Kaabil Teaser

Check out the teaser of Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil directed by Sanjay Gupta. The film, produced by Filmkraft Productions, releases in theatres on January 26 2016.

Kaabil also stars Yami Gautam in the lead.

Check out the teaser. The trailer will be out on 26 October 2016 i.e 5 days from now.



  • @a.b.,ha ha ha ha jalegi?????kiski?????Teri?????very true.ehy because the background voice is same like Rohit of krrish3 coinciding with md too.and about the thrilling which it is promising is completely make me remember of guzarish,so even after trying I can’t stop my laughing towards these childish dialogue delivery,rofl.

    So kindly have a brief comparison of both FAN,RAEES.

    FAN—-IPL release during most of films are flops so It never gave any Holiday benefit+No songs+No Actors+No mass appeal+Extremely slow and dragging scenes which took the interest to watch the film—-STILL HOLDS BEST PERFORMANCE TILL DATE,ONE MORE THING—-WW COLLECTION IS 190CR+ ,rofl.still a flop only.

    md—-suitable release date+screen doesn’t matter(because even movie like 3i too earned 200 cr with that much screen and rustom collected more than double of md in that much screen only)+Heroine+So many songs to do mass appeal+the movie used masala enough to attract audience unlike an complete offbeat movie like FAN.still nowhere does to half of WW collection of FAN.and more importantly it’s ghatiya b grade movie with excess shivering of jadoo boy,rofl.but it’s a Disaster,rofl.

    Now only you can decide whether FAN is a big flop than md or not.or may be it is possible in jadoopur,rofl.

    GLOBAL MEGASTAR—-KING SRK toh phir bhi OPENING mein sabka aukat dikha Diya.lekin OPENING mein bhi jadooboy gaya guzra nikla,rofl.he is completely useless with out his papa,rofl.believe me,rofl.even Papa Roshan too knew that,rofl.

    Kyun mastizaade dekha nahi Kya?kitna kama Liya Sunny ki movie?????,rofl.that movie has all ingredients still what was it’s verdict and collection.kindly tell me,rofl.

    And @indicine already 1000S time praised RAEES TEASER like hell even liked IT more than sultan,don’t you know that?????,rofl.aur yahan abhi abhi Naya Hain tu?????,rofl.

    Bol toh aise raha hai jaise krap3,bong bong,mohinjdoro were masterpiece!!!!!,rofl.at least RA ONE,CE,HNY,DILWALE are Shay compare from these b grade chu…. movies.infact not these movies it’s hero himself is biggest chu…. ever as he is completely useless with out papa Roshan,rofl.

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    Abey Bhojpuri,your auaktless ganwarr star was simply fallen flat through out last decade couldn’t give a single hit of his solo starrer movies and he movies opened below even emraan hashmi movies at that time.

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    And who told you salman opened 10cr?sholay 15 years ago from mpk did 35 crores,rofl.i infact his debut movie biwi ho to aisa only did 50cr+ and was flop/disaster,rofl.so definitely he made that trend.

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    And last but not least so what ,do you know opening of DDLJ and hahk?????

    DDLJ—-55 LAKHS,hahk—-7 lakhs only.

    Thanks to Madhuri,family members it keep attracted family members Ina huge to watch the movie.there also it was proved KING KHAN used to FAR BIGGER STAR THAN criminal Khan.phirse dekhle aukat.

    and about trade,right?


    Huge 20 CR and 21CR manipulation,who did this?,rofl.

    OK ,according to same trade who is saying




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    Btw your useless ,aukatless,talentless,recordless 2009 papa’s made non actor ‘s career would have finished if Prabhu Deva named Saviour wouldn’t have arrived in time.ewise right now sallu also would have begged Infront of MANNAT,ROFL.

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    main bhi kisse Baat Kar Diya.ACTING toh sikhle pehle Teri non actor,dekhle phirse aukaat,rofl.

    On brief HEAD-HEAD comparison for KING SRK-salman movies in each year from 1992-2016.


    salman won—-11 times.

    Phirse dekhle apni star ki aukat,rofl.

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  • I wont support either of them (Raees / Kaabil) but will munch lots of popcorn in coming days. A lot of fun on Indicine in next 3 months !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : 3:47 pm

    You were already a mental and became maha mental after seeing the release date. Abbey dimaag nahi toh chala mat. It is an Indicine mistake who wrote release date as 26.01.2016…. And watch teaser carefully if you have eyes…. it shows Trailer on 26.10.2016 means 26th October 2016 and not 26.01.2016. Tu bawraa hogaya hai after seeing confirmed date of release of Kaabil as Kingu will suffer once again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss I think you have trouble reading? Or you need to buy thicker glasses. Anyway, the teaser said the TRAILER is releasing on 26.10.16 not 26.01.16. Laughing so hard over your own mistake makes you look a bit silly my friend.

  • @hrithik,today it was changed.yesterday with very I said numerous times it was written 26.01.2016. and look some other guys also marked and commented the same.now they have changed with shame.

    And hamne kab mana kiya thaa clash Karne ke liye?????aao takrao humse,phirna aukat pata chalega tumhari,rofl.

    And WE SRKIANS are always ready for clash.thougg at 1st WE are little sad for clashes as somehow it affects business.but now onwards WE what only CLASH.so that KING OF CLASHES will keep moving by thrashing each and everyone ,then HE’LL BE MOST FURIOUS.WE WANT THAT KING HE USED TO BE.aise solo release this Na power ka pata chalega.ab as lagega,RAEES BHAI IS COMING.THE KING OF CLASH IS COMING.

    @whocares,yeah friend,and your stupidity is you didn’t read the tailer yesterday.silly mistake happened by you,feeling sad for you,rofl.

  • This teaser serves the purpose superbly…that is to tease the spectator and leave them craving for more….well done makers…Duggu is on fire no doubt!

    Jan 2000 – Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai
    Jan 2012 – Agneepath
    Jan 2017 – Kaabil

    Hrithik knows how to make a January release spectacular…this time also it will be the same…#KaabilOnRepublicDay

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