Kaabil Box Office Collections in 9 Days

Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil has collected Rs 90.55 crore in 9 days at the box office, as per official figures released by Filmkraft Productions. The film will cross the 100 crore mark by the end of its 2nd weekend.

Check out the day-wise collections below:

CollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Wednesday)10.43-
Day 2 (Thursday)18.67+ 79%
Day 3 (Friday)9.77- 48%
Day 4 (Saturday)13.54+ 38%
Day 5 (Sunday)15.05+ 11%
Day 6 (Monday)6.04- 60%
Day 7 (Tuesday)6.10- 1%
Week 1 Total79.60 cr
Day 8 (2nd Wednesday)5.70- 7%
Day 9 (2nd Thursday)5.25- 8%
Day 10 (2nd Friday)6.40+ 22%
Day 11 (2nd Saturday)9.22+ 44%
Day 12 (2nd Sunday)11.88+ 29%
Day 13 (2nd Monday)2.97- 75%
Day 14 (2nd Tuesday)3.05+ 3%
Week 2 Total44.47 cr
Day 15 (3rd Wednesday)2.79- 9%
India Total Collections126.86 crore


  • People were writing Hrithik off after Mohenjodaro but he made a grand come back with award worthy performance. Box office wise Kaabil is profitable venture for its makers. So never write him off.

  • Actual figures will be in this range
    Kabil 82cr apprx
    Raees 118cr apprx
    Kabil lifetym 109cr(hit)
    Raees lifetym 147cr(hit)

  • Congrats to Srk.. finally he will cross Ready’s collection without Deepika and Rohit as per BOI figure…. lifetime of Raees:130 Cr.. Verdict:Average….

  • You may take boi figure or Indicine’s own figure or producer figure…Film is already in Hit zone as per all…accept or bark!!total cost was 50cr…so KAABIL wl be Hit atleast as per all figure?? HR’s award worthy performance? is bonus for us!!

  • now I know indicine why u are not giving Lifetime boxoffice prediction fo raees n kaabil…..coz rakesji n red chilli will manipulate figures….nic job. actual figures raees 111cr n kaabil 67cr

  • Lifetime of both movies as per boi will be Rae’s:130 CR’s max n kaabil :85 CR’s max.as per their own calculators anything can happen.its shame that srk n hrithik are being known now a days for doing mass manipulation rather than about their stardom.in social medias the way both these stars are trolled its very embarrassing to read those tweets.literally hrithik n srk have become butt of the jokes now a days.

  • Just wait & watch, Kabil is trending just like BM, starting Dilwale was just double in first 4 days but after that Dilwale collection crashed and BM done very well after that,now Kaabil has more screens than first week(still lesser than Raees) & WOM is best for Kaabil, So Kaabil wil rock this week.

  • Can’t believe that even Hrithik is now using Ajay Devgn tactics to enter 100 cr club. Quite astonishing that despite so many films crossing the 100 cr these days, only 4 stars ‘actually’ have more than three 100 cr films.

  • @Indicine

    Love You & All Indian Bakchod Fans For Making This Clash So Confused With Much & More Supportings



  • Nobody knows the actual collection because both are not collecting not as low as boi is showing nor as high as producer are showing. The only thing is that Raees is somewhere around 150 Cr and kaabil 100 Cr. So its cool both are hit films.

  • The trade figure and produce figure were almost same in first weekend for raees and makers of kaabil were playing dirty game from first day that’s why Raees makers started this from Monday onwards. I think if kaabil maker will show real data the same Raees will do.

  • good , now i want it to collect 30cr+ (from friday-sunday) to get a hit statut
    BOI (the haters) : 67+30=97cr hit
    producers: 90+30=120cr hit

  • 250 crs both film in the month of jan outstanding congrats raees and kaabil
    and 200 crs accrdng to boi in the month of jan better than diwali.
    well done srk and hr

  • even with positive WOM kAbil will finish below 100CR As per REAL COLLECTION…

    HRITHIK’s stardom is big LOL

  • Lol hahaha kaabils total collection after 9 days is 66 and he is saying 90 crores have u gone retard guys and some shameless guys are saying that raees collections are fake and kaabils collections are real !! Hands down rakesh roshan is the worst person ever to make a film and hrithik is the cheapest actor ever to act in a film !! They both together take their cheapness to another high level !!!

  • With the help of jadoo calculator some retarded roshans are manipulating like its just peanuts !! Kaabil collected 2.10 crores on thursday but acc to them it collected 5+ crores seedha 150 % increase !! Kamaal hai sahi me bollywood ke kuch log !!

  • Sad that people want to live in delusion with fake figures and call it as hit/super hit

    K – 67
    R- 112

    diff 43

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