Kai Po Che Reviews: A classic?

Rock On!! was one of the best films of 2008. 5 long years later, director Abhishek Kapoor returns with a film based on Chetan Bhagat’s popular novel ‘The 3 Mistakes Of My Life’.

The grand premiere of the film was held last night and the response has been outstanding, especially from Hrithik Roshan.

Below are a few reviews of Kai Po Che from Twitter and various other news channels.

Kai Po Che releases in theatres this weekend.

  • Hrithik Roshan: Kai Po Che is a fantastic film. I really hope that this film does well because such films should do well. It is a wonderfully performed film by all the actors. The performances are such that they touch your heart. They (actors) are very very endearing. It doesn’t look like it is their first film. I am very, very proud of this film, Abhishek and the entire team. I think all the actors will go very far because they all are absolutely brilliant.
  • Maryam Zakaria: Kai Po Che really nice and emotionally touching movie. Brilliant work by Abhishek Kapoor and every single actor in the film. A must watch film!
  • Sujoy Ghosh: I dont know who Hitesh soni is but dude.. tu sher hai (you are a lion).. the background music of Kai Po Che is one of the best i have heard in a long time. clap clap and Raj Kumar Yadav in Kai Po Che is superb. that boy is so good.. and one actor called manav kaul. spot on casting. Brilliant acting.
  • Arshad Warsi: Depth, substance, human relations, dreams and much more. Great performances, brilliant direction, stunning cinematography thats KAI PO CHE
  • Kabir Khan (Ek Tha Tiger director): When you wake up and last nights film is still running in your head… You know the film has touched you deeply.. KAI PO CHE…
  • Neha Dhupia: Kai Po Che is simply outstanding. Congratulations Chetan Bhagat, Amrita Puri, Abhishek Kapoor and team Kai Po Che. This ones a must watch.
  • Shraddha Kapoor: Saw Kai Po Che last night. Still reeling from it. Beautiful film.. amazing performances
  • Roshan Abbas: Kai Po Che!! Leaves u speechless ! Do yourself a favour Watch it. Abhishek Kapoor does a stellar job as director. One film about which every tweet is the honest truth. Sensitive, subtle, soulful.
  • Mini Mathur: Kai po che is a beautifully crafted film. Sensitive and engaging.. with a brilliant young cast and Amit Trivedi’s evocative music. Don’t miss it.
  • Salim Merchant: Just watched kai po che… brilliant film
  • Monica Dogra: Kai Po Che. Wow. How beautiful. Kai Po Che – see this film. Swanand Kirkire and Amit Trivedi. What a fine job all!
  • Shruti Seth: Please watch Kai Po Che. Sensitive and soulful. Impeccable job by director Abhishek Kapoor, his cast and crew. New actors to watch out for.
  • Huma Qureshi: How amazing was KaiPoChe.. Faab Sushant, Raj Kumar, Amit Sadh.. take a bow Abhishek Kapoor. Must watch! Honest. Real.
  • Hansal Mehta: Kai po che is a deceptively simple & very well executed film. Made with a lot of heart by Abhishek Kapoor and well cast, well acted, well shot.

Kai Po Che



  • nw dats wat i call a movie , a true classic , bollywood shud mek dese kind of films instead of poor south remakes, producers shud invest money in dese films n tek bollywood frwrd, dnt waste money by mekin stupid films !

  • Any star never give a bad review of the movie especially at the premiere. Its obvious that they will praise the movie most.
    Kai Po Che may be a good film but cant be good as 3 Idiot was.
    No matter how they praise the film.it may bag filmfare awards but i bet it wont cross 100 crore.
    And any one who thinks it will do business like 3Idiot,
    Just wake up from your dream:@
    You are in dream.
    3 Idiot’s record cant be broken in this decade.
    Yeah some one is trying to break it since few years:) Let him dreaming by making remake remake remake
    And only remakes
    God save Bollywood!

  • During the release of ra.one,Hritik roshan also said that ra.one was an excellent and awesome film.but after that we all know what happened with ra.one..

