Karan Malhotra’s Shuddhi postponed indefinitely

After the success of ‘Agneepath’ featuring Hrithik Roshan in the lead, director Karan Malhotra had ambitious plans for his film ‘Shhuddhi’.

The film was first planned with Hrithik in the lead, but the superstar opted out of it and gave the green-signal to Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’.

After Hrithik, Dharma Productions’ announced that the film would feature Salman Khan in the lead. But Salman too opted out of it.

Finally, producer Karan Johar announced that the film would star Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt – the actors he launched in Student Of The Year.

The project was expected to go on the floors, until ‘Brothers’ bombed at the box office.

Now, sources say, the film has been postponed indefinitely “Karan Malhotra has kept the script aside and it is unlikely that he will make the film anytime soon. As of today, the film is not even discussed in the meetings at the Dharma office. In fact, Malhotra is developing another script under the same banner” a source close to the director said.



  • Well the movie’s status was decreased time by time
    1st hrithik ( 2nd best after SRK )
    2nd salman
    3rd varun
    4th they should have opt for Aamir khan ( even lower fan base than ajay devgn ) ?

  • Lol, Srk and Hrithik both have problem in dialauge delivery and some fools thinks they can act. Srk can over act and Hrithik can underact.

  • Another jagga jasoos. It has even surpass jj interms of delay. Any fil that has delayed turn out to be boxoffice disaster

  • Masala films hardly get good reviews from critics! Agneepath was both a commercial as well as critical success!

  • Shuddhi should be shelved if Hrithik is not doing it and if Karan Johar has lost trust in K Malhotra.
    Karan Johar should hire Rajamouli and make the adaptation of novel ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ with Hrithik Roshan in the lead. He should have a good relationship with the director as he’s already worked with him during ‘Baahubali’, and there might not be a better director to helm an ambitious project like ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ with a huge production cost. It is a great novel and deserves a live-action adaptation on big screen.

  • Very sad for this project as Karan Malhotra is a good director. Only Aamir or SRK could have replaced Hrithik anyway, there was no point in giving such an amitious project to Varun.

  • @box office tablet Or they should have opted for fanless SRK, whose FAN was a disaster.
    Also who ran from clash like a coward lol.

  • I always knew Shuddhi will be postponed when Hrithik decided to opt out of Shuddhi . I was always excited for Shuddhi but when Hrithik quit the project my excitement was completely over . Varun and Alia do not have the pedigree currently to run a massive movie like Shuddhi on their shoulders . It is a sensible decision taken by Dharma and Karan Malhotra as whenever a movie gets delayed the buzz is almost over . I hope JJ also gets shelved as it has been delayed for more than 2 years . There is still no confirmation whether JJ will release this year or not . @ Rohit Absolutely correct The Immortals Of Meluha is a masterpiece and it is the Highest Selling Novel in India . I feel Dharma has wasted the golden opportunity to make a movie on IOM . It has been a long time they have the rights I don’t know what is going on in their mind . They are making movies like Shaandaar, Gori Tere Pyaar Main, Brothers, SOTY and HSKD etc. and all these movies are affecting their credibility . SS Rajamouli is the perfect candidate to make a movie on this concept . He is a fearless filmmaker and he has a vast knowledge and experience of making films that have a massive scale . Karan Malhotra was looking a promising director after Agneepath but Brothers has badly affected him . Dharma is also not confident in Karan’s abilities to make Shuddhi .

  • @ Boxoffice tablet at 5:50 pm : Have never understood the formula with which some persons like u calculate fan bases of to stars like Amir and Ajay.

    They both have delivered a number of 100 cr grossers (we saw the list yesterday). Ever wondered who buys the tickets of those high grosser movies if not the fans of both stars???

  • After this waste product they should make Srk and Arjun Kapoor starrer someshuddhi because only Arjun kapoor have patience to tolerate Srk’s Over acting.

  • lol…always funnier to see Salman fans talking about acting…hahahahahahahaha

    and in domestic
    JAI HO(highly commercial on Republic day) >Talaash (better music, kareena+Rani)>FAN (SRK)



    check BOI’s recent article…

    reason why bhaifans are always afraid to talk about overseas and worldwide..Thank you kabir khan+Munni+Eid release with excellent content so that they can talk about at least one movie :P

    and that’s the only one :P

  • @box office tablet speaks someone who is fan of a flop star who couldn’t cross 100 cr in 2016 with 3600 screens. His fan couldnt even cross Megastar Aamir Khan’s 2012 release talaash. Fan Less shahrukh has such a low fan following. Even tushar kapoor has more fan following than fanless shahrukh.

  • Srk is biggest fan less actor in the world. Even chankey pandey and tushar kapoor have more fan following than fan less flop actor shahrukh.

  • Arjun Rampal should do Shuddhi . He will make it highest grosser of all time and will also beat Avatar record .

  • lol, when they have nothing to say talk about worldwide. they don’t know difference between dollor and rupees. 2014 and 2016. not surprising foreigners still ruling on us.

  • Why bhagoda khan fans keep ranting abt overseas collection when we all know the top three overseas collections belong to Amir and box office czar Salman??? Maybe the failure and total rejection of FAn has messed up their brain.

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