Kambakht Ishq – hype missing!

The hype that usually surrounds a movie that stars a superstar, is very clearly missing with Kambakht Ishq, much like Akshay Kumar’s last two releases 8×10 Tasveer and Chandni Chowk To China.

Kambakht Ishq, which also stars Kareena Kapoor as the female lead, is a very important film for Akshay Kumar. His last two films haven’t done well at the box-office and the star who enjoyed a dream-run from 2006 – 2008, would face his biggest test yet this Friday. The fact that the music has received a poor response and the movie hasn’t been promoted well, could affect its box office opening.

Some questions..

1) There clearly has been an overdose of Akshay Kumar brainless comedy flicks over the past 3 years or so. Was Chandni Chowk the beginning of the end, does his style of comedy still bring in audience?

2) Will the 2 month long strike, which resulted in the film being postponed, go against it?

3) Is Akshay still in the same league as the BIG 3 (SRK, Hrithik, Aamir)?

This and many more questions will be answered with the stars costliest film ever. What do you think? Post comments below



  • this movie will turn out like CC2C and call worst film ever in bollywood just like how CC2C was call. Akshay and his senseless so call comedy with a little stupid action. FLOP FLOP FLOPPPPPP!!!!!!

  • Indicine, why is this Kalyan putting such cheap comments. I mean he/she can scold or blsme anyone, but not with filth. You don’t need to use filth to blagard someone. Blagarding also can be done in a decent way. He/she is using the F word like it is a really nice word to say. It looks so ugly.

    I think initial hype is missing because Akki has had 2 back to back flops and people are afraid of wasting their hard earned money for his cheap comedy movies. It could also be because people are fed up of monotonous comedies. For me, I’m waiting for the reviews and the word of mouth about the movie though the trailor of this movie looks good.

    Plus this movie will also will have to give a tough competition with New York. It is just 1 week after New York is released and it is doing quite well in box office too according to boxofficeindia.com.

    And regarding the poor response to the music was obvious. I knew it is going to happen. As I have commented on your “Kyun-Kambakht Ishq Lyrics” page Kyun was the only nice song of this album. Others are not very good. And the music was released around the same time as New York music album was released. New York songs are just awesome. KI songs can’t even come near it.

  • Well Anupama, that’s called fan following and no better place to witness it than in India. Filmstars are gods!

    We try to be as unbiased as possible with every article or review. But like everyone, we to have our opinions… our own likes/dislikes.. Some agree, some dont… Cant do much..

    The hype is there, Akshay is still a huge star.. But not as big as it was with Singh Is King or some of AKshay’s other movies.

    Good news for Akki fans though, Kambakht Ishq is expected to open good, the advance booking is great.

  • KI is the super Blockbuster movie ! I have seen it all the people love the movie. Akki you are rocking the bollywood. Akki is the best.

  • absaloutly none sense like thousand other indian movie nothing new ….if ppl think its hit so…..then may be i dont understand ….cheers everybody…..akshay is good actor but after few hits he is over confident and over acting now

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