Kabir Khan says he’s ‘discussing’ ideas with Hrithik Roshan

After delivering the biggest blockbuster of 2015 in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and following it up with a film that was fairly well-received in ‘Phantom’, there has been tremendous curiosity about Kabir Khan’s next directorial venture.

There have been reports that Kabir was keen on working with Salman Khan again. Other reports suggested that the director had signed Hrithik Roshan for his next.

In an interview to India News, Kabir said “After doing two back-to-back films, I am now planning for a break and will be going on a holiday with my family. I haven’t locked anything yet. I need time to sort out my ideas.”

When asked about rumours of a film starring Hrithik or Salman, Kabir said “We are just talking and there is nothing concrete for now. I have been discussing my ideas with Hrithik. I am still in the thinking process, trying to generate ideas”



  • He is a decent director who knows how to make good movies, 100 times better than crap brother and sister duo (Farah and Sajid)

  • Well that can actually be a very good team with Kabir Khan and Hrithik coming together.
    But don’t when will that film go on floors and release as Hrithik usually takes almost 2 years in 1 film.
    Lets see may be we can see them in year 2020. Or a little earlier if Hrithik goes a little fast.

  • They should do a film titled Ek Tha Manipulator covering the scandalous events of Diwali 2013 surrounding boxoffice earnings…!

  • I hope Kabir Khan works with Hrithik Roshan it will be a great combo . After BB he has become one of the most sought after Directors in Bollywood . Out of all the movies made by Kabir the Best is New York according to me followed by BB . I have not seen Kabul Express . ETT was Crap and Phantom was ok but could have been better . I hope this time Kabir makes a different kind of movie . In ETT the story was about a Raw Agent and a ISI Agent . In BB a Indian man takes a Pakistani girl to her home by crossing the Border . In Phantom RAW plans a operation of killing the people behind 26/11 attacks . I hope the next movie of HR after Mohenjo Daro should be this one or Thug if the script is good . I am waiting for the official announcement . It will be a great news to see the collaboration of Hrithik and Kabir . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All time highest opening day record openers in Bollywood of actors in the last 10 years(2005-2015):
    Aamir: Mangal Pandey(2005), Fanaa(2006), Ghajini(2008), 3 Idiots(2009), Dhoom 3(2013)

    SRK:Chennai Express(2013), Happy New Year(2014)

    Salman: Ek Tha Tiger(2012)

    Hrithik: Dhoom 2(broke Fanaa opening day)

    Aamir has the highest no. of record opening days in the last 10 years!

    He is way ahead of SRK and Salman in the last 10 years in terms of opening and lifetime and overseas collections.

    Just bcoz Aamirians told trend endlessly on twitter does not mean he has any less stardom!

  • He should sign Hrithik because with Hrithik,he can deliver the biggest blockbuster,If he signed salman then it will be guateed that it will do ATBB business,Hrithik has great acting skills,Mohenja daro vs Rustom clash,Rustom will break the record of bombay velvet and will became the biggest disaster of bollywood,how could the producer or Akshay think about mohenja daro clash Akshay is doing 5 movies in a year how they think that the movie will survive with mohenja daro,Hrithik movie will came after 2 years of gap and Akshay he is doing 5 movies in one year how could he think about it.Hrithik is giving all his time to mohenja daro i think he will win his 5th filmfare award for this movie.Akshay has not won even single filmfare award.Time is coming Akshay your carrier will be destroyed when clash happen.Akshay has no superstardom he is nothing infront of Ranbir,Ranveer,Varun.his movies struggling to became an average his Airlift will be flop.Only his housefull 3 will work,Akshay has released 11 movies in 1994 he is nothing.Akshay has 58 flops in his carrier with 16 disasters your next flop and all time disaster is coming rustom will be crushed and became the biggest disaster of the universe.You have no power or stardom to clash with Hrithik,Akshay has done 4 movies in 2015 and his movie business so low that it cannot cross Bajrangi bhaijaan box collection.Baby average gabbar is back hit,brothers flop.

  • Another Phantom in making if it happens? Salman and BB made Kabir one of the sought after director in industry. All the best Kabir !!!!!!!!!!

  • Criminal khan should be thankful to Kabir , who gave two major grossers (ETT and Bajrangi bhaijan) to him. But now it’s time for Kabir to work with “Real Actors” and Hrithik is a perfect choice for that.
    Because we have seen, despite of incredible effort from Kabir to make Bajrangi bhaijan a flawless movie, non-actor khan was a big let down and he would have ruined everything if Harshali and Nawaj would not have come for rescue. Kabir is talented and he should not waste his talent training non-actors.

  • Hrithik will suite very well for a Kabir Khan film.I can imagine Hrithik in every Kabir Khan film except Bajrangi Bhaijaan.He is perfect for the stylish thrillers he makes.

  • if GOD in kabir’s next then 1000 crore only in domestic market is confirm even without EDX (EidDiwaliXmas) holiday



    HRITHIK is One N Only GOD of Hindi Cinema


    REST are Changeable KING like khans in n out as king

  • I am huge fan of HR and Aamir.. But i dun like their policy of 1 movie in 2 yrs..
    I am really happy for SRK fans that he is doing 3 movies in a succession of 1 yr.. Sallu also coming up with up with 2 movies on the trott.
    Dun want them to do 4 movies a yr like akki. But 2 movies a year to banta hai boss..
    Pls Aamir and HR..we want more.

  • Kabir Khan is the greatest director ever — He made a criminal look so innocent in Bajrangi bhaijaan.

  • after HRITHIK’s

    “MOHENJO DARO” on 12 August 2016


    “THUG” on Christmas 2016

    I am only waiting for this ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER on card film

    this one will earn massive 500 crore at box office and 500 crore from overseas box office

  • @Bollywood

    How can you say Mohenjdaro will crush Rustom? have u forgotten what happened in 2014 Bang Bang vs Haider? Akshay can release how many movies he wants its entirely up to him? if he stopped releasing you would have IDIOTS like u saying why does he only release 1 movie every 2 years like Hrithik??? u have some TWATS on this sites!!!!

  • I wouldn’t want this to happen unless the script is as good as New York’s, Kabir’s best work.

    He should at least sign a project which is as good (if not better) as MohenjoDaro. Immortals of Meluha would be like a dream come true. That novel is fantastic and Hrithik is hands down the best choice to play the lead in it. I wonder what Karan Johar is waiting for.

    There are also many better directors in Bollywood to work with.

  • @Komal Nahi Nahata Name the bollywood actor who is in industry from 30 years and has just 11 hits in whole career?? Ans: Chamir Khan.

  • @Aloknath: Even If not 2 movies per year..Hrithik should do atleast 1 movie per year.
    I think Hrithik is not doing justice to his true potential by doing so less movies.Releasing a movie like bang bang after a year gap makes no sense.If you are releasing a movie after a long time,it should be nothing less than a classic like ZNMD for ex.

  • Hrithik iz just a star .
    I mean how can any superstar can give a disaster like kites nd low opener like guzarish.
    His all big openings r on national holidays .honestly I rate him below then ranbir kapur nd equals to ajay devgan ..!

    Ranbir has done so many variety roles in short time bt hrithik iz only doing krish after krish ..cashing on sequel factors, also dhoom 2 ..

    Noting against hrithik bt he doesn’t hve tht stardom to make offbeat nd bad movies HIT.

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