Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi – Kaise Mujhe Lyrics

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi Lyrics

Movie: Ghajini (2008)
Music Director: A R Rahman
Director: A.R. Murugadoss
Producer: Allu Arvind, Madhu Varma
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Starring: Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan
Song Title: Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi Lyrics

Kaise Mujhe Lyrics

Hoo hooo oooo..
Hoo hoo hooo…
Hooo hooo…

Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi,
Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen,
Utar aayi jheel mein jaise chand utarta hai kabhi,
Haule haule dheere se,
Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se taranum mein tum,
Choo ke mujhe guzari hu yu,
Dekhu tumhe ya mein sunu,
Tum ho sukoon, tum ho junoon,
Kyu pehle naa aayi tum?
Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi, hoo hoo..
Kismat pe aaye naa yaakeen, hoo hoo..

Mein to yeh sochta tha ki aaj kal,
Upar wale ko fursat nahi,
Phir bhi tumhe bana ke woh,
Meri nazar mein chadh gaya,
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya..


Badle raaste jharne aur nadi,
Badli deep ki timtim,
Chedhe zindagi dhun koi nayee,
Badli barkha ki rimjhim,
Badlengi rituyein adaa,
Par mein rahungi sada,
Ussi tarah teri bahon mein baahein daalke,
Har lamha, har pal..

Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
Rimjhim malhaar ho gayi,
Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen,
Kaise mujhko mili tum..



  • this song is jus amazing,no words to express its emotins,feelings,love…the real meaning of the song can not b explained by anyone to anyone,it can jus be felt by only the 1 who had loved sum1 with honesty without any limitations can understand it,HATS OFF TO THE PERSON WHO LOVED SOME SOOOO MUCH AND BROUGHT OUT HIS LOVE THROUGH THIS SONG.IN THIS TYPE OF FAST FOWARD GENERATION,its really impossible to love someone so truely and its for sure that the fellow person who has created each element of this song must be a true,genuine,sacrificing lover and the one to whom this fellow person loved must be the mossssssssstttt luckieeeeeessst person on earth!!!no one must be having guts in these times to love some one so truely.god bless those couples who are true lovers and may the car of happiness never gets a red signel in their life………AAMEEN,SUMMA AMMEEN

  • This is the greatest song i have ever heard…………………………………………..

  • I love this song verymuch, Though I dont know the language, it does something to the heart everytime I listen. I am keepon listening for the past two days now. Hats off to A R jii

  • I love you this song so much becoz it seems to me that i suppose to write this lyrics for my beloved Neha Singh before to come this song, i love this song so much , when i listen this i always gone n my dream….. missing you my sweatheart………

  • i juss love this song
    it seems to be my real story
    the whole song is very touching………..
    it just made me cry when i heard it 4 the first time……..
    awesome movie with awesome song

  • i am going mad in my girlfriends love…….!!!!!!!! she is the most charming girl in our class 9th a…. i love her very much………i love this song bcoz she loves GHAJINI………

  • marvellous and superb…………….soul touching .and if i am there in india i surely meet the aamir khan and the singer by any means…………………………..Dr.Ibrahim zamurd

  • such a beautiful song
    i knew it that it is. although i never understood the words, i felt in my heart the emotion of the person who sang this. Maybe this is what they call “pure love”.
    I dont know how to explain this but i felt that the song is “MAGICAL”. I dont know how it managed to communicate with my heart and my mind just through sound without even word meanings.
    Now here is the bad thing. I “offered” this song to someone and he did not find it beautiful.
    I feel really bad. Maybe he doesn’t love me as much as i love him ;((((

  • Magic of prasoon joshi did really a great majesty of this bollywood castle . His every lyrics is out of this world .

  • This song is so……………………romantic,cool,and wt 2 say der r no words to explain the softness of the song!!!

  • Namaste
    I’ve being have this song since I watched the Movie about Mei 2009, Ghajini. Good song, Good movie, Good actor, Good producer, Good actrees, Good India!!

  • I’m just speechless to describe this incredible song.. Best song ever I listened to.. I’m Indonesian who loves Indian song..

  • beautiful song, like the rhythm, i can’t understand Hindi so i have to have it translated, it has a good meaning.

  • wow…juz luv this song.it touches my heart deep and the beautiful memories come rushing by right in front of me about my crush…….i luvd him more than myself n wud think about him day n nyt……when i hear sum1 listeng this song i wud get reminded of his face n then a smile wud flash on my face……
    now that he went far away from him,i still remember him n juz cant forget him…….
    luv u till the end……yaar…..miss u a lot…muah…this is the reason luv dis song so much….it takes me back down the memory lane of my crush

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