Kambakht Ishq Review will be published tonight

Hey guys, this is just to inform Indicine readers that the Kambakht Ishq review will be published later tonight.

We will be attending the premiere of the Akshay Kumar film at 8 PM Indian Standard Time and the review should be up by around 3:00 AM Indian time. Do make it a point to go through the review, early Friday morning!

Fingers crossed, hope the film is good. Nothing like two back to back hits for the industry! A very important release for Akshay Kumar too..!

What do you think? Hit or Flop? What are your expectations from Kambakht Ishq? Comments Below



  • i think it’s a cheap film…however it will be superhit coz younger generation likes this type of masala movie.

    let’s wait and watch.

  • I hAvE goT ReviEw FOr ALL Fan!!!!!!!!!!!But HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE ÖI m BiggEsT fAn of AKki!!!!!

    This soon-to-be-released film is being heralded as the blockbuster of the year but that doesnít take away the fact that it is a mindless, humbug film that will take you back to the 70s.

    An industry insider couldnít bear to sit through the film. Our source said that the film is nothing but a skin show exercise for the hot female star and a muscle flexing and make out session for the action star. The Hollywood actors have no solid role in the film which they have done on a goodwill basis. If they were paid, their multi-million dollar salaries would exceed the budget of the film. Sadly, all the stars have been wasted in the film.

    As it has been predicted for the actor, this isnít his year and all his films are going to flop. For the leading lady, nothing much of any consequence can be said, in terms of her role in the film, or her career upswing, which isnít looking exciting at all, given that she is keen only to work with her beau, and that has been showing in her shallow work in films where she is not with him.

    Our source added that the film has a very hackneyed plot and a 70s style treatment and is probably worse than Tashan and CC2C, if that is possible. The music barring the title track sounds stale and noisy. From the promos, the actors and everything seems over the top and exaggerated.

    The film is being released at 2000 plus screens across the world. The pre-release hype and paid previews will enable the film to recover its money and more. But donít count it as a good film, or a feather in the actressí cap. Itís just fluffy mindless stuff that few will see and forget, few will enjoy and the majority will pan. Itís a shame that such films are being made in the age of cinema which has moved on to more meaningful pastures.

  • super duper block buster of 2009.India cine please be positive .you are part of media ,don’t take any actor’s side ,other wise you will lose readers .akshay is king and he will be king for next twenty years

  • But i donot hope this movie is wht i said according to inside story teller!!!i hope it is good!!!

  • i think this film will be a block buster – more than even GAJANI.
    akshay is a superstar. His star status will make the film biggest hit of year 2009.

  • hi
    i have seen this film here in london today
    first day first show
    i went there with great expectation but came out heavy hearted
    and prey for akshu and his coming film
    and hope they shouldnt be like this one
    this is all skin show
    3rd class comedy
    nothing like singh is king
    so if u dont go to cinema u ll not miss much
    it would be a superhit if would have been released couple of years ago
    akshu come on man
    we all love u

  • About akshay kumar, he is a excellent potrait, but always a good frame is required to see hm. from his 1st , film till today, he is a character hero, i bet it. film kambqat ishq is a storey of a great lesson. every young girls and boys and their parents also must see the film to learn a lesson. only good songs with saree is not a good film . akshay kumar pays a game of numbers and he will win everything has ever won anybody in bollywood even hollywood. it does not mean , i dont like others. i like ajay devgan as a character hero. sanjay dutta, as character hero. and sallu and sahh rukh the both only fit in good song films , better they should do album with chopra and johar. they r absolutely boolshit. let them chance with akshay in love store aswell as action movies. doodh ki ddoodh and pani ki pani ho jaye ga. LASTLY KAMBQAT ISHQ IS A FANTSTIC MOVIE. DO SURE TO SEE IT. IF IT FAIL , STIL U SEE IT., HINGDE KI BATO PE MAT JAO, AOO OR FILM DEKHO WITH UR BEST FRIENDS.

  • YES, ajj main bolunga, about cc2c film , it also a nice movie, akshay , if u r reading this , just do one thing, play always strong character roll, like rajesh khanna’s anand, amitabh bachhan’s all films and sanju’s munabhai mbbs. when the viewer will call u on ur character differently in each film , thaqt day u will success. already u have covered alltype of character. now time for u to envolve deeply into character and complete the film at oneshot. jab ddlj dd one main hype kiyatha to sab hingde ko gudgudi hua tha , abb akshay hype hai to mirchi niche se upper tak lag geya. akshay u r always ok.

    dont see flop and hit, DO AGAIN FILM LIKE KHILADIYON KA KHILADI. IT is ur land mark, do more than that. app ne dil ko pucho what u can do . NEVER DO A FOOT BALL OF OTHERS THOUGHT . APP MARD HO , MARD BANKE RAHO.

  • Seriously – What a waste of my time and money – Coming back home and Wacthing the Wimbledom Mens final go into 5 sets was more entertaining than this cheap skate movie.

    AKKi – is a good performer, not great, but good ….. it’s about time he really takes on a role with some meaning and substance. Chow Guys

  • Hey guys! Stop talking crap just because u expected a ‘Hollywood’ touch and didn’t get satisfied!! A guest appearance means guest appearance! I can challange any one of u to watch the movie and not laugh at every scene!! Its a brilliant movie! Akshay is hilarious!!! The situations r insane!! Its a bollywood movie to the core and it delivers what it promises! CC2C was shit! This is Rocking! lol…

  • akshay u are a heart of my body i love u very much i seen your movie KI 7 times so its very young movie.
    some body are trying to this movie is not runwell but they dont know first week collectin is above 100 crore
    u are the best actor after amithab .

  • Hi Spiderman

    Could not reply to your other blog (the MJ one) as the webmarshall had blocked it off after Vin’s horrible comments. I have been away from work – had a bad case of Bronchitis. (I hope I spelt Bronchitis correctly.)

    Anyway I hope u are well – Caht to u soon. Love Meela

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