Karan Johar as Kaizad Khambatta in Bombay Velvet

Now that the first look of Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma, who play Johnny Balraj and Rosie Noronha respectively, has been revealed, the makers of ‘Bombay Velvet’ have revealed Karan Johar’s look in the film.

The filmmaker, who made his acting debut in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, plays the character of Kaizad Khambatta. Bombay Velvet would be Karan’s first full-fledged role.

Sporting a moustache, Karan impresses big time with his look in the film.

Bombay Velvet is set in Bombay of the 1960s. The film releases in theatres on May 15.

Karan Johar’s look in Bombay Velvet

Karan Johar’s look in Bombay Velvet



  • This movie will be epic success….both critically and comercially….The movie will set new benchmark for Indian Cinema…

  • Sureshot flop ….for media-created ranbir……!!..
    Media backing ho toh gadha bhi star banta hai …….!!……
    T -series promote roy over baby …… …!! .. Bombay velvet sure shot flop …….!!

  • Lots of promotion….. Media puppet-giri ……… Affair rumours …… !! …. Media makes a star out of a donkey ranbir…….!!! …….
    Bombay velvet sure shot flop …..!! ..

    1st poster pathetic….
    2nd poster pathetic…
    Now this kjo even more pathetic…..

    Now the double-standard idiot ranbir fan will cmnt …. That srk-salman,ajay-akki are done and dusted……

  • Oh !!!!this is minboggling look.what a look.KJO sir is looking awesome.I was a big fan of his direction now I have to a big fan of his class look as well as act.bravo sir!!!!after all very few true class actors are there in Bollywood among them are –KING KHAN,naseerudhin,irfan,manoj,Nana,nawajuddin,anupam,shahid,ranbir,ajay and finally now KJO is going to add in the list,I’m very exciting.rest are crap actors only working for money.

  • I watched filmfare yesterday and have to say Karan has gone out of mind…Why is he spoiling his image in front of everyone using those double meaning one liners…

  • interesting choice .
    anurag kashyap is one of the best film-maker of our country so waiting for his biggest film.
    hope bombey velvet match the expectation.
    fingers crossed.

  • Read somewhere Karan is playing character of a gay and global megastar is playing his partner in bombay velvet….

  • @ babaji ka thullu…..completely agree wid u…..karan exeeded the limits…..all the sentences he used was double meaning…..

  • I had respected Karan for his Hit movies with SRK.
    Then after the AIB , i hate this guy and don’t want to see his face anymore

  • Rumour has it Kjo will play the role of a producer who misuses his casting couch to lure young men into his greased up slimy den for his perverse pleasure…. So guessing Anurag saved a ton of money on acting classes/ rebearsals as Karan is all to familiar with that character….! ;-) ;-)

  • Anurag is a bottom of the barrel type director so no surprises he selected Karan for a sleazy degrading role as he is a ‘bottoms’ man…


  • @Soumya mam with due respect i guess u didnt get what im saying….Besharam was a regular hindi film,such films come out regularly….but this is a different genere alltogether….we dont see films like scarface,pulp fiction,godfather in india this is the first time an indian filmmaker is making a realistic gangster story with an A List actor and big budget….Besharam was totally different… Bombay Velvet is a fresh idea which Besharam was not….

  • @Tiger-the real dog as expected from a illiterate cheap bhai fan u are starting an argument in this article too.

  • Dont know I have a feeling that Kjo role will get a Ghanta or Golden Kela for why are you even trying award !!!!!!

  • @Baadshah : first read @sss comment before blaming Salman fans !!!!! Andhe ka chashmaa utaaro ur sachch ko dekho !!!!!!!!

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