Karan Deol’s debut film goes on floors

Actor Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol will make his acting debut in the film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, a romantic film which will be directed by Sunny himself.

“Started ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’. Karan’s first day at shoot… Can’t get enough… My boy has grown big,” Sunny tweeted on Monday with the below photograph.

Sunny Deol shares first picture of his son Karan

Sunny Deol shares first picture of his son Karan

Zee Studios has collaborated with Sunny to launch Karan. They have joined hands after the success of Deol’s biggest career blockbuster ‘Gadar – Ek Prem Katha’ which released in 2001.

The shoot of ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ began last week in Manali.

The title of the film is inspired from popular song with the same title, which happens to be the legendary Dharmendra’s favourite.

“My father launched me and now I am launching my son. Karan is extremely passionate about his acting career and I am sure he will do everyone proud,” he said in a statement.

During times when giving star-kids a perfect ‘film launch’ has become difficult, it’ll be interesting to see how the film shapes up and if the industry can get its next promising star.



  • one more romcom is coming this film will also flop better is to chose some good concept content oriented visual extravanza type film for debut

  • Hope..
    But star kids are no more..
    After Abishek bachan decable..
    Sunny direction shows no other director is intrested..

  • To launch his son Sunny Paaji let go a film which was written by the writer of Bajrangi Bhaaijan and Baahubali
    A fathers love to his son

  • You should have called him a “Superstar” atleast
    -Biggest crowdpuller of 90s with 3 record openers in that decade
    -2 ATBBS(Boarder, Gaddar)
    -1 BHOTD
    -3 films with 3cr+ footfalls

  • Star kids like Karan Deol, Arjuna Kapoor or Aryan Khan in future wont be stars coz audiences are waking upto bollywoods nepotism n hypocritical ideologies…! For an industry that historically makes films that speaks out against cultural stereotypes n envokes emotions of openness n exclusiveness in society have in essence been practicing the exact opposite for far too long…!

  • Handsome but seems not a star material to be honest. Aamir’s son junaid is also star’s son but not a star material. Let’s see SRK’s son is also star material or not, time will tell.

  • disaster family introduce an other disaster actor sunny family totals collection not equal to Aamir Khan Dangal

  • Deol family is least buzzing family of Bollywood. They dont create gossip and run PRs to be in limelight they live like normal people when not shooting in movies. Only Dharam ji’s second marriage to Hema Malini and Sunny’s link up with Dimple had created some news. Apart from it they have been very decent !!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Deol is better actor than Sunny paaji but lacks the macho image and stardom like his elder brother. Dharam ji (old movies – 70’s) is best among Deols followed by Abhay Deol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • First thing, Sunny is still struck in the Gadar days, that’s pretty much evident from his recent films- Ghayal 2, Singh Saab The Great, etc. He thinks a film like Gadar can become a blockbuster even today. Plus, he isn’t a great director and his marketing strategies are poor. As long as these 3 things remain, nothing can stop this film from becoming the next Mirziya or Machine.

  • I think he can do wonders if he can match up to his fathers skills.
    I think like dat bcoz… karan deol has seen his father struggle since past 10-15 years, which could have made karan a hard working person to give back the respect which his father seriously deserves…. Bcoz coming to star kids.. many of them havent seen there fathers or uncles struggle.. Be it abhishek bachan.. imran khan.. akshay khanna… mimoh chakraborty…(hrithik and ranbir being exceptional)..

    So i hope karan is as good as his father in his younger days.

  • Feeling bad for this poor fellow who was once one of the top 2 superstars of late 80s and 90s is now referred just as an “actor” not even a star like varun dhawan or ranbeer kapoor.

  • @yousaf what the hell is your problem. You never have anything positive to say about anything or everything. You are nothing but a man who suffers from ego problems and have verbal ……s h i t. Look in a mirror criticize yourself then you will see how imperfect a human being you are. Let the good Lord decide on the paths of others you can never judge rightly so just shut up and get off the site if you can’t be kind to others.

  • Sunny deol shldnt direct …neither shld Ajay devgn …as much as i hv loved dem over d years ….dey hv got enuff opportunities to mk good films but dey hvnt delivered …on top of dat dr r stretches in dr mvz which r boring …so sunny deol shld just concentrate dat script is good and his sons strengths r highlighted rather dn weaknesses and dat help create buzz for d movie whn its up for release so dat d viewer is interested to go to theatres.

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