  • @RAJ neither it has be compared with 3Idiots nor it has been said that it will cross it records so chill mate, dont assume things. This movie has a different genre all togethr diffrnt starcast and diffrnt appeal. Better give a thought before commenting.
    And u r correct that evrybody give good comments at screeing, but Abhishek kapoor has prooved in past, also raj kumar yadav (GOW-2, Tlaash a cameo) is a brilliant actor too. Sushant singh has prooved in television, Amit trivedi is undoubtedly superb. So chill :)

  • @ velocity,

    what’s the problem with south movies dude?

    most of the brilliant movies have been made in south.

    and what about silly romantic crap movies done by your star, where a boy keeps on meeting girl by some silly coincidence and boy fools the whole family and finally gets the girl. At least action movies doesn’t wear the mask of fooling people.

    If romance can be sugar coated and go overboard, why can’t action?

    The movie Kai Po Che is not even released and you are praising it, that shows how biased and skewed are your views.

    First you go and see the movie, and then talk about it. Kai Po….may be a good movie, but that doesn’t mean you praise it without seeing just based on some others view. Do your own review based on what you actually saw. It seems there is no conscience of your own when you talk blindly about something?

  • 3 Idiots had Aamir and Kareena as superstars,but Kai Po Che has no big star.
    One should not expect 100cr from this movie,50cr is sufficiently good.Lets hope for the best.!!

  • @ velocity: don’t be sheep (if one sheep goes one direction other follow same way) did you watch the movie? watch first then comment.

  • @velocity Who the hell you are talking about remakes everybody is way behind in remake then your actor srk.are you forget don it is a remake/copy and paste of amitabh,s don.so just don,t open your dirty mouth.

  • well said, srk takes a bollywood movies that has been “successful” and remakes it, and then claim it his own and then makes a sequel too…….hahaha.

    he also remade the old Devdas movie, which was again a successful movie of Dilip Saab.

    he doesn’t have the guts to remake anything out of bollywood, and his fans are most blinded by these facts. If he remakes a south or english movies, it will not even recover cost, for eg., Ra.One, (inspired by 2-3 english movies)

  • yes i may nt hav seen dis movie bt d promos n d pre release appreciation clearly shows its a vry well made film, yeah it may nt collect huge money at box office bt success is nt always based on money, here its abt quality, n salman fans plzz gimme a brk !! here m tlkin abt kai po che, m neither tlkin abt salman nor hrithik or any oder actor , so enuf of star wars ! btw u r dose ppl who keep praisin salman’s movies evn b4 its release lyk ETT is d bst movie of all tym, dabangg 2 is d bst action movie 200 cr must blah blah !! den y cnt i tlk abt kai po che ??

  • Well I really don’t think the comments are genuine as IMDB rating for the movie is 7/10 from 100 users. This movie would be a struggle of 3 friends who want to do something they are passionate about. This subject is getting repetitive these days…
    I think Special 26 will be the best movie of year 2013.

  • Kai Po Chi should have at least one A-list superstar like Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan or Ranbhir Kapoor in order to emerge as a big commercial success at box-office, even though the movie is critically acclaimed.

  • @idiot RAJ plz dont put ur comment here. this place is for intelligent ppl. not 4 dolts lyk u. this movie is a classic & better than 3 idiots( which also was a brilliant movie). as for the box office, let the ppl decide. it obviously wont cross 3 idiots business( u r an idiot to bring it up). instead of criticizing it, go watch it or stop posting ur negative comments here gadhe.

  • @JC..no one says here that south films are crap..but seriously bollywood copying from the south is like hollywood copying from bollywood. And you know what, all the original south films are much better than the remakes(if you dont believe me watch ready in telugu, bodyguard in malyalam or pokiri(wanted) in telugu). Salman khan looks stupid on screen when you compare his performance with these south performances. No wonder he got the ghanta award for worst actor. Atleast akshay kumar gave a decent performance in rowdy rathore though it was a remake. But salman khan is shit brother. Hope he learns to act a bit more and tries out different types of movies. And please dont compare salman with shahrukh, aamir, hrithik or akshay. They are awesome actors unlike some git who just knows to rip his shirt off and do some stupid dance moves. Oh and he doesnt know how to copy properly also otherwise he would have probably acted better in the remakes,lol.

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