Kaabil Reviews: Incredible from celebs and critics

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil is carrying incredible pre-release reports. From every screening of the film, the reports that are coming out – both within the industry and on social media websites – is excellent. We’ve spoken to many and almost all of them have had only good things to say about the film.

Now, pre-release reviews should never be trusted in the social media era, we’ve seen several films that were called classics prior to release, but turned out to be unwatchable for the audience in theatres. People who are invited for special screenings will never write it off, but the confidence of the Roshans can be sensed from the fact that they have shown the film to a variety of people.

In the first part of the campaign, the promos of the film hadn’t really worked and internally not many had their hopes high on Kaabil doing well at the box office.

But the experience and brilliance of Rakesh Roshan has resulted in a turnaround at the right time for ‘Kaabil’. The move to show exhibitors parts of the film was a masterstroke, it was to convince them that the film deserved a proper showcasing against a big film like ‘Raees’ which had incredible promos and a bigger star.

And now with less than 36 hours to go for the film’s release, ‘Kaabil’ is gearing up to surprise at the box office this extended Republic Day weekend. While the other team is on a marketing blitzkrieg with Shah Rukh Khan’s train journey from Mumbai to Delhi, team Kaabil which has had a low-key promotional campaign – is showing the film to different people to create the much needed pre-release positivity.

Check out some of the many reviews of Kaabil below, it’s unanimous so far, but will the audience love the film as much as the people in the industry have? That’s going to be the big question, as Kaabil hits theatres on 25th January.

  • Akshay Kumar: Just watched #Kaabil, @iHrithik’s sincere effort is commendable,he’s evidently given it his all. A sensitive film with captivating storyline
  • Twinkle Khanna: Just saw Kaabil and @iHrithik is absolutely wonderful in this engrossing movie but then isn’t he always :)
  • Amul Mohan: Kaabil is a knockout punch which leaves you wanting for more!!! Hrithik is phenomenal. This one is a massive winner I’ve not watched a tight thriller like Kaabil in a long long time.. bravo to the team!!
  • Warda S Nadiadwala: Honest film made by Sincere film makers #Kaabil performance has reached new heights salute @iHrithik …totally hungover the title track
  • Kunal Kohli: Kaabil every scene is superb.Every performance brilliant.Can watch it again right now
  • Atul Mohan: Beauty is forever! Evergreen #Rekha just coming out of scrning of #Kaabil & yes she liked the film!
  • Ashutosh Gowarikar: #Kaabil is a very clever film!! Truly all HEART and engrossingly entertaining! CONGRATS @iHrithik @_SanjayGupta
  • Naved Jafri: Just saw #Kaabil, congrats to the team,@iHrithik is superb and @_SanjayGupta has outdone himself, one word FANTASTIC. Must see
  • Kunal Kohli: @iHrithik what a performance. Just saw #Kaabil rarely does an actor go way beyond a superb script like you have. Wow wow & wow
  • Rahul Shetty: Just saw this masterpiece @iHrithik @yamigautam.. outdone yourself.. Coz mind sees it all and al your eyes should definitely see “KAABIL”
  • Neha Sharma: Kaabil..an edge of the seat thriller..pacy edgy sharp..love and revenge so beautifully amalgamated.. loved it Donno how u manage to do it every time..what an honest and endearing performance..the pain and pathos in those eyes blew my mind @iHrithik
  • Sulaiman Merchant: Just finished watching #Kaabil. Inspite of having done the score, watching it again gives you goosebumps
  • Kamaal R Khan: What a brilliant film #Kaabil! It’s equally good for single screen n multiplex audience, therefore it will be a sure shot winner at boxoffice


  • Kaabil gonna rock 🤘Haters gonna shock ✌
    Looking like Hrithik’s career best performance
    Can’t wait for 25th Jan…

  • Raees makers were planning for paid preview of Raees on Sunday but they cancelled it, Shows their lack of confidence on the Movie
    Kaabil all the way !!!

  • Reviews are excellent and encouraging indeed!!!
    Hope both the movies emerge as winners.

