Kaabil Hoon Teaser

The makers of ‘Kaabil’ have released the teaser of the film song from the film. It’s the title track from the film, which has been composed by Rajesh Roshan.

Hrithik posted the teaser of the song on his official Twitter page and said “And they’r back! Rakesh Roshan & Rajesh Roshan’s magical melodies are here. Enjoy! Song releases tomorrow!!!”

Kaabil is the story of a man who lived, laughed and loved just like everyone in this world. Until one day, a terrible tragedy struck. Driven by the fire of vengeance, nothing will stop him. Not even the fact that he has been blind since birth.

The film releases in theatres on January 25 2017.

Check out the teaser of the song below:



  • Good but will only watch raees in theatres here in Nepal….we love u SRK and waiting ur villian charecter eagerly !
    #from NEPAL

  • Rakesh sir stop carrying this liability brother of your. Around are many music composers. Why do you have to choose an average composer?

  • What Ranveer & mogli did with srk was trailer because the film will be shown by hritik. Stick to ur date hritik Salman army is with you. Doesn’t matter whether srk is a friend of bhai or not A true salmaniac will not watch srk movies. Kabil all the way……..

  • Youngistan rox.

    Hrithik is a flop actor. Kaabil will be disaster as was mohenjodaro. My prediction never goes wrong. Only Youngistan will rule now.




  • Looks average, this film is losing buzz day by day despite Raees not releasing anything but a Teaser 2 years ago. I feel for HR this is going to be a underperformer.
    Raees – 135cr Net – HIT
    Kaabil – 82crs Average

  • Do anything as u wish to.
    But make no mistake this crap and pile of shit won’t survive in front of Raees !!!!
    Raees bhai will tear this crap into hundred pieces….
    Raees will be winner from its opening to lifetime ….
    Opening- Raees <<< kaabil
    Weekend Raees <<< kaabil
    Domistic Raees <<< kaabil
    Overseas Raees <<< kaabil
    Worldwide Raees <<< kaabil
    What else do Roshans expect at the end of the day, realllllllllllly !!!!!!!

  • Good music….film will b superhit too….
    Hrithik will surely win hearts with his acting once again in kaabil……

  • DZ will windup below 65cr…..and sm srk fans saying demonitization affected it or else it will would hv collected 100cr….hahahahaha…matlab kuch bhi????
    Comment karne se pehle soch liya karo….such mindless fans….hahahahahaha

  • 26th January is excellent date, fantastic date for Raees bhai …. can’t wait to watch Raees trailer and the movie itself !!!!!!

    And let me clarify one thing which many don’t understand one bit is that Roshans bahut zalil hone wala hai …..!!!!!
    R.I.P Kaabil !!

  • Now my fear is coming true, the fear of kaabil getting flopped.May God bless ur HR,bless u with good script sense & movie choices. I hope u recover soon after MJD & Kaabil Debacle.Sending my luv & care to all HR Fans(plz don’t loose ur trust upon HR). ??

  • This guy is nothing. Just good looking face. Nothing els. SRK will win this race very easly. Even I don’t like SRK as well. But still have to chose

  • @javed(parody),What has happened to ur Spell check buddy! I understand u were trying to click ‘F’ but u picked up ‘H’ instead so plz change ur verdict i.e Super Flop*.

  • Didn’t expect this from u indicine. Come on buddy how many typos?It should be Jadoo*hoon instead.Plz correct it.
    Thank u.

  • This is b***shit. Teaser for everything these days. Teaser for logo. Teaser for a poster. Teaser for a song teaser. Teaser for a trailer.
    This is crazy. Who has so much time these days?

  • The only good move from Kabil makers apart from the good trailer and Urvashi song is to hold preview screenings on Thursday evening. It will boost weekend collections.

  • Ab bhi time hai RAEES, hat jao. Warna KAABIL tabah kar degi RAEES ko.
    Even before release, KAABIL is a blockbuster by selling all rights


    – budget – 65cr

    – recovery before release – 115cr+

    So kaabil is already a blockbuster
    Even before release

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