Kai Po Che Box Office Opening

Kai Po CheKai Po Che has opened to a very good response for the morning shows on Friday. The film was carrying excellent pre-release reports and reviews, UTV marketed it well and the music was quite popular with the youth.

The target audience is the urban youth, which explains why the film has opened well at big city multiplexes. The opening is in the 60-70% range at premium multiplexes, while at other places it was around 40-45%.

Given the overall positivity around the film (good reviews, everyone who has watched it had liked it), Kai Po Che is expected to show good growth in business over the weekend. The film has been called a ‘lambi race ka ghoda’ by the trade.

Stay tuned for all the box office reports of Kai Po Che – directed by Abhishek Kapoor.



  • Watched “kaipoche”
    Tale of 3 friends,
    How they face,go through some critical,major problems of their life…
    And :…
    In end One(ishaan) of themis accidentally shoot(gun) by another friend in (danga)…
    Cant tell anymore just go and watch it,
    Any one who will compare it to 3Idiot will be showing his idiocy,
    Its completely different movie,
    In some scenario its better than that,but its not made for only full entertainment,i t has its own charm
    Its a realistic story,
    My ratings:4/5.
    And those who have read that book(3 mistake of my life),its different,bette r than that:)

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