    @indicine : Rest all are fine but did you just include the review of KRK?
    I mean really?

  • Directors!Actors!Journos!Columnists!Producers!Music directors!Writers!Trades!Critics!Filmbuffs! Kaabil is receiving praises from everywhere😊

  • Srk fans be like – But how can a blind person fight ,why he is wearing watch ,how can he dress well 😂😂😂
    Tum ye hi sochte reh jaoge aur Kaabil baji maar jayegi

  • Akki sir ne dekhi hai toh ab dekhna toh banta hai . Because boss is always right . First day book karne wala hoon . Now never will bash Hrithik fans ek vachan hai mera .

  • Lets not forget Rakesh Roshan was planning to have preview show on Jan25 ( Wed ) when movie was going to release on Jan 26 ( Thu ). It was a very risky move as Kaabil was facing clash with biggie like Raees. They were confident about Kaabil so they decided to take such steps. Later on Team Raees decided to release it on Jan 25 ( Wed ) from morning onwards. Thats why they have to release Kaabil also from morning shows.
    Hrithik decided to clash after huge debacle of Mohenjodaro. Again it proves they were confident.
    Its almost sure Kaabil is a very well made movie , so lets give some credit to Sanjay Gupta too. This guy was trolled a lot of times in last 6 months. He deserves a lot of credit.

  • Ohh So, EMRAAN HASHMI hasn’t reviewed KAABIL yet…. He hasn’t watched it maybe… HE IS SHOOTING FOR AJAY DEVGN’S BAADSHAHO ….THAT MUST B THE REASON.

  • January belongs to Greek God
    Agneepath ,and now
    Bollywood’s Best action thriller ,revenge drama on its way 😀

  • My predictions for some of THE BIGGEST FILMS OF 2017 ;

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    Excellent .. 271 Cr* | 180 Cr°
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    Excellent .. 236 Cr* | 166 Cr°
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    Jolly LLB 2
    Excellent .. 136 Cr
    Mixed .. 95 Cr

    Toilet Ek Prem Katha
    Excellent .. 143 Cr
    Mixed .. 100 Cr

    Excellent .. 407 Cr
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    THE RING (working tittle)
    Excellent .. 257 Cr* | 157 Cr°
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    Excellent .. 143 Cr
    Mixed .. 100 Cr

    Excellent .. 143 Cr
    Mixed .. 100 Cr

    Excellent .. 450 Cr* | 330 Cr°
    Mixed .. 315 Cr* | 231 Cr°

    SANJAY DUTT Biopic
    Excellent .. 371 Cr* | 250 Cr°
    Mixed .. 260 Cr* | 175 Cr°

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  • That moment when u have a terrible accident nd your jaw is broken. Sorry Hrithik cant catch Kaabil in Theatres. Extremelly sorry

  • Raees 👍
    Kaabil 👍
    Jolly Llb 2
    Commando 2
    Jagga Jasoos👍

    Logan 👍
    Kong Skull Island 👍
    Power Rangers
    Fast 8👍

  • celebrities fake praise before movie release needs for weak films…hence Rakesh roshan is proving it’s a bad film… @indicine do u think sanjay Gupta can make good movie? good directors can make bad movies but bad directors can’t make good films

  • @Indicine
    Almost all reviews are different from each other not like Mirziya when every1 wrote poetry in motion. No doubt Kaabil is a very good movie. I am very sad beciz I cant catch it on Theatres as I had a terrible accident b4 2 hrs ago.
    Anyway good luck Team Kaabil nd enjoy Hrithikian’s. Make it a huge hit

  • Hrithik is one of the rare actors who can turn a Very good movie into a Masterpiece simply by his Acting….
    He has done the magic in Kaabil !!!!
    Hrithik again proved after KMG ,GUZAARISH that noone can beat him when it comes to OffBeat Act..
    Love u Greek God ✌

  • I hope kaabil surpasses lifetime collections of agneepath. Hrithik has line up of 3 good films fighter (portraying role of pilot directed by siddarth anand), krrish 4, sajid-kabir next (comedy film)

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