Kabir Khan of New York fame to direct SRK?

Kabir Khan on cloud 9 after the super success of New York, has already started working on his next. The director has made a conscious decision not to make it political or serious this time around and has opted for a light-hearted love story instead.

According to sources, Aditya Chopra wants Kabir Khan to direct SRK in his next and has asked the director to write the script with the actor in mind.

The only problem is SRK’s dates. He’s booked till late 2010.. Wil Kabir Khan wait, or opt for another actor? Maybe John Abraham, who was a part of both Kabul Express and New York.

By the way, for those wondering if New York has managed to survive the Kambakht Ishq storm. It hasn’t. The movie has crashed by more than 60% in its second week.



  • Cool!! I think that Kabir Khan should wait for SRK till the late 2010!! Because SRK is an amazing actor and he makes the films go well!! IT WILL BE A HIT MOVIE!!!!!!!

  • Haklu Khan is too Old Now…..John is the perfect choice and I guess Kabir Khan also Knows it after the success of New York.
    Kabir Khan shud nto follow Aditya Chopra Opinion.

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