn industry as she can make a better career there.

  • From all couple, the only couple looking exceptional is u together, nevertheless the dreadful jiffy swept through this stupendous couples which escort two catastrophe but still you both destiny haven’t astray yet as a result it can bring you guys together again and live happily ever after….The quixotic love wont collapse even if it will build-up again……….

  • Hey shahid dont feel sad that old witch{karina}did”nt deserve you she deserved an old,used,rude and selfish man like saif.You deserve someone better yaar,you people broke up and in this way you got saved.ITs her loss because she lost someone who truely loved her but you lost someone who never loved you so be happy over the fact that you are saved . HAVE FUN !!

  • hey shahid……ur soooo hot, i nvr knew tht kareena wud b soooo mean like tht, i mean seriously, dumpin u for saif, HA u must b kiddin me…….but since she was soooo mean, u shud deserve sumone way better than tht. go out wit amrita, u guys r sooooo cute 2gether. plz 4get bout kareena, wat she did was rude, especially to a guy like u, plz b happy always, n dnt put tht stress on u. from all of all ur fans luv……jus 4get bout her, u deserve better…… n dnt b upset u shud b happy tht she left u, cuz she nvr liked u, instead u liked her. if all the things i’m sayin is wrong, i’m srry, i;m jus sayin wat i think is rite.

  • well d best thing is shahid is a cute cooooool guy where bebo looks like a billi but their jodi was the best amomg others but now i hate that billi bebo acchha hua ki shahid ne bebo ko chod diya varna pata nahi ki kya ho jata hey bhagvaaaan………… but now i like d jodi of shahid-genelia in chance pe dance , shahid-ayesha in fool n final , shahid-priyanka in kaminey (the hottest couple ever) {khaas bebo ko jalan ho iss baat ki shahid aur prianca ek saath hahaha} and shahid -katrina (khaas hote to)

  • no offence, but all you people above are saying such mean things to kareena without knowing what is ACTUALLY true. you shouldnt say anything to anyone without knowing whats true, its not right. and how do you knoq kareena kapoor is fake, its not like you have lived with her, shes an actress, on TV shes got to act nice, anyone would and so would you all, but you dont exactly know her, so why call her fake? its not right, shes a human with feelings and she could get upset reading your comments. basically as i dont know what is the truth and it doesnt make a difference by me knowing becasue its not my life. the point is kareena kapoor is happy n so is shahid kapoor, hpe so. but all i can say kareena and shahid may allah give you all the happiness and success in life, insha allah x p.s n im a great fan of both of u 2, i watch all your movies even though i live in the UK lol :) x

  • pagal hai kareena jo ek married man ke liye shahid ko chore diya
    dusre ka ghar barbad karket apna ghar basana chahati hai

  • Kareena tum pagal hogayi ho jo shahid ko chod di meri sugest mano or phir se patch up karlo shahid ke sat qki saif mujhe tmhare sat acha nai lagta tmhare sat sirf shahid best hai dekho agar tm mera coments padrai ho tou please shahid ke pas chale jao wo tmse bohat luv karta hai wo tmhe acept karlega or inshallah phir se tmhara or shahid ka film sat me release hoga jab we met ki tarah mai tmhara or shahid ka bohat pehle se fan hu.kasam se mujhe saif ek paise ka nai lagta hai budha sala harami kaha se tmlog ke bich me agaya jo tmlog ka break up hogaya please return back shahid life please karena…waise hm dua karte hai hamesha ki tm or shahid phir se mil jao bye khuda hafiz..

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